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Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

Wow joel your support truly shows through in your post. Bet you have one of those lifesize campain posters of Anna in your yard like the Southampton PBA and the corner restaurant in WHB." Oct 23, 09 2:13 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

Good decision by the judge. Now the DA will investigate the case, if he so chooses he can also get all of Throne-Holst phone records both cell and landline and indentify through the phone provider what number called her home at a certain time and verify who made that call if such a call even occurred. Then this issue in this case can be put to rest. " Oct 29, 09 2:57 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

VOTE!!!!" Nov 3, 09 1:05 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

Anna's not going to be able to clean up much. The republicans now control 3 of 4 town council seats and may very well win ATH's seat at the special election when she becomes supervisor. So Anna may face four years of 4 republicans on the town council with her as the only not affiliated member on the council, very well could be a hard road to hoe!!" Nov 4, 09 2:04 PM

Southampton Town PBA to appeal ruling for police brass to separate from union

Sounds like the PBA rank and file have some anti-authority issues. One of the Police Brass' jobs is to oversee the rank and file and to enforce the proper discipline if needed. To threaten Police Brass seems to more closely resemble organized crime families instead of Police Officers. Will really have to consider possibly not donating to the PBA in the future." Nov 4, 09 2:18 PM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority


The only problem with your attack on ATH is that Republicans will control the town board 3-1 when she becomes supervisor and maybe with the special election they may control all 4 seats on the council. So it would be impossible to put the blame on ATH for all these things you mention. If your predictions come to fruition then you would have to blame the republicans, in a republican controlled town board." Nov 4, 09 2:31 PM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

Off the Job,

You would have to start with the Chief of Police. " Nov 5, 09 12:10 PM

Board member wants police to monitor mobile food vendors in Westhampton Beach

Get serious. $5,000 for a permit to run a "roach coach". What about your illegal B&B Kametler. Been doing any target practice in your backyard lately? Opening a deli or part owner of one? You guys are pathetic! " Nov 5, 09 3:07 PM

Throne-Holst has aggressive agenda as next supervisor

Oh no! Anna has committed treason against the Southampton PBA Crime Family in this comment "In addition, Ms. Throne-Holst said she hopes the town’s two major unions, the Civil Service Employee Association and the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, will agree to unpaid furloughs and lag pay in exchange for a reduction in the number of layoffs." Anna those are only pipe dreams in hoping the PBA will work with you and make deals, they do nothing that does not benefit them greatly. The PBA attacks against Anna will start soon." Nov 12, 09 11:15 AM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

They should be fined for making the changes without proper permitting just like any other resident of the village would be fined and they should have to demolish the structure because the improvements and additions were not inspected and approved by the building inspector. They should get no preferential treatment and should be held accountable just like all other residents and organizations in the village are held accountable. If they are allowed to proceed with no repercussions then we have a little favoritism and a violation of separation of Church and state occurring because the village is allowing something illegal to take place without enforcing the laws on this religious organization. " Nov 12, 09 11:41 AM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

A little bias going on here. Granted what is happening at 54 Old Country rd is illegal and a safety hazard to those innocent people paying rent to live there. She should be fined, however, my point is if one person is fined for building code violations then everyone that commits these violations should be charged and this includes the WHB Synagogue. No one person, organization, or religious group is above the law." Nov 16, 09 11:33 AM

District attorney charges Guldi with tax evasion

And the Hits just keep coming!!" Nov 20, 09 11:16 AM

Kabot attorney will represent two suspended Westhampton Beach Police officers

Isn't it Ironic? Don't ya Think?" Nov 20, 09 11:18 AM

Owner of Westhampton Beach strip mall files appeal

I hope the owner of the North Mall wins the appeal. The renovations will improve this site immensely and hopefully once the economy rebounds the empty stores will be occupied too. WHB needs improvements to its infrastructure and the other areas of the village besides just Main Street. Maybe a Dunkin Doughnuts will go into a renovated mall and give year round residents more options to choose from than just those that cater to the summer crowd." Nov 20, 09 11:28 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

She was returning from a shooting range and as the DA says all the guns were registered properly and legally. However the people that made these previous comments don't remember that part of the article, and they must forget about the right to bear arms granted by our constitution, I happened to be driving by the 106th when all of this was taking place and it was definitely an excessive amount of force used when they were responding to this case." Nov 20, 09 11:40 AM

Actually there are signs along the shoulder of 31 by the ANG Base that prohibit the use of photographic equipment and they do have the right to take your camera and detain your for questioning if you do stop and and take pictures. What escalated this case was the guns and ammunition in the car. If you ride the ferry to New London and take pictures of certain locations when leaving orient or arriving in New London be prepared to have your camera taken and the memory cleared, film taken and destroyed and questioned as to why you were taking pictures of that facility, especially if there are law enforcement personnel riding that ferry with you." Nov 20, 09 11:51 AM

You would be chapter Two in this story." Nov 21, 09 12:32 PM

mystcstar: you are absolutely correct in your last statement. Unfortunately here on the east end of long island the corruption is in the very departments that are suppose to assist and serve the public, the police departments. I have lost all respect for them and I served my country for over 21 years and worked closely with these agencies in performance of my job." Nov 21, 09 12:40 PM

Montauk Coast Guard commander permanently removed from duty after investigation

Another example of the power hungry Officer corp going after Senior Enlisted that are far more qualified to perform this mission than any 0-1 - 0-10 will ever be!! And far better respected too. Seems like some things in Uncle Sam's Confused Group never change." Dec 3, 09 2:54 PM

Westhampton Beach has nearly burned through its budget for labor attorney fees

$204,624.00 in Salary and benefits for a Police Chief in a village the size of Westhampton Beach? That is totally outrageous and a blatant ripoff of the village taxpayers. Even the $110,000 salaries of the bad cops is ridiculous, that's what the Chief should be getting paid." Dec 9, 09 3:39 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

The three whiners that walked out should not be paid. They performed no work, so therefore no pay. This is the Drama Capital of the Hampton's, what a bunch of loonies running the farm." Jan 8, 10 4:31 PM

Westhampton Beach board member, father of Village Police chief, exchange words in supermarket

Told ya Westhampton Beach is the "DRAMA CAPITAL OF THE HAMPTONS". I guess Kametler is board now that backyard hunting season is over and his illegal B&B was shut down. So now he picks on 70 year old men in a Waldbaum's. That's really mature boys,,and to think he used to be a police officer. Wow!!!" Feb 3, 10 10:53 AM

Bishop girding for fall fight

Here's an idea for you Rep. Bishop: instead of worrying about getting re-elected again as soon as the last election is over. Do the job you are paid to do. Represent the people of the East End of Long Island, if not we will fire you and hire someone new." Feb 3, 10 11:00 AM

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