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Best Yet Chain Will Take Over Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

On quality of fish, produce and meat, Best Yet knocks Waldbaums out of the park. Plus, the prices are unbeatable!" Oct 8, 15 11:18 PM

Engineers Say Beach Nourishment Project In Eastern Southampton Town Has Allowed Beaches, Dunes To Continue Growing

This is just a propaganda push for the $15 million they have proposed to spend on Quogue Beeach." Dec 3, 16 2:31 PM

Shinnecock Woman Stands With Standing Rock Protesters Over Oil Pipeline

Some facts: 1. The pipeline route is entirely on private land; 2. There are 70,000 miles of oil pipelines around the country in a much safer manner than rail cars or trucks; 3. The Corps of Engineers invited the Standing Rock tribe to meet and discuss the pipeline route on several occasions during the environmental review process, but the tribe did not come forth; 4. There is a lot of emotional reporting on the Dakota pipeline issue, but very little review of the strict legal aspects of the case." Dec 15, 16 8:27 PM

Quogue Village Officials Revive Coastal Erosion District Talks

This is a real boondoggle, promoted by Terchunian, who stands to profit as the consultant to the project. There is more sand on Quogue beach now than there was 2 years ago, when the project was first set aside, especially at the western end. Spending $15 million to add sand now would be a complete waste, which is obvious to anyone who has observed the effects of the numerous winter northeasters. The sand gets taken away. Then it invariably comes back in the Spring. " Aug 5, 18 3:09 PM