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Ground Broken Thursday On New Southampton Health Center

So according to the article there is no reason to buy Obama care. That will save you $400/month. " Oct 3, 13 7:54 PM

That's fine if you can afford it. Some people struggle to put food on the table and now they will be forced to spend that money on health care. For many families its an added expense they just can't afford." Oct 5, 13 9:36 AM

Oddone Conviction Overturned By Highest Court, New Trial Possible In 2008 Killing

He killed a man! Regardless of how long the choke hold was the End result he killed someone. Intentional or not a man is still dead. Andrew's Children have no father, wife has no husband. Anthony has to pay for what he did. He has changed the lives of others for eternity and not for the better. Anthony needs to stay in jail and suffer. My thoughts go out to the Reister family ...." Dec 12, 13 7:42 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

As a team tell the new coach you don't want to be on the field with this kid as he is a liar and NOT a team player. If you ALL refuse to play with him the coach will Have to bench him. Remember strength in numbers. At the high school level there is NO guarantee you get to play. Liars need to be benched. Good Luck Guys." Oct 9, 14 4:43 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

She is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson NOT a Broker. You can look up any license on the DOS.
" Oct 16, 14 4:30 PM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

Duckbornandraised, what are you worried about your King Kullen is in Brookhaven township. You can have all the plastic bags you want.
" Oct 29, 14 2:47 PM

Riverhead Man Rescued From SUV In Shinnecock Bay After Water Overtakes Vehicle

They should have left him there. If your stupid enough to drive around the cones then you get what you deserve. Idiot!
" Dec 10, 14 4:51 PM

Fire In East Hampton Garage Spreads Rapidly, Destroys House

Proof read your article! This is horrible.
" Jan 1, 15 11:08 PM

Proof read your article! This is horrible.
" Jan 1, 15 11:09 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Sergeant Promoted A Month After Filing Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

Horrible! She gets a promotion because she sues the department. What happened to earning the promition ?" Mar 26, 15 11:55 PM

Southampton Looks To License Garbage Collectors

Since 85% of town residents have garbage collection that means they aren't buying the Green bags from the town. This is the towns way of recouping lost revenue for the transfer stations. The fee in-posed on the carters is just going to be passed along to its customers. So rates will increase. Thanks Southampton Town." Apr 4, 15 9:31 AM

Bicyclist Injured On Highway Exit Ramp In Hampton Bays Friday Afternoon

None of this is accurate." May 30, 15 9:29 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

I hope you told the police what you saw.
" Aug 11, 15 8:50 PM

Southampton Town Steps Up Efforts On Workforce Housing

Yes, Eastport needs development to help with the extremely high taxes but, you know it will be single parents with multiple kids. Therefore in the end an increase in school taxes for all of us." Oct 8, 15 1:20 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Residents Speak Out Against Workforce Housing Proposal At Community Forum

Workforce housing should be east of the canal. By doing that it would alleviate the traffic conjestion that goes all the way to Quogue some mornings. This traffic is constant not just contained to the summer like it used to be We already have hampton villas condos where many of the units are tenant occupied.So in reality we already have workforce housing in the western portion of the town." Dec 3, 15 5:41 PM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

So by building 91 apartments on North Philips Avenue you will be turning the area into another Mastic and the home values in the area will plumet and taxes will skyrocket to accomodate the mess. We dont need or want this. North Philips Avenue cannot handle another 100 cars at a minimum. This will kill the western end of Southampton township.
" Jan 19, 16 7:24 PM

UPDATE: School Board Accepts Eastport South Manor Superintendent's Resignation; Continues To Deflect Questions About Decision

This school district spends our money like water. Our taxes are way too high and is killing the value of our homes. Time to stop the spending. Our kids need more qualified teachers and not so many administrators." Mar 17, 16 9:42 AM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

The condo complex around the corner is in the Eastport school district. The units available for rent in that complex go for $1800/ month. " Mar 23, 17 7:09 PM

Suffolk County, Southampton Town Officials Break Ground On Speonk Commons Affordable Housing Project Tuesday

Sad day for the residents of the area. Property values down, taxes up and traffic remains the same for traveling east over the canal. Who does this help? No one. Affordable housing needs to be built east of the canal where the work is not, west of it. This is making Speonk, Southampton township a lot less desirable place to live." Jan 16, 18 8:06 PM

Actually this is in the Speonk/Remsenburg school district. I checked with the town." Jan 20, 18 1:09 PM

Eastport South Manor School District Shortfall Jumps To $4.4 Million For Next Year

The school is way too top heavy. Our tax bills should NOT be 92% for the school.Thats insane. Get rid of the multiple superintendants, assistant principals and hall monitors. Leave the school mascot as the shark. They are still actively having the students come up with a new one so more money can be wasted changing everything from the school sign, stationary, website,sporting and band uniforms. They are just haemorrhaging money that we don't have. Also why did the district pay Nociero to leave when he was the cause of the inapproperiate act? So, we rewarded inapproperiate behavior at taxpayer expense. This is not the first time. The district needs to get it under control. Housing values are suffering greately in the ESM district." Feb 17, 18 10:58 AM

ESM Will Slash Teaching Staff, Potentially Close One School By 2021 To Bridge Funding Gap

There was no reason to ever build the Tuttle Ave School. Just look at the High School there is so much wasted space as it is poorly designed and constructed. Who cares how fancy a building is? What matters is the quality of teachers. We could afford great teachers if we didn't waste the money on these buildings.
Something else that needs to be looked into is the eligibility of students. People rent a property in the district to get their kids in then move to out of district but, continue to send their kids. It's not difficult to rent a p.o. box to get mail." Mar 10, 18 7:56 AM

Eastport South Manor Board Adopts $93.5 Million Budget For 2018-19 That Would Cut More Than 70 Jobs

School taxes like this are lowering the value of our homes. Unfortunately, We are all stuck paying for poor finance choices that have been made. Enrollment had already started to decline prior to building the Tuttle Ave school yet they continued to build and hire teachers that weren't needed. We wouldn't be in this mess if they just evaluated the actual need rather than going with the want. Stop the spending! Time for tuff love.
" Apr 19, 18 10:19 PM

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