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East Hampton harbormaster resigns after marijuana arrest

If it's any consolation, Nick Nolte looks a bit better than his famous mug these days. I think it's a shame that marijuana possession forces a guy to resign (or get jail time) when a case of Scotch (MUCH more lethal and addictive) in the car would be perfectly legal. We're headed towards eventual decriminalization of pot, I hope, taking the profit away from dangerous traffickers and possibly reducing alcohol consumption." Jan 14, 10 4:57 PM

Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

This is the type of wildlife mismanagement which raises guffaws of disbelief when I tell folks here out West, where I live part-year. Like LI sterilization programs for deer population explosions, like touchy-feely attempts to keep horribly maimed wild animals alive because some well-meaning but misguided urbanites can't stand a letting nature be or euthanizing. After a point, the protracted euthanization/rescue attempts put that hapless cetacean thru suffering that a single well-placed .270 Rem could have averted..." Apr 9, 10 4:59 PM