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Trustees Split Over Whether To Abbreviate Meeting Minutes

maybe if Hug Me Horowitz didn't love to hear himself talk so much they wouldn't have to abbreviate the minutes Never heard someone talk so much without actually saying anything. Typical POLITICIAN " Jun 20, 15 7:17 PM

Town Trustees: One Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Is Salvageable

Another patronizing statement from Hug Me Horowitz even though he admits he knows no facts. It must be an ELECTION YEAR!!!" Jun 20, 15 7:23 PM

just make sure u have a couple hours to waste" Jun 23, 15 5:30 PM

DWI Task Force Arrests Two, Stops 44 On Saturday Night

44 stops and 2 arrests ?? Thats 4%. I'm not sure of exact stats but I think that it has been estimated that something like 20% of cars on road after midnight fri/sat night are DWI. Sounds like these cops need some training in DWI recognition. Press- please advise how much this ridiculous exercise cost the taxpayers " Jun 29, 15 7:35 AM

UPDATE: Town Police Searching For Woman Who Robbed Hampton Bays Bank

because the "leaders" of the SHPD have no idea how to investigate a real crime. Chief "Andy" Pierce and his deputy Lt "Barney" Kiernan are a joke . One counting the days to retire, the other suing the town for millions so he can retire early." Jun 30, 15 7:18 AM

Police Still Searching For Hampton Bays Bank Robbery Suspect

only real police departments with competent leaders do things like that. The guy who ran down the nun is still laughing at them, as is this woman. They don't NEED any help!" Jul 3, 15 4:43 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Acquiring Pyrrhus Concer Property For Up To $4.3 Million

Wait a minute- these IDIOTS are going to spend $4.3 MILLION for a 3/4 acre VACANT lot because someone who used to be a slave (although technically he wasnt) USED to live in a house that USED to be there??!! And then how much wasted to build a museum that we all know no one will go to?? This is open space preservation? The mgt of this CPF needs to be taken out of these idiot politicians control now" Jul 10, 15 9:08 AM

Southampton Town Trustees May Change Crabbing License Regulations

Perfect timing trustees by the time you are done talking about it the season will be over and the crabbies will be gone. Less talk (horowitz) and more action. This isnt rocket science- make a decision and act on it why should it take months?

And why aren't constables scheduled to work at night, they do in east hampton I've seen them on the beach all night.? Is there a reason for this? " Jul 15, 15 9:39 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

Here we go again- a taxpayer funded entity that thinks it doesn't have to tell the taxpayers where it spends their money. This is the height of ignorance and arrogance. If its a legit purchase say what it is- illegally withholding the info from taxpayers makes it seem shady- you already lost my vote if I lived in the district.

And why is there a cool $300k in a "Land acquisition" account? How much is in there and why? Is there a "building" account that you're going to tap after u buy the land? If you are so flush how about cutting the tax rate!

Press how about following up and FOIL finances for local FD and Amb districts. Lets see what else has been purchased on the sly and who's hoarding money.

" Jul 18, 15 7:03 AM

Spending taxpayer money without accountability is illegal- it is not a "perk"" Jul 18, 15 7:07 AM

A hedge fund??!! I don't even know what the feck that is. Im just a hardworking schmuck who is overtaxed and wants to know what my ridiculously high taxes are being used for. Anyone who doesn't care where their money is being spent is an IDIOT and is part of the problem. Wake up or shut up" Jul 19, 15 7:32 AM

Southampton Town Trustees To Adopt First Public Budget

Warner is a joke, a puppet in way over his head. Watch a meeting on TV he is a nervous wreck, he reads at a first grade level, still doesnt know how to run a mtg shuffles papers NON STOP. If you look closely you can see whorowits hand up his back. Big mouth always talking doing nothing. Put schultz back in charge " Jul 24, 15 6:26 AM

UPDATE: Departments Respond To House Fire In Noyac Early Thursday Evening

Its time to eliminate all volunteer depts and establish a Town fire department. All assets, tax revenues, buildings and equipment turned over to the town. Hire the volunteers as paid full and part time employees. No more inter-department bickering like teenage girls, no more lavish spending, hidden accounts, secret projects; won't have to "thank God" there were enough people to respond to a fire as they would be on a schedule standing by AT THE FIREHOUSE. Eliminate the hundreds of commissioners and chiefs and secret meetings. See what happens when Marchese gets a look at the books " Jul 25, 15 7:20 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

