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Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Oh, poor Obbservant, you can't even read a newspaper properly. If you bothered to read the story you would see that it was town hall that put the money into the incorrect fund. NOT mismanagement by the police department. Since you think it is a "alleged quote" here is the link and you can see that the quote was is from the first few lines and was not adulterated in any way. http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Southampton/223335/Police-deficit-the-result-of-town-officials-mismanagement-report-says/start/2
" Nov 20, 11 8:45 AM

No you didnt ask if the police spent the money. Read the comments above. You accused the police of mismanagement of the money. If you actually read the story you will find ou that Spinny oho is correct and that it was town hall who put the money in the wrong fund, not police mismanagement. I would also like to inform you that payroll and retirement fund payments to the state originate at town hall, not the police department. So once again I have to say the police did not improperlyy benefit from the mistake, the police were not the cause of the mistake, and the auditors agree." Nov 20, 11 5:18 PM

hey Obbservant grow up and learn to read. you are very childish and refuse to admit you are totally WRONG and absolutely clueless. " Nov 21, 11 8:01 AM

Obbservant which you are not. How much more proof do you need other than town hired FTI Consulting firm for $150k to audit the books. Senior Managing Director Brian Ong did a FORENSIC AUDIT and PROVED the police deparment had NOTHING to do with the mismanagent of funds it was SOUTHAMPTON TOWN OFFICIALS. The funds were deposited into the wrong account. You are the ignorant one here. I have given you the name of the consulting firm and the person who did the audit. I don't see anyone backing you up infact everyone is against you because you are WRONG in every way, shape and form." Nov 22, 11 3:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves More Police Overtime

The board wants the department to work with less officers, that means empty sector cars and therefore overtime to fill those cars.Time and a half to be exact. It is cheeper to bring the number of officers up to what the chief needs in order to run an efficient department rather than paying overtime to fill the cars. Its a no brainer but, the board just doesn't see it. We need more officers not less. " Nov 30, 11 5:21 PM

HHS the 40+ town positions that were eliminated in the past few years were created when the economy was good and someone on the inside wanted a friend to get a job. Those positions were not vital to he running of town hall. If the work doesn't get done today there is always tomorrow. Not true with the police department. If there is an accident, someone with a medical emergency, fight ect you don't want to be told "it will be a while before someone can get to you". The police are there 24/7 365 days. The department doesn't close down for holidays, snow storms, hurricanes. Get it through your head these are not positions that can be eliminated to save money because you are putting lives at risk." Dec 1, 11 8:05 AM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

The only reason this resolution passed is that Scalera is Malone and Nuzzi's puppet. Look at everything she's voted on it's never against what Malone and Nuzzi want. What a mistake adding her to the town board. Come November the town board needs to be cleaned out. " Mar 14, 12 4:34 PM

Southampton Town Could Soon See New Comptroller

They pushed out the one person who was getting everything in order by dragging their feet and now town business is at a stand still because they can't agree on a replacement. We need a town board that can work together not against one another on every issue. They will not find a candidate as experienced as Tamara and willing to accept the salary they offer. Put your differences aside and do whats right for the taxpayers.
" Mar 20, 12 9:09 AM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

Preston-Scalera is waiting for her orders from Malone and Nuzzi. She's their puppet and does as she is instructed. Have you ever seen her vote against what they want. No. It's funny how the funding for the captains position was eliminated from the 2012 budget but Malone and Nuzzi decide that they want a captain and just promote Pearce against the chief and town supervisor's whiches. We can't hire new police officers to protect our coumminity but spend money on a position that is not budgeted for. I wouldn't be surprised if this is Malone and Nuzzi's plan to get rid of Chief Wilson and replace him with Pearce since they seem to be running the show. They have blocked everything Chief Wilson has tried to do to bring our police department out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. That was the whole point of bringing in someone from the outside instead of promoting from within to get away from the crappy leadership that has been running that department for the past 25 years. Let Chief Wilson do his job and stop denying his requests to make improvements in his department.

" Apr 7, 12 2:48 PM

She's Anna's puppet" Apr 7, 12 8:10 PM

More Than 100 Arrests Being Reviewed By D.A. After Two Are Released

Sad! It takes a few bad eggs to tarnish the entire departments reputation. Thank you Chief Wilson for cleaning house. Its about time someone did it.
" May 31, 12 8:15 AM

Hamptons Baby Gear Sees Booming Business

Way to go Baby Gear. Have a Great Summer season.
" Jun 5, 12 7:32 PM

Kiernan Suspension Is Extended By Two Months

Hey East End, If you don't like the comments then don't read them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Go find yourself a good book." Jun 13, 12 8:39 AM

New Affordable Housing Project Pitched For Westhampton

So within a 3 mile radius there are 4 affordable housing projects on the table. 1) Where the castle is on North Phillips Ave just south of the rail road.
2) Kaywood Downs located at 85 North Phillips Ave just north of the rail road
3) The project discussed in the article above.
4) Silent Pines subdividion on Speonk Riverhead Rd on top of the Plume
5)There are condos already being constructed on Old Westhampton Riverhead rd.
Westhampton is becoming the Low income housing town. The Trash of the hamptons. Don't forget we also have the pleasure of housing the sex offenders. Don't dump them all in one location. Share the wealth, lets put some in Bridgehampton, Water Mill, Sagaponack. I sure the residents there would be happy to have them. There are other locations not just Westhampton/Speonk area. Stop the dumping." Jul 18, 12 3:41 PM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

