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Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

Excellent news on several fronts. The market in the village will be updated by Stop and Shop, and the resented Tuckahoe shopping center proposal will have no basis for being given a zoning change by our developer friendly town board. " Jul 20, 15 8:12 PM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

July 14th was Bastile Day. He should have painted the French flag." Jul 21, 15 3:56 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

Now she's trying to run for congress on the Democratic ticket - and she's not even a Democrat. Fortunately, a better qualified candidate is also running, David Calone, Chairman of the Suffolk County Planning board and successful businessman in his own right. It's about time the Press starts writing about him." Jul 21, 15 4:04 PM

Osprey Nesting Has A Banner Year

Excellent news. I have seen a lot of them gliding overhead. They are handsome birds." Jul 23, 15 10:19 AM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

Of course you haven't heard a solution. That's because elected officials are a big part of the problem. They have been busily green lighting zone changing projects all over town - think condos and apartment buildings - that increase population levels and increase our traffic woes. Ever take a look at all the condos crowded into the mayor's father's development on South Magee St.? It's like Nassau County, not Southampton. The town make it possible by allowing a town/village border change." Jul 24, 15 11:59 AM

UPDATE: Fire Destroys Southampton Village Home On Saturday

According to another news source, it was owned by Lawrence and Marilyn Friedman and was over 8,000 sq ft. Fortunately, everyone got out safely." Jul 26, 15 4:26 PM

Another source says the name is Friedland and that it was not clear if they were the owners or might have been renting. " Jul 26, 15 4:41 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

The town used to do that years ago. Had to rewrite FOILS many times to get them accepted. Southampton Village police also ignore FOILS when they want to do so." Jul 28, 15 11:50 AM

UPDATE: Swimmer Who Died At Rogers Beach Identified As Jordan Boris

If there was an AED available at the office, the lifeguards should have known about it and sent for it immediately. " Aug 2, 15 1:02 PM

I am very sorry for your and your family's terrible loss. Your brother has been in my thoughts all day long. " Aug 2, 15 9:02 PM

Summer Season Sees Lots Of Planes, Lots Of Complaints At East Hampton Airport

Not so, there are people like me who never knew how to file a complaint until this year and who are sick of being harassed by loud low flying jets and helicopters every summer. We have a right to demand an end to late night flyovers that wake us, and to helicopters vibrating our houses making it impossible to speak normally." Aug 6, 15 11:04 PM

Matt Lauer Argues That Neighbors Spook His Horses

Horses do spook - jump forward or sideways suddenly - sometimes as they are flight animals, but I doubt any neighbor is doing anything startling enough near the edge of their property to cause a horse to spook. A row of large rhododendrons would buffer just as well as a row of tall trees that would block the neighbor's views. Same goes for Madonna's farm on Mitchell Lane." Aug 7, 15 9:53 AM

Southampton School District Will Receive Bridgehampton Gateway's Property Tax Revenue

This is another of Supervisor Anna's special PDD projects to please her developer supporters. It will be asking for special zoning changes from residential use as well as from highway business zoned land into a shopping center zone. Questionable at best. It will turn the entrance to Bridgehampton into a suburban, up island style shopping plaza with tacky buildings on both sides of the road. That's not why people come out here." Aug 12, 15 4:01 PM

Historical Marker, Road Sign Honor Pyrrhus Concer

What a disgrace that the village allowed the Concer house to be torn down. It was so obviously early 1800's. The historical survey of it was a farce. An unbiased inspection should have been done by an expert, especially with so many people calling for the house to be saved. Shame on the village leadership. Do nothings, most of them." Aug 18, 15 11:35 AM

As Moratorium Expires, Southampton Village Adopts First Law Pertaining To Elevated Homes In FEMA Zones

The village has had nine years to update its regulations after FEMA announced changes in 2006, but it failed to do so until now. The village board's lack of vision and anticipating future waterfront building has permanently saddled us with a towering structure on a narrow oceanfront lot. Neighboring communities took the initiative to update their regulations years ago. As usual, Southampton Village has exhibited very poor leadership. Voters, this is your bad." Aug 18, 15 12:03 PM

UPDATE: Funeral Services Set For Tuesday For Respected Shinnecock Elder, Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile

She was a lovely woman who did so much to educate the entire community about Native Americans. Condolences to her family. " Aug 24, 15 8:40 AM

Throne-Holst Defeats Riverhead Town Supervisor In Cardboard Boat Race

Nice win, but just meaningless fluff politically. How about passing legislation with real teeth in it to protect our waters? Starting with much higher standards for new septic systems than the one allowed by the county, and banning the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers within 150 feet of any body of water. That would mean something." Aug 25, 15 11:38 AM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Lawmakers Approve Transfer Of Hampton Bays Land

This transfer of land should have been discused publicly, not done in private and pushed though without public comment. As is, it benefits her friends the developers, not the public, no matter what Ms Throne - Holst says. She has done a lot of damage to this town by supporting zoning changes that increase population density - why? Because developers donate to her party and campaign chest." Sep 9, 15 1:57 PM

Southampton Inn Owner Proposes High-End Hotel Suites In Hill Street Complex

Anyone who thinks Mark did a good job allowing his father-in-law's densely packed condo site to be approved needs to go take a close look at it. Wall to wall over-building. The only one to benefit was the developers, as it was certainly not the village." Oct 13, 15 9:14 AM

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