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Three Transported To Hospital Following Crash In Southampton Saturday Night

I also live in this neighborhood and have notified the SH Town Police Dept. of truck racing and drug use in the cul de sacs of Bridies Path and Old Trail Rd lately. I was told they do not have enough time to patrol the areas and that they will only respond when the activity is occurring" Jan 13, 15 12:00 AM

Southampton, Stony Brook Partnership Will Create Larger Doctor Presence On The South Fork

Here comes more doctors that won't accept health insurance plans..." Jan 30, 15 2:04 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Is Expected To Create Police Commissioner Position Thursday

Do I see a chance for Wilson to return to local Police activity without having to void his Police Chief's pension from the Southampton Village and Town??" Feb 5, 15 10:17 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

Time for CR 39 to get a facelift and keep up with the times and growing population. Any option other than having to go to Waldbaum's is a winner. Hopefully the intersections are designed with some thought and intelligence." Feb 5, 15 10:23 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

Do I see a chance for Wilson to return to local Police activity without having to void his Police Chief's pension from the Southampton Village and Town?? " Feb 6, 15 3:08 PM

Allison Rydberg Sentenced To Prison Following Fatal Water Mill DWI Crash

Sad for everyone involved and their families." Feb 24, 15 6:28 PM

UPDATE: Two-Hour Delayed Opening At Several East End Schools Friday

The condition of Southampton Town roads compared to Brookhaven this morning is so bad that it is embarrassing. It makes you wonder where the tax money goes?? Road repairs and drainage? Nope. Garbage pick up? Nope. Leaf pick up? Nope. Timely snow removal? Nope." Mar 5, 15 9:09 AM

My comment holds NO Criticism of the workers who are sometimes allowed to do their jobs... It is a criticism of the appropriation of money by the Town. And the reason why I was on the roads this morning was in fact for local plowing." Mar 5, 15 6:00 PM

Messy Sidewalks Shed Light On Lack Of Equipment

It's incredible the disparity that exists between Southampton Town other nearby towns and especially; Southampton Village. The village handled the snow storms incredibly well with their plows, sidewalk plows, and bringing in the large commercial dump trucks to haul away snow piles with coordinated road closures. SH Town is becoming more and more embarrassing with every passing year and withdrawal of more and more services." Mar 11, 15 7:55 PM

Southampton Village Starbucks Slated To Open In Late May

When is the SH Village parking garage going to be built?" Mar 24, 15 1:16 PM

UPDATE: Attorney for Owner of Destroyed Mansion in East Hampton Says Fire Was Horrible Accident

It's a Hard Rock Life For Us when the Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire!" Mar 24, 15 1:19 PM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

Bring on the influx of business and development! The days of Southampton and the CR39 corridor being a quiet beach community are over...time to adapt and advance. Better than the rest of CR39 and the dilapidated buildings. Options for shopping encourage competition and the consumer wins. Traffic sucks anyways...May as well have somewhere nice to get off and shop." Mar 26, 15 11:57 AM

Female Southampton Town Police Sergeant Promoted A Month After Filing Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

The American way. If you want it, sue for it. The Southampton Town Politics Department." Mar 26, 15 12:00 PM

Study: Sea Levels In Northeast Jumped By About 4 Inches In Two Years

Dune Rd residents won't have to fight with SABA if the beach isn't there." Mar 27, 15 11:49 AM

Southampton Village Starbucks Slated To Open In Late May

At least the new chains like Starbucks and Citarella improve the buildings they rent...Landlords in the area should take note." Mar 27, 15 11:51 AM

Peconic Bay Medical Center To Join North Shore-LIJ

And staff as well" Mar 28, 15 12:11 PM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

Nancy lives off of CR39 by PC Richard...of course she would be opposed to development in this area for her own reasons...not the common good." Mar 31, 15 10:43 AM

Officials Concerned About Plan To Pull Desk Officer At State Police Barracks In Riverside

OTB should build a casino in the neighborhood...That'll get more cops in the area." Mar 31, 15 1:06 PM

Driver Crashes Into East Hampton Goldberg's On Pantigo Road, Sending Two To Hospital

Good Marketing Opportunity: Goldberg's Bagels Will Make You Lose Control!" Apr 2, 15 2:53 PM

Thanks Nature. Will do my best!" Apr 2, 15 4:40 PM

Southampton Looks To License Garbage Collectors

I guess SH Town will never actually collect garbage themselves like every other normal American township." Apr 3, 15 11:59 AM

Police: Counterfeit Bill Passed In Westhampton Beach, Hampton Bays, Southampton

Counterfeit Bills?? Sounds like Bill Cosby himself!? He is all kinds of trouble in fun colored sweaters! " Apr 3, 15 12:01 PM

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