So you do 55mph on the highway? I doubt it. You would be pushed off the road so fast you wouldn't know what hit you. Be realistic Realistic. The buses are locked so they can't travel faster than 68mph. I would rather ride on a Jitney than travel the road with many of the drivers I see everday. They are very well monitored and you would know that if you acually rode on a jitney every now and then. Take a good look in the mirror before you go pointing fingers at others." Aug 31, 12 11:27 AM

Southampton Beach Rebuilding Work Delayed Until Next Fall

Hey Hig Hat, why is it that you always want something for nothing. If you need it or want it you have to PAY for it. Nothing in life is free. If the roof on your house is leaking you have to pay for a new one. The roofing company isn't going to feel bad for you and give it to you. People don't work for free. They like to get paid. If $3M is what the job costs after looking at several bids then thats what it costs. Just pay the bill and move on. If you don't like it move." Oct 4, 12 2:23 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

Bad move. Giving control back to the good ole boys. The deparment will be going back to the "doesn't play well with others mentality" All western departments want nothing to do with Southampton Town P.D. as a result of the management "chief overton and boyz". Chief Wilson was trying to change things but, was faced with huge oposition from Malone and Nuzzi. The department was improving under Chief Wilson. It was an uphill battle to get the small improvements. Now it will be a cliff dive back to where it was 18 months ago.. Giving control back to the old regime will ultimately kill the department. So sorry to see Chief Wilson leave. " Nov 9, 12 8:52 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police

Malone and Nuzzi must be very proud of themselves.They got a new puppet for Christmas. God forbid we join the 21 century in technology. This is a very sad day for our police department. Work with no officers and out of date equiptment. Hope I don't need emergency assistance anytime soon. Can't wait for the next election." Nov 28, 12 12:25 PM

Yes, he is very qualfied to be a puppet and so is HHS but, neither is capable of being a true strong leader. Chief Wilson is a true strong leader who left because he was fed up with Nuzzi and Malone's crap. Everything he wanted to implement to improve the department was denied. He fought an uphill battle constantly and got nowhere. So now we have a new puppet who will do as he is told and will sit in his corner and not make waves with the town board. That is not what this department needs. We are going right back to the crappy leadership the department had under Overton. The town board might as well disband the department and join up wiith SCPD. " Nov 29, 12 9:25 AM

District Attorney Looking At Town Police Attendance And Time-Off Payments

Yes exactly! And the money they spent in payouts would have paid for the new software that Chief Wilson wanted which would have helped prevent this and ultimately saved the town a large sum of money in the long run. Malone and Nuzzi should be running for the hills with their tails between their legs. If anyone is costing the town money it's those two. " Dec 1, 12 7:53 AM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Chief Wilson wrote a letter to the town board requesting the promotions of 2 people to sergeant and 1 person to lieutenant. The Town Board is responsible for approving or denying of these promotions. The 2 sergeant positions were approved and the lieutenant position denied. If anyone is discriminating against the female officers its the Town Board. Chief Wilson made Sergeant Costa acting Lieutenant because he felt she was more than qualified to hold that position and perform the duties associated with that title. As for Pierce it's back to the good ole boys running the department and pressuring the town board to promote whom they want. Its all a game of politics. You don't get promoted on your merits and qualifications its WHO you know. Chief Wilson tried to make this department right he just had too many dirty people against him." Feb 20, 13 4:29 PM

Town Promotes Zarro But Skips Others, Pays Sandy Bills

Yes, they are related. Brothers to be exact." Feb 28, 13 9:19 AM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

You know this is his (Kiernan) way of taking over the police dept. Get his brother promoted to a supervisory position (so he can put him in charge of any department) and before you know it he'll move himself up to chief. You think the department is bad now just wait. This is a scary situation all around." Mar 10, 13 10:38 AM

Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

He's only "Starting his investigation" because he's been caught with his pants down and has to figure how to cover it up and pass the blame to others. Keep the pressure on him he'll squeal like a little pig. He's weak.
" Mar 20, 13 7:51 PM

Group Charged With Keeping Tabs On Speonk Plume Starts To Take Shape

Who can I contact to get on he e-mail list to receive updates? Thanks
" Mar 27, 13 9:08 AM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

Southampton town board you MUST be blind with stupidity. It's either that or you have larger skeletons in your closet that you don't want brought to the public's attention.
The property officer goes on vacation and the drugs disappear so she is removed from her post and while she is no longer responsible for the property room they magically reappear. Lets see here now who would have access to the property room when the officer is off duty? Would it be Kiernan and Pearce? Oh my crime solved. Get rid of the two of them and take Zarro puppet with them. As for Pearce running his "own" investigation what a crock of crap. His investigation is how he's going to cover this whole thing up and place the blame on an innocent hard working officer. I hope ex chief Wilson opens Pandora's box completely. I believe from what has happened so far there is a lot more to come. And the saga continues. I need a bigger bowl of popcorn." Mar 27, 13 1:11 PM

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