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Zeldin Asks FAA To Change Helicopter Rules To Reduce Noise; East End Leaders Join In

"Totally unnecessary business”????? Right, let’s kick out all the billionaires and multi-millionaires. I’m sure not a single one of our local family members have not been at one time or another a real estate agent, server, retailor, life guard, landscaper, security guard, cop, teacher, or any other job supported by these people…. So go ahead, close the airport like the minority want, we can all be broke! " Mar 10, 15 9:41 PM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

Jersey? I’m a local here, born and raised…..speaking from Wainscott… And I am a local business owner… We need the airport. If the airport did not exist I promise you my business would not exist, and I am not based at the airport…. My local business survives by such a slight margin. Any reduction in traffic would put me out of business. I wonder what you do…. My assumption is nothing out here….except try to waste your time by complaining " Mar 10, 15 9:47 PM

“Very few locals benefit financially from the airport” Really? The real estate market is higher than it has ever been…. Foolish " Mar 10, 15 9:49 PM

Three million will be a joke if these restrictions go into place! Do you really think people who pay hundreds of millions of dollars to have a place to reach quickly will drive! Wrong… Newport, Nantucket Martha’s Vineyard, or back to West Hampton they go… along with all their money…. " Mar 10, 15 9:52 PM

Not all of us. In fact most of the locals support it! Sorry we all have jobs and can’t show up at 10am board meetings or work sessions on Tuesday to disagree. " Mar 10, 15 9:54 PM

“Check sources” Please do!!!! The town’s own anti-airport committee can’t agree!!!! A bunch of fools. The next thing they will be trying to push is to close the tower or to fire the town employPes to make their numbers w rk….aWe need the airport, and we need FAA funds to help support it so the burden doesn’t fall on the local taxpayer……. " Mar 10, 15 9:59 PM

Sure, Kathleen Cunningham is not a paid consultant for David Gruber....... I Doubt it?

And thousands????????? Try just a few that have nothing to do but complain all day, get a job…..
" Mar 10, 15 10:01 PM

You don’t have to pay for it. The FAA has funds available to make it self-sufficient. Just accept them, they help everyone. " Mar 10, 15 10:03 PM

David Gruber......... everyone knows it... " Mar 10, 15 10:11 PM

Group Opposed To East Hampton Airport Restrictions Distributes Fliers Ahead of Hearing

“EH Town whose economy will only improve should restrictions be set…..”

I doubt that? A 27% increase in the median home prices, correlated to a 26% in airport traffic? Something sounds like a win-win for all locals that have a stake in the economy
" Mar 10, 15 10:18 PM

The only greed here is for the survival of the east end….. If you don’t like it MOVE MOVE MOVE! We have always survived by tourists. The transportation has evolved, from cars, to train, to bus, to plane, to helicopters…… They keep all our families above the rest of the country economically speaking….. So what, do away with the helicopters, next the seaplanes, then the small planes, then the train, then the jitney, then the cars???

Let the median house values fall to that of Center Island or Hauppauge? Good luck to you all!
I will be in Nantucket or the Jersey Shore wherever the top 1% are willing to hire me…….
" Mar 10, 15 10:25 PM

Regulations Will Change East Hampton Airport, But Actual Impact Is Still Being Measured

How are they blocking it? What number of members is against what number of members? We all know who the members are so call them out! Right here, who is blocking this? Only a committee of people that were assembled by a biased town board and they still can’t find a way to manipulate the numbers to try to make anyone believe they are true…. The airport needs FAA funds or no restrictions, otherwise the taxpayer will suffer… " Mar 10, 15 10:34 PM

Airport Officials Not Overly Concerned With Possible Change In Air Traffic

This is a very good strategy from “North FÒckers” Close the airport on the South Fork to move the money to the North F Òrk…. " Mar 10, 15 10:39 PM

East Hampton Airport Noise Subcommittee Recommends Curfews, Complete Ban On Noisiest Helicopters

“The Airport is sustainable without fed money” Well, apparently NOT! According to the Budget and Finance Committee appointed by the TOWN!! Why on earth would anyone think cutting down on traffic would support such a seasonal airport or a seasonal economy? A restriction of any kind would be the end of the East End as we know it….. " Mar 10, 15 10:46 PM

recommendations of the subcommittee, or do you mean the recommendations of David Gruber?
" Mar 10, 15 10:47 PM

Aviation Businesses File Suit Against FAA, Argue Mismanagement Of East Hampton Airport

You must be the only person in history that has lost money on real estate in the Hampton’s…. Sorry you over paid. " Mar 10, 15 10:50 PM

Please inform YOURSELF that the airport was built with WPA funds in the 1930s and requested commercial service as early as the 1950s to shuttle NYC residents to East Hampton….." Mar 10, 15 10:53 PM

