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Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

It works well in Westhampton Beach and it works well in Riverhead. No one has a monopoly on food sales and the farmers and producers have a short enough growing season as it is. They need to sell as much as they can during the time when they can. And, regardless of the opinion of "Terry" the experience of shopping, meeting and talking with your neighbors in an open air environment is priceless." Mar 15, 09 12:20 PM

Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade attracts record number of bystanders

We appreciate the story but it understates the event and the weekend greatly. The variety of units marching ranged from the Falun Dafa, a high-level Chinese cultivation practice in spectacular yellow-gold costumes to the authentic 19th century Wells-Fargo stage coach drawn by 4 magnificent horses and everything in between. The children's carnival at the end of the parade , the corned beef and cabbage dinner at St. Mark's church, the acrobatic air show by local pilot Mike Mancuso at Rogers Beach and the Bangers and Mash Irish rock band at Finn McCool's that finished off the day made it a true Irish Family Weekend for Westhampton Beach. Remember too that there were events the night before and the morning after as well. And congrats all around to Tim Laube for organizing a fabulous event." Mar 18, 09 11:17 AM

Civic members demand more answers about Speonk plume

Without proper identification of the risks associated with the plume we can be certain that at some point in the not to distant future homeowners in the affected areas (developed or as yet undeveloped) will bring suits charging that the Town, County and State failed to protect them from a KNOWN harmful condition. Then we will really pay!!

Does it really make sense to ignore a risk to public health regardless of who the "Responsible Party" is? Lives and health issues are at stake here and should be the first concern rather than hiding behind the self-imposed need to find someone to blame before any remediation is done. This is just plain stupid. " Mar 29, 09 11:15 AM

Plans are advancing for Westhampton Beach park

A great use of the CPF money (while we had it) and a perfect location for it - close to Main Street and adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce offices and restrooms. As a dog run it would have kept everyone out except for pet owners. This is a much more universal and positive use of the space. " Mar 31, 09 5:11 PM

Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

He will be sorely missed. His humanity showed through everything he did. Paul Sidney's life should be a model for what one man can do if he believes and tries hard enough. " Apr 2, 09 5:11 PM

Councilwoman closer to deciding on supervisor

Yes, please,PLEASE!! And please take Sally Pope with you and clean house for once and for all. You'll never do it on your own as long as the old guard stays in the majority." Apr 7, 09 7:08 PM

Oyster growing drawing complaints from neighbors

Their work on the water is the sound of history being protected. These Oystermen and Baymen are the very people who are striving to keep the quality of life and the major advantages of living on the East End intact. If you live on the water, water based activities come with it. It's like moving into a forest and complaining about the trees and animals. I remember some folks who built homes along dune Road and then (truthfully) complained about the sand. Up with Oysters!!!" Apr 8, 09 10:23 AM

Brewer steps down as FRNCA president

Mike is a man of rare skill and talent. His contributions and devotion to his community are manifold and he'll be sorely missed. And I'm sure Mr. Bender will do his best to continue the good work that FRNCA has been doing for all these years. I wish both of them good luck for the future." Apr 29, 09 5:20 PM

Newcomers join ballot in Southampton Town

If you're part of the problem or closely resemble the ones who started this - GET OUT!" Jun 16, 09 7:01 PM

Candidate says invitations at work were a mistake

And the beat goes on. This is the same old "Politics at Town Hall" that's been the standard for many years under the Republican/Conservative agenda. If you believe for a moment that this happened without Mr. McGann's knowledge then I have a bridge I'd love to sell to you. Just the mention of his candidacy on the flyer made it a political document. The most tyro party worker knows not to solicit on town property or during town work time. He was on the Ethics Board and didn't know that this was a very-very-very big no-no? Hey, I've got another bridge you can have real cheap too. " Jun 30, 09 5:21 PM

Westhampton Cemetery expansion continues to hit obstacles

They (the Trustees) have usually been a reactive group only rising to action when threatened or at election time. And it is most interesting that Mr. Tymann has been chosen to defend the Trustees (who would take this issue on as the spokesperson voluntarily) when he was not there and has the LEAST intimate knowledge of the event. Who is afraid of the daylight?" Jun 30, 09 5:47 PM

Prudence Carabine: Taking on the front-runners

It's about time that a real independent (NOT Independence Party) thinker and doer shows up on the ballot. All communities on the East End should take a look at what these non-major-party candidates can do if the public recognizes their abilities. One only has to look just slightly to the West in Southampton Town to see what truly independent candidates like Anna Throne-Holst can accomplish.

