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East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

Well I'm glad they are forced to hire more English as a second language teachers. Special Ed students and children that need help in reading suffer. Glad the state has the illegals back. What happens when the illegals out number the taxpayers. " May 7, 15 2:09 PM

Parents Challenge Westhampton Beach School Board To Create More Special Needs Programs

I found trying to fight for my kids to be educated in Westhampton Beach to be disturbing. The long island press did an article reading 'riting and revenge in 2007 about what they did to my family. They used CPS and the the final report stated it appeared Westhampton beach educationally neglected my son. Even after that I still had to fight for my kids education low and behold my late husband was dying in a NYC hospital of stage 4 bile duct cancer and special education director Mary Ann Ambrosini reported a dying man to child protection. He died while under investigation with CPS in 2011. The case was unfounded 2 months after his death. They are a heartless bunch. I got tired of fighting with animals and moved to NC. The school here ranks higher and taxes are $2000 a year. The administration actually cares about all students here not the select few like WHB." May 11, 15 10:48 PM

In fairness Mary Ann Ambrosini told me if I didn't like move. So I did. " May 11, 15 10:54 PM

My comment was delete, I will just say some people can report a good man who was dying to CPS but you can't give a description of the person that could lower themself to do such a sickening act. Priceless." May 12, 15 5:02 PM

Patchogue Medford school district parents and teachers must have done a balloon release when she left. I was told by the board of education that they are educating children for Yale and Harvard. That is a fact. My late father who taught for 30 years asked them about the rest of the kids in the school. The room went quiet. Mind you all my meetings were behind closed door. They didn't want my meetings public alway behind closed doors." May 12, 15 8:42 PM

You can't change things not enough people are outraged. The sad fact is Westhampton Beach is a legend in there own minds. There are better schools out there. Everyone buys into the delusion that they are the best. Until people realize in the community that they not the best change cannot happen. That is why I moved. I chose not to continue to drink the cool aid any further." May 12, 15 8:51 PM

Fighting to get what is right takes time and during that time your child falls behind and struggles harder. I know because it happened to my children. I moved to give my youngest a chance at an education. He is doing very well. The school he attends in nc is 2nd in the state and ranked 378 in the nation and is a gold medal school. They manage to educate all students. We are county run super makes approx $185 a year with 53,000 students. My taxes are $2000 for a 2800 sq foot house on 1/2 acre. People forget they work for you not the other way around you pay their salary. Maybe it's time for people to review their employees and make some changes." May 13, 15 8:28 AM

WHB super is making over $281 includes benefits and other. I don't know if that includes the car he is provided or not. That was for 2013 -2014 school year. The assistant super is making $208k and the assistant super of business is making $202k Director of pupil personnel, that is the person in charge of special, is making $145k. The board of Ed should be voted in on how they can make things better and what are their qualifications, as it stands now it is a popularity contest." May 13, 15 8:58 AM

East quogue, quogue and remsenburg are tuition paid. It is over $20,000 in tuition per student for east quogue taxpayer and depending on special Ed needs that amount is higher. We have to send to WHB it is the contact WHB then decides what special Ed children get shipped out and to what school. So these special ed children spent their early years with their friends in their local school. When they get to WHB they are shipped off to other district like center moriches or Eastport south manor. They usually loss all ties to the community as far a friends go. Center moriches is a smaller district and eastport south manor is larger. Westhampton tells parents they are small and don't have the resources to teach special Ed yet other districts are able to provide. " May 13, 15 1:17 PM

40 students in a classroom seems like a lot of kids for a typical class. " May 14, 15 10:21 PM

I know in the High school at WHB, in the newer section of the building, they had the Special Ed 15 - 1 class in two rooms that just had a door with no windows. In school suspension was also in a room with just door and no windows. I was told that it was safe cause classes are only 40 minutes long. I hope that they have found a more suitable space to educate the special Ed children they keep in house. I brought up that it was dangerous for children and teachers if there was a fire or another emergency and the only escape was compromised. But as I mention I was assured in 40 minutes what could happen." May 14, 15 10:35 PM

Your right we have principals and assistant principals here also. But so does WHB so your super is not alone in the responsibity of Maybe 3000 students. My point was that the ratio of students to the superintendent in ny is far less than nc. There are 53,000 students in this county and one super those are the facts. Also look up Winston Salem forsyth county school. West is best and I do mean forsyth west nc. If you don't believe that google them. Your daughter is teaching here because she could not get a job there. That is the facts. Doesn't say much that ny will let qualified teaches leave in droves." May 26, 15 11:26 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

Check your faces opened in 2002." Jul 17, 15 10:13 AM

Off by one year. You made it sound like the original poster was making up the bad experience at the diner. " Jul 20, 15 10:26 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

Aidan and his family are being bullied. Is this how a community treats a loving family that only wants to have their child be able to attend school with his peers. The school board was hired by the community. people need to stand up and tell the school board that this is wrong. " Aug 28, 15 10:42 PM

With that attitude children with disabilities would still be living in institutions. " Aug 29, 15 12:28 PM

In what capacity is your employment with the school. My personal experience with this district dates back to 2007. The Long Island Press May 7, 2007 Reading, 'riting & Revenge by April Jimenez. Read that and also keep in mind they did it to my family again in 2010, I am reading his and your post and have to realize you have not had experience with this big business called a school. And that my friend is what it is a business that lost sight of children." Sep 2, 15 12:05 PM

That has to do with illegals." Sep 2, 15 12:46 PM

Reading 'riting and revenge by April Jimenez long island press May 2007 read that before you judge these parents. Read this before you judge these parent. The line of parents and students that have been intimidated by this district is long. That article is about my family. I am glad that this family is standing up for what is right. The sickening part is that there should have been a whole community showing at the school today. The truth is until it is you or your family member on the receiving end of the schools behavior you will believe that the school is in the best interest of the child. I wish that was true, because Aidan would have started school in WHB the first day along with the other children that have been cast out." Sep 2, 15 2:46 PM

When parents wanted approval for the football turf and auditorium they put their kids out there saying how they needed these things. Yet when it comes to receiving an education in home district you labeled these parents with child abuse You are way out of line. " Sep 5, 15 10:35 AM

Hearing Officer Expected To Decide Fate Of Remsenburg Teen With Down Syndrome Soon

They have more rights. Could you imagine if WHB refused to educate a race of people. It is crazy how they get away with discrimination against people with disabilities. " Aug 15, 16 1:10 PM

Westhampton Beach School District Ordered To Apply For Age Variance To Include Aiden Killoran In Special Education Classes

Finally. After all the sick disgusting things they did to my family and all the others before people now know the truth about the school. Thank you to the Killorans. Now future students and their parents will get access to the district they reside in. " Aug 8, 18 12:51 AM

East Quogue School Makes Improvements To Help Secure Building Entrance

How do they handle parents that don’t have ID. " Aug 10, 18 12:36 PM