What a frigin joke- do these idiots really think they can keep this a secret?? It's time to disband all volunteer depts and form a town fire department. Hire the volunteers as full or part time employees. Give financial control to the town comptroller. No more hidden purchases, secret bloated accounts, 3 million dollar fire palaces, ridiculous purchases. Get rid of a hundred commissioners and chiefs, take home cars which are used for personal use all over the state. Its over- taxpayers will not stand for it any longer. There children need oversight they are out of control" Jul 29, 15 8:03 PM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Carnival Parade Will Close Roads Wednesday Night

the parade is so the fireman can blast their sirens and get drunk while clogging the streets, blocking access to local businesses, and leaving the town without adequate fire coverage " Jul 30, 15 8:46 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Adopt First Budget; Ban Non-Resident Crabbing

The town approves its budget for the calender year in November, it is in effect Jan-Dec.. What are the trustees doing making a budget now for 4 months? This is Horowits and warner sucking up to the town board (which they both want to be members of), and a ridiculous attempt to legitimize themselves. Marchase said its not a real budget- children playing grownup. Warner and horowits should take their act on the road- the Puppet and the Pompous Azz. cant wait till election day. " Aug 5, 15 8:27 AM

Quogue Police Sergeant Retires After 22 Years Of Service

So the highlight of his career is that he grabbed the belt of another cop and told him the fire dept was here? For 2 million bucks? Thanks officer you really made a difference!! " Aug 5, 15 8:30 AM

Flanders Man Arrested Charged With Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

Arrested and convicted of weapons and drug charges-Let out of jail by the DA to kill an unborn child. Set free due to the gross incompetence of the Southampton Town (Mayberry) PD's leaders who either ignore or don't know proper police procedures. Lt (Barney Fife) Kirnan, who was the supervisor of the street crime unit-as a sergeant- not only didn't get fired for his gross malfeasance and admitted lying to county internal affairs investigators- HE WAS PROMOTED!!. And the citizens- especially this woman and two children-are paying the price for this stupidity and corruption, in addition to paying his salary. Wake up Anna! (Or should I say wake up Mr Schneiderman) " Aug 6, 15 2:56 PM

Southampton Town Will Clean Up Park In Riverside

Is it too much to ask that the cops get out of the car occasionally? They do have legs don't they?" Aug 6, 15 2:57 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Breaks Silence, Explains Plan To Buy Ponquogue Avenue Property

islander6615 is obviously a HB volunteer, a bayman, and a works for either the water district or highway dept- that you Vinny W?? " Aug 9, 15 7:05 AM

Still a lot of questions here:
1. Is the seller of the prop a member of the FD?
2. What is appraised value of property?
3. What additional expenses are planned to turn a burned out house into a training facility?
4. Do they need 3/4 acre lot for training?
5. The town already has a fire training facility in hampton bays, and the county has one in yaphank
6. This IS costing the taxpayers $$- if the FD is selling a property then take the proceeds and RETURN the $$ to the TAXPAYERS!! You don;t get to keep the money for your pet projects
PRESS- Please continue coverage of this story- have they complied with the FOIL request yet? Please FOIL expenditures for the pasat three yrs for ALL fire depts. The public is fed up and wants to know where their $$ is being spent!" Aug 12, 15 8:26 AM

Candidates Start Their Engines

SCOTT HOROWITZ; My goal is to continue to unabashedly self promote myself and my personal agenda, continue to have endless "conversations" and "discussions" and yet accomplish nothing; to continue to manipulate the trustees for my own purposes; to continue to suck up to the town board so they'll let me run for councilman; to get my picture in the paper as often as possible; to use big words when small words will do so I sound smarter than I am; and to tell anyone who will listen what a great job I'm doing! " Aug 14, 15 7:10 AM

Throne-Holst, Calone Prepare To Battle For Right To Challenge Zeldin

Nobody will talk about this case, or any other police department debacle, because the people running the department- then and now they are mostly the same- are complete idiots and have no clue how to run an investigation, much less a police department. This dept needs a new chief from outside the department who will professionalize this joke of a dept and clean house " Aug 15, 15 7:19 AM

Southampton Town Rejects Bids For Good Ground Park Phase One

Yeah the CPI project is really moving along- the whole canal area looks like a boarded up ghetto, garbage everywhere- Looks just like the Gowanas canal in Brooklyn. Isn't there a town board member from H Bays? Glinka? Wake the eff up and do something about this dump. Its a disgrace - this is what everyone sees as they drive into town." Aug 15, 15 7:33 AM

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