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Judge extends restraining order, preventing homeless sex offenders from staying in new Westhampton trailer

I am afraid that I do not understand the basis for the County being responsible for providing housing for potentially homeless sex offenders. To the best of my knowledge the County does not automatically provide housing for the non-sex offending homeless population. Could someone please explain this for me? Thanks." May 21, 10 10:42 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

His lack of judgment did not only take the life of his fiance, but also that of the child they just found out she was carrying, so he should be charged with both of their deaths." May 25, 10 8:18 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

A Wild by Nature would be nice." Jun 2, 10 2:03 AM

New owner of Fairway Restaurant hoping to move in in late June

Danny, keep us posted. You and your wonderful family of employees are missed!" Jun 3, 10 8:25 PM

Southampton teenager uses Heimlich maneuver to save boy

Very good idea. And great work Cheyne!" Jul 17, 10 12:40 AM

Taxpayers approve Hampton Bays Library's $1.89 million budget

I think one of them might be CaptainSig. Libraries are a great resource and deserve all of our support, an extra $8.50 a year is not going to break anyone's bank - and I work two jobs, as do most of my friends. Libraries are so much more than just books these days, they offer lecture series and book discussions, language and computer courses, yoga and dance lessons, and so many programs for the little ones - way beyond just the normal Story Hour from when most of us were growing up." Aug 12, 10 12:38 AM

Voters overwhelmingly support East Hampton Library expansion plans

from the EH Star: The voting was conducted by the League of Women Voters with would-be voters checked against lists from the Suffolk Board of Elections." Aug 15, 10 4:48 PM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

Sanity, you obviously do not understand that the Sabbath is observed from sundown Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night...every week, 52 weeks a year...Perhaps you should gets some knowledge in your life?" Aug 27, 10 3:48 PM

East Hampton Homework Club Has Its Backers

Sadly, the Homework Club is not funded by the school(s) but by the Town of East Hampton. The town is the entity that has proposed and voted to cut the funding for the Homework Club. I also believe, but am not 100%, that the town reduced the amount of funding (for 2010 budget) that they provide to the Project Most program, which parents do pay for (some on a sliding scale) and which is the program that the town board has stated will 'take up the slack' once the Homework Club is shut down. There are students who need extra help with their studies, and whose parents are not able to provide this assistance either because they have to work two jobs or because the material is not a subject they are proficient in. I think part of this situation, the elephant we do not want to acknowledge, is that teachers are currently forced to teach our children to be prepared for the subject matter on the state mandated exams. But this method skips over and leaves out so many of the basics and information that the students need to tackle their daily studies. This leaves not only the students frustrated, but also the teachers and of course the parents. However, if the teachers do not 'teach to the test' and state scores do not measure up, well there goes state funding. It is a double-edged sword. The New York State Department of Education needs to wake up and realize that all of the extra mandates they have handed down are hurting, not helping, our students and teachers. But then again...they have to answer to Washington in order to guarantee that NYS receives its share of the education funding pool." Oct 29, 10 10:00 PM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

I believe Conscience Point was purchased at least in part with Community Preservation Funds. You would need to check the language in the resolution authorizing the purchase to see what would or would not be allowed. There should also be a management plan for the property as that is required of all parcels purchased via CPF, but I am not sure if one has been completed for Conscience Point at this date." Nov 1, 10 9:14 PM

Coast Guard Helps Disabled Boat Off Shinnecock Inlet

Another good save. Thanks for keeping watch!" Dec 21, 10 8:44 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Grinds To Halt Following Snowstorm

I will preface this by stating that I have great respect for Alex Gregor. But who begins a leaf pick-up program, a two-month program as reported in the article, on November 22nd and expects to be able to complete the project before winter descends upon us??? Very poor planning." Jan 7, 11 11:29 AM

You must have some hardy trees if the majority of your leaves aren't done falling well before mid-November." Jan 7, 11 5:50 PM

East Quogue Elementary School Starts Recycling Club

Great job kids!" Mar 1, 11 4:22 AM

Southampton Village To Rework Cherry Tree Idea After Opposition From Veterans

Could you list the 'slew of objections' that Mr. Frankenbach voiced? I can understand an opinion from the folks who maintain the grounds about the 'mess' the fallen blossoms can create, but am finding it hard to imagine what issues a Veterans group would have with cherry trees near a war memorial -- have they ever visited Washington, DC?" Apr 14, 11 1:35 PM

Healed From Injuries, Seal Released into Shinnecock Bay

A nice success story!" Apr 27, 11 8:40 PM

Summertime Traditions: Outdoor Movies

My question is do all of these companies and/or organizations have Motion Picture licensing agreements allowing them to show the movies to an audience outside of the limited 'home viewing audience'? If not, I bet some hefty fines could be levied against those who have shown the films over the past couple of years. I am surprised that there have not been hardy objections from United Artists or whichever firm now runs the local movie theaters." Jun 22, 11 1:56 AM

I am not complaining, just raising a valid and potentially legal question. If someone is potentially operating an venture without the proper permits or licenses and it was taking business away from those who follow the rules...is that right?" Jun 22, 11 11:35 PM

East End Couples Eagerly Follow Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

And I will vote against LaValle if he should choose to run for his seat again. Shocking how close minded and unjust people can be in 2011! Thank you NYS for this long awaited victory that will bless many of my friends and family members!" Jun 25, 11 1:50 AM

Six Bartenders Arrested For Serving Alcohol To Minor

Keep up the good work!" Jun 27, 11 6:42 PM

Vehicle Rolls Over On Montauk Highway In East Hampton

For goodness sake folks, slow down!!! You'll still get where you are going and conserve fuel to boot!" Jul 13, 11 4:40 PM

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