Fight the good fight Prudence!!" Jul 1, 09 10:10 AM

Septic system delays Southampton Town Justice Court relocation

Why does it appear that just about every project associated with Sandpebble seems to develop headaches (errors, mistakes, cost over-runs, billing problems, law suits) for the Town? Where does the charge of incompetence belong? And doesn't it appear that Sandpebble receives an unusually large number of the contracts the Town lets? I can't wait for NYS Comptroller DiNapoli and the State audit of this little fiasco to begin." Jul 3, 09 10:16 AM

Housing help in federal funds will provide more aid to renters

Without a doubt the Peconic Community Council is the best possible administrator for these funds. They have a long history and track record because of their unique position as a social services coordinator on the East End. It makes so much sense to help people from becoming homeless. It is just like preventative medicine - it's much cheaper to avoid becoming sick than treating the sick patient." Jul 8, 09 2:19 PM

Some are pushing for a new environmental review committee in Southamton

As usual most of us do not perceive the real threat to our homesteads as they are whittled away bit by bit by the developers. And some (see above) don't really understand the critical importance of the SEQRA process and where it justly belongs in the time frame. The threat of a personal lawsuit IS NOT and NEVER CAN BE a reason to approve a potentially hazardous project as we've seen happen in several recent submissions. Even when the local community is in support of a positive project with good consequences for the town the planning board has found ways to muck it up and undermine the initial supportive faith of the community and the patience of the developer.

Bob Deluca's proposal or Anna Throne-Holst's - it doesn't matter which because we must DO SOMETHING NOW to fix a badly crippled and ultimately damaging process." Jul 16, 09 2:52 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

Over and over we hear nothing but complaints from those who were in a position - Kabot and Graboski - to know something smelled rotten for a very long time. Now in order to avoid responsibility it seems natural to them to attack anyone who called their bluff and found the hidden truth. So to say that Ms. Throne-Holst is grandstanding is only a shadowy way to avoid having the blame put where it belongs. Yes, someone(s) was asleep at the switch and still don't want to admit they were culpable for the ensuing train wreck." Jul 18, 09 1:25 PM

South Shore Press runs doctored photo of press conference

Integrity is the missing element in both Mr. Towle's' ungainly effort to re-write history (albeit on a small level) and in Mr. Romaines statement reported in the story above ". . . because that’s the photo that was SUPPOSED to be taken,” (emphasis mine). In other words one needn't be an actual attendee at any event - just Photoshop me in.

This opens up a whole new chapter in the world of reporting and public relations. Think big - REALLY BIG. I think I was at the Potsdam Conference with Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin and I think I was with Sir Edmund Hillary at the first summit of Mt. Everest. Why? Just ". . . because that’s the photo that was SUPPOSED to be taken,”" Jul 22, 09 2:38 PM

Town bringing in additional resources to reconcile the books

It's just that we now have to spend all this time and resources to clean up the really fouled bookkeeping left to us by the last Supervisor and his "Support Staff" of town board members that makes me angry. We had the wool pulled over our eyes time and time again - usually at election time - and now we have to mop up he mess at great cost to us, the taxpayers.

And whatever happened to the prior Supervisor and his "Support Staff"? Well, if you've been in this town for a year or two you can figure that out for yourself." Aug 12, 09 12:46 PM

Southampton Town contractor fined for missed construction deadlines for North Sea project

To correct the record I looked at when the contact was up in front of the SH Town board. That was in April of 2008. Sally Pope was obviously not then a member of the board and in fact she had not even become a candidate at that time. And the extensions to that contract were approved before she took office in January of 2009." Sep 17, 09 11:27 AM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Tax and spend Democrats? Just who are you trying to kid. What federal administration took a $7 Trillion surplus, lost it all and then threw away twice as much? And who has controlled the town board for most of the past twenty years or so resulting in not only the horribly mismanaged budget but also successfully managed to almost triple the cost of government during that period?

A response is not necessary. We all already know the answer. " Sep 21, 09 1:03 PM

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