Like David Gruber thinks he succeeded? Not…. " Mar 10, 15 10:54 PM

Or locals that depend on jobs…. " Mar 10, 15 10:55 PM

Regulations Will Change East Hampton Airport, But Actual Impact Is Still Being Measured

Where is the data? Prove it and I'll take my ball home. Please provide where.... a link.... anything....
" Mar 10, 15 11:01 PM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Close the place? Are you crazy? That’s exactly what the East Hampton Town Board wants. It is disgusting. The airport provides so many jobs and monies to the local economy…. " Mar 10, 15 11:10 PM

“To those pilots who turn off their transponders so they are not detected, we see you do it and we hear you over our homes.”………
You do know you can’t turn off a mode S transponder, and that modern aircraft are equipped with Mode S transponder, especially jets, helicopters and seaplanes. You must have flown years, and years, and years, and years, and years ago when you could turn “off” a transponder. As for the older planes that are doing acrobatics over your house sound like an absurd ramblings of an unemployed or underemployed local….
" Mar 10, 15 11:20 PM

350 out of 21,457..... the true 1%......." Mar 10, 15 11:22 PM

Or ask your local business if they want to go under….. " Mar 10, 15 11:24 PM

I’m only financed by the money they bring into the economy, if you don’t like it move, I heard with the decline in oil prices North Dakota is nice this time of year… " Mar 10, 15 11:26 PM

Airport "homies" is that racist? What data from such homies are you talking about? " Mar 10, 15 11:28 PM

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Mar 10, 15 11:29 PM

thousands of tax paying citizens? how about a few that complain over and over again..... " Mar 10, 15 11:31 PM

Zeldin Asks FAA To Change Helicopter Rules To Reduce Noise; East End Leaders Join In

Yeah go to H%@l Zeldin. I want to keep my job..... The money they bring in keeps my paycheck..... That "noise" is the sound of money..... " Mar 11, 15 2:00 AM

Military Jet Taking Off At Gabreski Airport Monday Morning Creates Loud Rumble

Gosh darn it.... I wish I heard it too.... sounds amazing!
" Mar 11, 15 2:27 AM

East Hampton Airport Opponents' Lawsuit Dismissed By Appellate Court

There were two studies done, one by NYU and he other NYS. I guess links are not allowed in comments because mine was links were removed but google:



"An economic look at the airports direct and indirect fiscal impact to the Town of East Hampton"
" Mar 12, 15 10:20 AM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

“Like Kathy Cunningham”...paid consultant for David Gruber, a name mentioned over and over again at tonight’s hearing yet not put forth in this article....." Mar 12, 15 11:06 PM

"The Town Board has not yet gotten a recommendation from its Budget and Financial Advisory Committee”
That is because they can’t agree! Every member of the BFAC that spoke said they were on the BFAC but can NOT speak on their behalf because they know that the numbers DON’T work!!! Review the tape.... “I am on this or that committee “but I am not speaking on their behalf” that is because they KNOW they were rejected by a body of their peers, just like the Appellate Court of Appeals shut down their last attempt of illegal restrictions at the airport. Time to wake up and remove the puppeteer’s from the booth and worry about the working class of the East End.
" Mar 12, 15 11:33 PM

How is it a LIE if the head of the BFAC wrote this in a press release:
“A significant number of members of the committee do not support forecasting the financial impact of the proposed rules and attendant rules litigation, because they believe that the variables, especially after the 2015 summer season, are too great and/or further data, research and perspectives from industry experts as well as experimentation with all or some of the proposed rules, is needed,” Mr. Malman wrote."" Mar 13, 15 8:57 PM

Great post form out-of-state interests.... "Jersey eastend11957" isn't that near the Boardwalk? " Mar 13, 15 9:03 PM

Southampton Bracing For Increased Helicopter Traffic If New East Hampton Rules Are Adopted

I find it interesting that while East Hampton is attempting to restrict aircraft, West Hampton beach airport is moving forward into its second phase of the Hampton Business District Project. This project is a 50-acre site at Gabreski Airport as a Planned Development District, designed to bring in commercial development that will benefit the region. Perhaps the Southampton’s town supervisor sees the writing on the wall. She claimed that the county officials estimates of $38 million in new revenue for the county that this project would generate was “exciting for us” and “the economic potential here of that PDD, which was the intention behind it, is starting to realize itself.”" Mar 13, 15 10:13 PM

East Hampton Town Pulls Back On Weekend Helicopter Ban

Money talks and bulls**t takes the bus" Apr 8, 15 3:10 AM

Aviation Groups Sue East Hampton Town In Effort To Block Recently Approved Airport Restrictions

So nice of Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP to let David Gruber write the response to the lawsuit! Wonder if they will let him sit lead counsel? " Apr 21, 15 10:44 PM

East Hampton Pilot Pens Petition For Safety At East Hampton Airport

Wait, what? For every airport in the US you name that has a curfew I will name 100 that do not..... bet I win" May 5, 15 10:15 PM

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