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Sag Harbor teachers plan to march through village

I, too, do not have much sympathy for teachers wanting raises in our present economy. I know too many people who have lost their jobs.
I'm also disappointed that these teachers find it necessary to wear tee shirts to school - seems a bit juvenile and very self serving.
And do you think you could refrain from referring to people who don't agree with you as the "working class"? Isn't that a little ignorant and mean spirited on your part? As teachers you should be able to voice your opinion without stooping that low. " Oct 19, 09 8:12 AM

Well, just saw the spectacle in our small town.....teachers dragging very small children through town........teachers from other areas; notably Wading River....
You all must be so proud of yourselves. There are SO many people out of work and so many people have taken pay cuts. BUT, the Sag Harbor teachers want more than their allotted raise this year. Shame on you!" Oct 19, 09 6:58 PM

Sag Harbor School Board, teachers to resume negotiations

It was a sad spectacle to see all those "teachers" parading and yelling through town; many of them were dragging very young children with them. I guess none of them realize what's going on in the rest of the country.....people losing their jobs, accepting pay cuts just to be able to hold onto their jobs.
But in these hard economic times, these greedy teachers want more than their "allotted" raises.....20% over three years.
They also need to stop wearing those ridiculous tee shirts to school; it is distracting to the students and they are losing the respect of students, parents and villagers alike.
I am not alone in thinking they should lose their jobs........" Oct 20, 09 5:14 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

Sorry, but I don't have much sympathy for the Sag Harbor teachers. I used to support our teachers, but now they are just about MORE, MORE, MORE. When the rest of us have to take pay cuts to keep our jobs, the teachers whine about not getting their raises. Just HOW many days have the teachers worked this year anyway????? " Apr 2, 10 10:00 AM

Helicopter foe girds for battle

..........and it's NOT just helicopters. We live 2.5 miles from the airport and jets, airplanes, helicopters are going over and around our house constantly. We
can't enjoy gardening, reading or entertaining on our property. Quite frankly, I am tired of being polite, writing letters to no avail. I'd like to see about 200 people file a nuisance lawsuit again the airport, the FAA and the Town of East Hampton.
We've all paid plenty for property we can't use much of the year." Aug 11, 10 12:45 PM

We work on noise abatement all the time,” he said. “As far as the helicopters, we’ve made it better by changing a route that used to come from the south and into the airport. We moved around a route so that it doesn’t affect hundreds of people, just tens of people.”

IS HE KIDDING???!!! " Aug 11, 10 12:49 PM

I'm with Trish and Sag Harbor Bob -- whatever it takes. There are more and more of us banding together. And yes, what an intelligent remark by Southampton Town Supervisor - maybe Sarah Palin should join the Southampton Board too." Aug 11, 10 1:48 PM

East Hampton Town poised to adopt airport plan

Those in favor of the plan should have to listen the constant barrage of air traffic over their homes as many of us do. I loved the suggestion on a previous posting on this issue -- that we could use our yards in the winter months when there was little traffic. Gee, what a great idea...............unfortunately, that's all we're able to do now. There's an airplane flying directly over our house as I write this.
As for the money you paid for your plane tickets..............we local people who live and work out here full time don't usually have the 2-3,000. that one-way plane ride costs!" Sep 2, 10 11:57 AM

Critics respond to airport plan

Yes, please SELL THE AIRPORT. The constant barrage of noise is insane.
We have airplanes, jets and helicopters flying over and around our house constantly. The "Master Plan" is a joke............unfortunately one being played on us local year-round resident taxpayers.
We no longer have the use of our own property.
I agree with Ms. Currie, who when attending the meeting, said "Shame on you."
Yes, everyone involved in "protecting the noise" seems to be morally bankrupt.
What we need here is MORE outspoken citizens.
By the way Mr. Brundige, you get PAID to deal with the noise every day.
" Sep 8, 10 3:58 PM

Wow,Ross, thanks for the suggestion we learn to fly a plane. Then we can fly over YOUR house at all hours of the day and night.
Why don't you come stay in Sag Harbor over a summer weekend and hear our
"little noise problem"?
And Dayo, would you by any chance be a PILOT??

" Sep 15, 10 3:29 PM

New Soup Kitchen At Hayground School Aims To Feed Needy

Just a friendly comment -- soup servers should be wearing gloves. Otherwise, there might be a problem with the Board of Health and/or New York State." Feb 17, 11 11:17 AM

Fishing Lobbyist Defends Record

The East Hampton town board does nothing about its' airport noise issues which affect so many neighborhoods on the East End. And here's another
"stellar" decision..........to fire Arnold Leo, who has worked so hard protecting the fishing rights of our fishermen. And what a surprise! The Republicans voted him out - bipartisan nonsense on a local level. You should be ashamed of yourselves. " Feb 20, 11 8:38 AM

New Committee Charged With Tackling Helicopter Noise

It sounds like they will try to appease the North Shore, so does this mean that we in Sag Harbor and other "South Shore" towns and neighborhoods are going to receive even MORE noise pollution? We can't use our own patios and gardens in the summer as it is!!
Bottom line - this airport is in the WRONG area for the amount of air traffic it is currently generating. " Feb 23, 11 5:03 PM

Helicopters Try Out Proposed South Shore Route

A great start but as Trish commented, the numbers of seaplanes and
jets are driving us crazy flying over our home." Sep 14, 11 4:55 PM

Wainscott Couple Sues Over Babinski Barn Approval

Uh, what part of "farm" do the Gilberts not understand? This is the attitude
that riles all of us local people up every summer.
I agree with EastEnd68..................less people like the "entitled" Gilberts, more barns!" May 30, 12 8:51 AM

Sag Harbor Cub Scouts Resurrect Soapbox Derby

Anyone know what time the parade starts?
" Jun 28, 13 10:45 AM

Software Tracks Traffic, Complaints At East Hampton Airport

Some of these comments are so outrageous and some from EH residents who don't have to put up with helicopters flying DIRECTLY over their homes. What no one is addressing is....................there are alternative routes pilots could be flying but because they are slightly longer, they choose not to. Charge those rich folks coming out during the summer a little more money and let us enjoy our outdoor
spaces which we use YEAR ROUND." Feb 14, 14 8:25 AM