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Southampton councilwoman mulls bids to privatize town animal shelter

What an absolute disgrace. Supervisor, Councilwoman, those who are "mulling" now: first you make wrong decisions for the shelter at every turn, ignoring any help or suggestions from animal experts--and now you have the unmitigated gall to say there is no money at all for homeless animals. If you had taken one bit of advice this shelter could have been a vital place (oh, like it was). If you can't even keep an animal shelter going (because you can't listen to people who are experts in their field--i.e. Dr. Meekins, Pat Lynch, animal advocates-- then you are truly incompetent. " Oct 18, 09 2:03 AM

Rogers Memorial Library budget and election vote to be held August 20

Just an FYI....as a librarian in NY, I can tell you that I was SHOCKED when I found out how poorly your librarians are paid. I can't imagine how they can afford to live here." Aug 20, 10 10:53 AM