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Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Enough already. We do honor the Native Americans on another day. This federal holiday is for Columbus. Regardless of what revisionists would like to do, he WAS THE discoverer who saw what he saw and returned to tell it, show it and then OPEN a new world. In so far as some "mock" trial, might it not be better for today's students to hold such a trial in terms of our current world situation? Or, would that get touchy with some for ethnic and/or religious reasons! How can we tolerate today in 2015 the beheadings of people and say nothing! What is that class doing about such discussions? Time to let go of it, and study the period in history and learn about it, what was good and what was not...for we cannot change history, for it happened. Most of all, Columbus was a man of his times, and it would be impossible to measure him by today's thinking and standards." Feb 12, 15 4:16 PM

Southampton Students Debate A Sons Of Italy Member About Columbus Day

Amazing how all the revisionists want to write history, as if they were there. Better to study and evaluate that what we know for sure today with technology and recorded history. Turn and twist it, Columbus discovered the Americas! Let the students, and those who lead them, have them debate today's world situations. That would be a good debate about atrocities we see rather than what we may want to believe about 500 years ago." Mar 15, 15 10:37 PM