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King Kullen May Be Out Of Tuckahoe Project; Vote Still Weeks Away

The issue is not about a market. It's about allowing another extreme zoning change by developer friendly Supervisor Holst and her followers. This one would pull thousands of vehicles a day to a spot near Sandy Hollow Rd on already overcrowded Rt 39. Mr Morrow and his associates stand to make a fortune with their Nassau County style shopping center, while Southampton's main east/west through road will be at absolute gridlock. " May 27, 15 12:33 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Scalera has been an ineffective board member. She was a one termer up island before they slid her out the door. Same should be done here. Because she and her husband are loyal committee people, the GOP found her a job in Brookhaven before it pointed her in our direction. She rarely speaks, doesn't know the area and is beholdened to the Independence Party for its endorsement if she wants to run for anything again, so she does what it and Anna tells her to do. If you are in favor of PDDs and zoning changes. Scalera's your girl." May 28, 15 9:03 AM

Woman Seriously Injured In Hit-And-Run In Water Mill Sunday Morning

So sorry about your son. Hope he is alright now." Jun 1, 15 7:33 PM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

Shultz was not actually a NYC firefighter. He was involved with the department in an insurance capacity. " Jun 1, 15 7:41 PM

Southampton School District Is Exploring Options For A New Administration Building

Walk through the building before saying no. It was flimsy when it was built and has outlasted its usefulness. " Jun 5, 15 4:33 PM

Judge Puts Off Airport Ruling Three More Weeks, Restrictions Will Remain On Hold

Private jets breaking the silence early in the morning and at night need to be eliminated. All day long is bad enough. We have a right to quiet enjoyment of our properties and to peace inside our houses during resting hours. Noisy low flying helicopters need to be forced to stay at proper altitude along the beaches. This is a summer resort, keep it nice. East Hampton is taking the right step. " Jun 5, 15 5:13 PM

UPDATE: Neighbor Slaps Southampton Justice With Defamation Suit Over Remarks, Wilson Withdraws Application

It is my understanding that the driveway had been shared amicably for years until the new owner came along who isn't interested in sharing. " Jun 8, 15 1:17 PM

One of my neighbors stone gate posts was mistakenly installed on my property. No big deal." Jun 8, 15 7:55 PM

Brown Tide On The Rise In Moriches, Shinnecock Bays

Until the Town Board grows a spine and enacts strong regulations for fertilizers, run off problems and septic systems, we will be having these blooms. Prohibit fertilizer use within 150' of water. Require farmers to contain farm field runoff. Require upgrading septic systems to get building permits for new work on existing structures. New builds should have state of the art septic systems - not just 8 BR and 10.5 baths. " Jun 10, 15 11:53 AM

Bridgehampton Residents Want To Explore Ways To Preserve Wick's Tavern Corner

The former board member pointed out that at one time the owners might have sold it to the town. A pity the town didn't move then, but the rest of the board didn't and still doesn't value character, appearance or maintaining the integrity of our resort town which is why it has been passing PDDs and zone changes that benefit developers, not residents. Time for them to go." Jun 12, 15 10:03 AM

Southampton Village Board Looks To Implement Restrictions At Helipad

It's about time. If East Hampton's regulations go into effect, there will be a rush to land here. " Jun 16, 15 5:01 PM

Lions Club Installs Ramps for Those in Need

Excellent program. Well done!" Jun 16, 15 8:35 PM

Several Deer From Experimental Sterilization Program Die After Miscarriages

Spaying has worked effectively in other areas. Too many deer get hit, but not lethally. A deer with a crippled hip limps on three legs across my property. Its ribs are showing now. Several years ago one was around with a badly mangled hind leg. Part had been torn off, the rest hung uselessly from some skin and fell off later. Give this program a chance." Jun 17, 15 11:16 AM

I have brought many a bird and animal to wildlife centers. Deer, unless they can't move, don't stick around an area for long. Even three legged ones. They need to stay put long enough for assistance to arrive, or be locate-able to be helped. No one could catch the mangled leg deer. Months later a hunter put it out of its misery." Jun 17, 15 5:28 PM

Town Expands Scope Of Questions For The Hills At Southampton

Located over our sole source aquifer, where our drinking water comes from, this project should get a resounding NO. Golf courses do not belong in the Pine Barrens, especially one with a clubhouse the size of a Home Depot - a fact not mentioned in this article. The developer is asking for zoning changes he is not entitled to have. The community is angry. Better listen, town board." Jun 23, 15 3:47 PM

Southampton Residents Lend Support To Village Board's Proposed Heliport Restrictions

The village needs to restrict landings at the heliport. A pity it chose to close the public hearing already. A lot more people would like to weigh in in favor of limitations." Jun 24, 15 9:47 AM

East Hampton Airport Curfews Will Take Effect July 2 After Judge Denies Injunction

Southampton Village better act fast to establish regulations, or its heliport will be inundated." Jun 27, 15 10:25 AM

Historic Bridgehampton House Is For Sale

Has this house been identified as a landmark? The Town ought to encourage the placing of plaques on historic houses. They would remind people that such places are valued." Jul 6, 15 10:51 AM

Two Immigrants Finally Celebrate Their Citizenship

Congratulations!" Jul 6, 15 11:10 AM

Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

East Hampton Dems rightly skipped her and endorsed David Calone, Chairman of the Suffolk County Planning Commission, who is also the choice of the Suffolk County Dems. He has a far better resume, no political baggage and is widely known and liked in Suffolk, whereas Holst is only known on the East End, and is not all that well liked. Gordon Herr is backing the wrong horse, and it doesn't even belong to his own party." Jul 7, 15 12:41 AM

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