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South Fork Parents Are Choosing To Opt Children Out Of State Exams This Week

These tests are not made by people hired by Pearson. Pearson has been administering and grading tests for hundreds of organizations for a long time with never any claim of conspiracy. To use the tests as a way to evaluate teachers is not only fair, it is long overdue. Your opinion of the quality of the construction of the test is not supported by the facts, the tide is not turning and the parents who opted out have made a big mistake. These tests are not going away, Cuomo is not backing down and you had better teach your child to persevere or they are going to learn nothing but negative reinforcement from this odyssey. It's one thing to take a stand for yourself, it's an entirely other thing to pillage the entire educational system to serve yourself and your mutual admiration society. Teachers were calling families up and encouraging them to not take tests, kids who opted out demonstrated that they had no clue what was going on when they were away from their script toting parents and those parents who protecting their kids from stress increased the chaos in those kids' lives tenfold. It was quite an embarrassing display if you ask me." Apr 19, 15 2:06 PM

Not only were teachers coming up with all kinds of creepy ways to persuade families to keep their kids from taking the test but parents of kids who opted out turned the community into the Salem Witch Hunt. You should note that there were no Facebook groups started by families that were taking the test. That's because those families were busy doing what they thought was best for their own children instead of working overtime to collect cohorts for personal affirmation. If you want to opt-out, that's fine; it is a free country. Your stance does not need to be aggressive nor does it need to include anyone but you and your family. Confidence doesn't require legions of support and it's not nice to intrude on the way other people educate their children." Apr 19, 15 2:20 PM

Tenure was not created so that teachers can speak up without fear of dismissal. They aren't working in a Siberian ice factory. Evaluating anyone in any job anywhere will include variables that are out of the control of the person being evaluated. The nonsense has to end. Enough of the arguments about why teachers are special and shouldn't be evaluated. Teachers are not supreme court justices who deserve a job until they are good and ready to retire. The tests are not unfair and it's time to challenge our kids in our public education system. What we have been doing in the past as provided us with results that put us at the bottom of the international scale. " Apr 21, 15 6:20 AM

How do you reconcile the fact that a teacher has to pass all of those standardized tests with your stance that kids should not take standardized tests?

How would you reconcile teachers all over NY State -with all of that educational prowess- being totally flummoxed by a test you suggest is written by an uneducated temp on an hourly rate?" Apr 21, 15 6:24 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer Up For Position In Iowa

When this guy announced that he was staying in December, by definition it was not the truth. He took that $32,000 raise knowing he was not staying. You cannot become one of two finalists for a position like this overnight. It would have taken months of covert activity during which he was speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Tuckahoe deserves better." Apr 22, 15 7:00 AM

South Fork Parents Are Choosing To Opt Children Out Of State Exams This Week

Any chance you pavlovian dogs could take your political dance somewhere else?" Apr 22, 15 5:22 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer Up For Position In Iowa

Well, that would be about right then, because he sure is average. What is nice is to see how the entire community and faculty have coalesced to support the Tuckahoe superintendent in his desire to move to Iowa." Apr 23, 15 6:17 AM

South Fork Parents Are Choosing To Opt Children Out Of State Exams This Week

You are typing "no more bush and no more clinton" under an article about south fork parents opting their children out of a standardized test. In fact, you are your tourrettes afflicted pals have been volleying your political nonsense in an infinite loop of wasted time for years on this site.

The guy who stands outside of Port Authority and spouts his political beliefs to whoever can hear isn't necessarily lacking in facts, it's just that it's an odd, out of context forum. Does that help?" Apr 23, 15 7:24 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer Up For Position In Iowa

You aren't making a fair comparison. There was no tax cap back then so there were significant staff cuts to get where they are now. It serves nobody to revisit 15 year old history. The fact is that Chris Dyer has cried wolf and created chaos since the moment he arrived. Between working to stay in the newspaper and traveling all over the country to avoid working in Tuckahoe it is no wonder he's never been able to come up with an honorable and effective solution to what ails the district he is supposedly charged with serving." Apr 24, 15 6:30 AM

I respectfully disagree on several levels. People are applying and there will be new board member candidates. This coming year will be different. With regards to the quality of education the system is arranged to specifically nullify concerns of the community. The teachers are fighting any attempt to be evaluated and the concept of tenure was created to protect poor teachers from having to find new employment. Poor educators are protected and there is no demand from anyone that can change that. " Apr 24, 15 6:37 AM

Jason Lee Acquitted Of East Hampton Rape Charges Wednesday

Two words: Goldman. Sachs." Apr 30, 15 2:23 PM

Peconic Baykeeper Brady Wilkins Resigns After Six Months On The Job

I would quit too. You can ride around on a boat and do nothing on the weekends. " Apr 30, 15 5:35 PM

Town Asks If Flashing Lights Would Ease Traffic Backups

It should be extended right through East Hampton, through Napeague out to Montauk and right up to the cliffs under the light house, with no guardrail." May 1, 15 7:43 AM

Prom Helps Push Southampton Center Closer To Community Hub Goal

Hey highhat, it's a prom in a building that has been used for similar events for the past 18 months. It's not exactly splitting the atom." May 3, 15 6:30 AM

Traffic Questions Continue To Confound As Board Closes Tuckahoe Center Hearing

Most of the people against the Tuckahoe Center are noisy democrats. Just tell them you'll have to pass and build the Tuckahoe Center to really see how it will impact traffic. They seem to be ok with that approach to major initiatives." May 3, 15 6:32 AM

If you are still arguing that people don't ''need'' this center, your premise is completely flawed. People make decisions on what they want, not what they need. Otherwise, nobody would own a Bentley. " May 4, 15 6:38 AM