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East Hampton Town Board discusses staff cuts in closed session

Well Pete Hammerle said "everything would be the same" , I guess he ment the Board will continue the closed door policy that has been in effect for years. Cutbacks may if fact be needed. A great starting point would be the political hacks hired by the Town in recent years, most of whom are not union members. You don't have to look to far, start with the supervisors assitant.
" Oct 14, 09 10:50 AM

East Hampton Town continues layoff talks

The need to continue these layoff talks in private has to due with the board looking for a place to hide no show Dem boss Bill Taylor. Apparently it does not matter to the lame ducks that honest, hardworking, family folks in the Marine Patrol department will be displaced, and suffer lay offs to bury this lacky from the firing he so deserves." Oct 21, 09 3:42 PM

Note to editor. Why is this article buried on the web site, when it was front page in today's paper." Oct 21, 09 6:55 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

What you are not privy to is that his soon (hopefully real soon) to be ex is the heiress to a multi-million dollar furniture fortune. Hell has no fury as they say." Jan 6, 10 5:33 PM

You are correct, I should have said hell has no fury as a viper spawned!" Jan 6, 10 6:12 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

The way this board treats employees, they will blame the Marine Patrol for buying him the booze, and the Independent will swear to it!" Mar 9, 10 5:36 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

As a former employee of the town, I find that the Wilkinson/Quiqley team has nothing but contempt for the employees, and the public. They can break the law at will, and allow Montauk residents to put stone revetments in front of their homes, but god forbid they enforce overcrowding laws in Springs. Wilkinson is a self important ass who will do anything to help bring corporate America to the town at the expense of the population. This is not his first threat to employees as a memo was sent to all workers over the age of 50 (in September) telling them to retire or risk layoff. Also these two have hurt the senior population by forcing employees to retire, eliminating the leaf pickup, and now they want to close the dump on Wednesday which all other entities have discounts for seniors ensuring that the one day of the week they may go out. My suggestion is that when the last locals leave East Hampton take the American flag, and hoist up the Mickey Mouse Ears!" Mar 9, 11 7:45 PM