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Traffic delayed on County Road 39

hey, just as long as the knuckleheads from up west don't have to wait in the traffic they created; that's all that matters right?" Oct 25, 09 12:05 AM

Quogue Cemetery expansion hits roadblock

the "local" city people will buy up all the plots , and no local Quogue person will be allowed to be buried there." Oct 25, 09 1:15 AM

Oyster growing drawing complaints from neighbors

The whole thing can be solved by enforcing the Dongan Patent, cut and dried. These guys can oyster right up to the mean high tide mark, and these people complaining wouldn't be allowed to have a dock or bulkhead. Why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that their bulkheads, as well as their cesspools, pools being pumped into the bay as well as their fertilizer run off, has basically killed the bays out here. I for one am sick of these damn people, and the fact that we are accommodating the problem; them! " Nov 1, 09 6:58 PM

Fishermen to Washington: Help us or we won't survive

Fishermen? Please be specific. You are party boat operators and recreational "fishermen" who sell your catch illegally. Is that what the t-shirt "Fish Feed Families" means? Aren't you the guys who put the commercial guys out of business? Aren't you the ones who lobbied to have haul seining outlawed? Talk to those guys who counted on Striped Bass much like you depend on your "deposits". Talk to those guys who have been fishing for generations Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, following finfish, shellfish, eels, conch, lobster. Doing whatever they could to make ends meet in bad weather as well as good, not having the luxury of waiting for deposits to come in and wait for Summer. You "fishermen" catch more fish per year than ANY commercial guy, barring factory boats. A $400.00 license? Talk to the commercial guy who is regulated and licensed right out of business.
I for one am damn glad you guys are getting a taste of what the real fishermen have gone through. " Feb 25, 10 5:30 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

say hello to the new hiring hall." Mar 13, 10 8:22 AM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

.....and if Mr. Weddells were murdered by gang members,,the gang members would most be protected by the ACLU or some such group and be deemed heroes for crissake!
Once these illegals start taking the white collar jobs MAYBE then our laws will be enforced! " Jul 5, 10 9:31 AM

do YOU still have a job? Wait until they take yours .......it's just a matter of time" Jul 5, 10 9:32 AM

Times are much different now. get with it. It's very a very romantic dream that it is like it was. Speak to immigrants who came here legally; it is a slap in the face for them too. Yes, we ALL come from somewhere else, but our relatives did it through the proper channels, and were proud to be part of the USA. Why is it that when you see a news clip and a reporter speaks to an Hispanic who has been here legally or not for 20 years, the Hispanic STILL doesn't speak English? Don't tell me it's because of our system. I think you have a case of White guilt!" Jul 5, 10 9:42 AM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn


7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

say hello to your new hiring hall !" Jul 14, 10 11:17 AM

East End farming community anxiously awaits local wheat crop

farmers? yeah right" Jul 14, 10 11:19 AM

New bookstore opens in Westhampton Beach

great news! Good Luck to you. How about booking Linda Greenlaw, and have her sign her new book, Seaworthy !" Jul 14, 10 11:21 AM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

No, Now that the "residents" are there, they want to pull up the ladder. They should embrace a sailing program for crissake. Use the water for something good besides an overflow for their cesspools!

" Sep 16, 10 4:37 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

yes, they are working 7 days a week ." Nov 13, 10 5:44 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

$95 k? As a contactor, I can guarantee I could do a top-notch job for less. I would love to see the itemized estimate. " Dec 12, 10 5:28 PM

Two-Day Music Festival Planned for Amagansett

how come when deep hollow did it , people gave them s***?" Dec 19, 10 2:23 PM

Holidays Are Especially Difficult For Homeless

I agree with Bridget325. I can almost guarantee that the homeless population is not from here, but somewhere else. They move here from other parts of the country, or are shipped out here from up West. Remember the motel fiasco? When the county was picking up the tab for $4500.00 per month rooms? There's a whole other story that goes with that." Dec 27, 10 2:53 AM

No, just fed up." Dec 27, 10 8:38 PM

I'm fed up with people who come out here either on their own or put here by the government thinking it's an easy ride. I'm fed up with my taxes going up, my health insurance going up, and the quality of life out here going down quick. I'm fed up with liberals who insist I am wrong in feeling this way. I am fed up with having to pay someone else's way. It would be best to go back to the community they are from, and either live with family or sponge off of the do gooders there." Dec 31, 10 8:03 PM

I'll buy her a ticket so she can go back where she came from. This is clearly not the place to be . Jobs are impossible because of our inundation and too expensive because of the other inundation. Locals don't stand a chance in their own town." Dec 31, 10 8:08 PM

Radio Station Raises Enough Money To Keep Operating

They had their chance to endear themselves with the communtity when they were at the College. They didn't do it. This station is just an ATM for the few who work there. There is nothing "local" about them. How can they expect locals to support them? I agree, bring back WPKN ! " Feb 26, 11 10:37 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

This may not be the only thing that's causing this problem, but it is a major factor.
The same thing happened in Tuckahoe School. One person will buy a house and pay property taxes, but rent rooms out to a familes with a few kids in each family. They'll rent out 3-4 bedrooms, 4-5 matresses per bedroom,and the basement. So that's at least 10-12 kids coming from one house. I've seen it and I know first hand,,,,,my property taxes in Tuckahoe have quadrupled. Find out where these kids live, and have their parents pay their fair share. many times, they don't even live in the district. I know that for a fact too." Mar 10, 11 6:58 PM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

See ya at the welfare office Razza" Mar 31, 11 1:27 PM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

I'm sorry,although they look like perfectly nice people, they are not local ! This is a very big deal for many reasons.This whole wave of people are from a program about 15 years ago that helped get federal funding out here. Thus, all the "motels" turned into emergency housing and each room was fetching $4,500.00 a month then. Who knows what now.Who pays? And who feels the brunt? we do. Schools have to be expanded, and now the kids with disabilities of one form or other have to be addressed, ( it seems now that every kid has a disability of some sort) more free programs, more mass transit, and on and on. Just the number is overwhelming. So now, "the Hamptons" as you now call it, are a welfare recipient's dream. We're getting people who are being shipped out here. We used to and still do take care of our own. These programs and freebies would never had been necessary. Frankly, I'm really getting fed up catering to people who have their hands out, don't give back, and could care less of our history and roots. This place has turned into a dumping ground. The argument will be "they can't find a job out here that will pay them a decent wage". BS We had a nice balance out here, and now it is so far out of whack it will never be the same. I'm tired of the rampant liberalisim that has taken hold. Just ask the people of Lewiston Maine. " Dec 21, 11 5:04 PM

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