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East Hampton Groundwater Not Contaminated By Utility Poles, But Soil Readings Are High

Someone in basement of Town Hall told me there was a meeting between PSEG/LIPA in the big meeting room in Town Hall way back before the project started and he was shown road maps and areal maps of the proposed poles up and down Town Lane and Old Stone Highway and said nothing - to anyone. Has anyone asked Wilkinson about this more than tacit approval? We must explore all elected leaders who did nothing." Jan 10, 15 3:04 PM

East Hampton Town Reorganizes, Plans For 2015

I'll step in here and answer on this one like I have on the pole issue (my real concern) - where was the former Town Supervisor (who was the Chief Operating Officer of the Town by Law) when all this was happening? My understanding from many, many, many people in Town Hall (including various managers) was that every matter had the former Town Supervisor's fingerprints on them, yet the poles went in the ground on his watch, thousands of tax bills were not sent out on his watch, problems with the Tax Office was brought directly to his attention for two years on his watch, no erosion answers in Montauk on his watch, no contract for Police for months on his watch, no communication with the County Legislator for years on his watch, FAA money was not accepted on his watch (although he now says the current administration must take FAA money to be fiscally responsible - a real head scratcher), and on and on and on. My take, for what it is worth, is that "Fact" is an apologist who is now trying to blame the current administration for all the shortcomings of the prior administration. "Fact" doth protest way too much when anyone brings up the problems that were allowed to fester during the previous administration's reign of terror. "Fact" who seems to pull his "facts" off the top of is head with no research seems to have intimate knowledge of the former administration and all sorts of skin in the political history of the Town, no doubt about that." Jan 11, 15 1:23 PM

East Hampton Groundwater Not Contaminated By Utility Poles, But Soil Readings Are High

"Fact" is the one starting the blame game, right out if thin air. The point of my comment was really to show that there were many who knew something about the poles but yet the poles went in. Rather than blame Cantwell, or anyone else for that matter, why can't we get behind Cantwell and the Mayor and try to do something. However, if people like 'Fact" and his ilk want to politicize this and mention elections, then it is only fair that "Fact" should ask where was the Town and its leadership at the time when this happened. The preference here is to work to solve the problem, which is what Cantwell, Thiele, LaValle and Rickenback are doing. I agree, let's stop the blame game right here and now and work together." Jan 11, 15 2:50 PM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

Steve Lynch has been a brilliant Highway Sup. He knows how to get the biggest bang for the buck, which is why he has good equipment at a time when the Town was forced to cut spending due to the financial debacle of 2995-2009.

" Jan 28, 15 6:23 PM

That would be 2005 to 2009
" Jan 28, 15 6:24 PM

Amos Goodman Of Springs Announces Run For Suffolk Legislature

Has anyone asked Chris Nuzzi about his intentions? Did anyone from the Press bother to call Nuzzi who was the Republican candidate for the seat in 2013? Did anyone from the Republican leadership bother to call Nuzzi? Chris Nuzzi is a proven vote getter, especially in Southampton. Interesting fact - in 2009 when Chris Nuzzi was RE-elected to the Southampton Town Board he received 34 more votes than Anna Throne Holst who was running for Supervisor - no small feat seeing Nuzzi was in a four way campaign for two seats and Throne Holst was in a two way campaign for one seat - AND he defeated Bridgett Fleming, the seemingly leading Dem candidate for the legislative seat, BY 1,700 VOTES for Town Board. One on one against a non-incumbent for the legislative seat, Nuzzi would seem like the absolute best candidate. He grew up in East Hampton, graduated from East High School, graduated from Stony Brook U., work for the Suffolk County Executive, worked in two of the three towns he would represent in the County Legislature, and is raising a family on the east end. AND he is a young and intelligent. I know that Chris has a solid base in East Hampton among people from all parties, so I don't get why East Hampton Republicans and the County leader is not begging Chris to run. What the heck is going on here?????? $200,000 is nice, but it by no means ensures experienced, knowledgeable and experienced representation for the east end." Feb 13, 15 8:19 PM

Absolutely not. He ran against someone who ran 5 times for the position and won. Some people I know said give Jay his last term to finish out his run, tie up all his issues, and then we can elect Nuzzi and he can start his legislative career. The fact that Chris Nuzzi consistently beat non-incumbents in the core of the district (Southampton), including beating the person he would probably run against (Fleming) by almost 2,000 votes is something that cannot be ignored. On the east end we should not be about buying elections. It did not work for Randy Altschuler, and that should be a lesson learned." Feb 16, 15 5:59 PM

Oh, and one other thing ----- in 2008 Lee Zeldin lost to Tim Bishop by almost 20% ----- was that enough to look somewhere else and discard Zeldin and never turn to him again?????? Of course not. Like Zeldin, Nuzzi is young, smart, knows his district, is right on the issues, and has practical experience that creates staying power and a knowledge base that is earned not anointed. Sorry LLGSD, you sound like someone who is not a student of politics, at least east end and Suffolk politics, but someone who thinks if you through enough money at something it will work. By the way, how do you run as a fiscal conservative on one hand and then say you will spend $200,000 on a COUNTY LEGISLATIVE race on the other???? WOW. Talk about handing your opponent an issue !" Feb 16, 15 6:22 PM