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Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

That would be a comma after ''Molly'', an apostrophe in ''It's'', an apostrophe in ''can't'', an apostrophe in ''it's'', another apostrophe in ''it's'' and the last sentence has a verb conflict. Couple these patterns with the wild inaccuracies and pathological hypberbole that litter your emotionally spent posts -one would question whether your time would be better obsessing on your own education as opposed to the education of people for whom you hold bitter disdain." Dec 7, 14 9:27 AM

Do you read this stuff prior to hitting ''submit"? It's ''You're'' and not the possessive ''your''. You missed another apostrophe on ''can't'' and you really only have to be awake during the daytime hours to see the stellar achievements from graduates of Southampton High. Those that go onto colleges excel at the highest levels of academia. Many who do not go to university run extremely successful family businesses that employ thousands in this area.

You would be wise to heed the words of the great Yoda:

"Willful ignorance breeds fear, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to suffering"" Dec 7, 14 9:33 AM

1.) when it comes to teaching then a comma.
2.) comma after ''Then'' but its a run-on sentence.
3.) comma after ''Obviously'', no comma after ''parents''.
4.) apostrophe in ''child's'' to show possession
"Half the problem many parents would rather complain about common core than to find out how to succeed in it'' is a very disjointed sentence and needs to be totally reworked.
5.) comma after ''Basically''
6.) before ''administrator'' you should use ''an''. it's not ''a administrator''.
7.) you missed an "is" in he (is) immune to this.
8.) then you have the issue of supporting your statements which you never do. It would be difficult with your last one because NY State has never had to take over a school because it was ''broke''.

It is becoming painfully clear why education is such a hot topic for you chef. You have a right to be upset. " Dec 8, 14 7:02 AM

Obama's Action On Immigration Draws Mixed Reaction

You remember when all the black leaders were upset about the Knockout game where black people were sneaking up on pregnant women and older men and just punching the daylights out of them? Me neither.

You remember when everyone was upset about the feds bringing an entire army battalion to strong arm a white guy in montana whose cows were eating the wrong grass? Nope, me either." Dec 9, 14 6:06 AM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

Finally you said something that made sense. You are being subsidized by summer residents. You are also being subsidized by Tuckahoe School District. In other words, both the summer residents and Tuckahoe residents are bailing YOU out. Southampton contract negotiations are commencing now. It will be curious to see if this website posts the dollar figures of each of the Southampton School District's staff increases. Word on the street is that the facilities manager of Tuckahoe was at Aboff's looking at samples of green and purple paint." Dec 10, 14 6:28 AM

Would you care to elaborate on that? You are hereby invited to support that statement with concrete facts. Please make sure to detail your claim that SH has spent "tens of millions for infrastructure to accommodate Tuckahoe students". Good luck." Dec 10, 14 8:26 AM

Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

With the spectacular amount of debt that SH school district has, it's better for Tuckahoe to take a strong look at other, more fiscally sound school districts. SH district is in debt to the tune of $32,000 per student whereas Tuckahoe is in debt at about $4,000 per student. After property taxes, income from Tuckahoe is Southampton's second largest revenue stream with state aid not a large component of either school's budget. High debt and the threat of losing your largest stream of revenue after your admitted subsidizing by the estate section would be troubling if I were a taxpayer in SH district. Southampton should want their neighbor's taxes cut drastically. Do you know how the families of Tuckahoe would use that money? Exactly, they would spend it in Southampton. SH should also be looking for helping covering the $48,000,000 of debt that the 5000 registered voters of the district have hanging over their head. " Dec 11, 14 6:44 AM

38-26=12." Dec 11, 14 6:48 AM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

I challenge you to stand by and prove a single one of those statements. The fact of the matter is that the sudden interest in WHB is an emotional reaction borne out of the desire to exact revenge on SH. It's not because it has higher test scores. You want us to believe that you have the answers and that you know better than the parents, the school boards, the administrators and the legislators. You care about the kids more than their own parents do, you know how to manage schools better than elected boards do, you can teach better than teachers and nobody but you are your mutual admiration society have the secrets to fixing the public education system. One can only imagine the frustration you feel knowing that such genius is going to waste without ever changing the life of even one person. Thank you for the wake up call." Dec 12, 14 5:31 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Of Schools To Remain At District, With A Raise

Here's yet another comment you couldn't support if your life depended on it. Neither your nor your mutual admiration society could actually support a single statement you make. Let's see you support your statement that "Mr. Dyer has been at the helm for four years cutting absolutely nothing". You ever think Mr. Dyer is playing you like a violin? Because he is. Your only sources of facts are word of mouth and The Southampton Press and that's enough to make you think you've got all the facts. The skill of knowing what you don't know is invaluable and I suggest you work on obtaining it." Dec 13, 14 6:29 AM

Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

Except for a few outcasts the only reason WHB is being bandied about is because the parents are hurt and temporarily looking for revenge. The public school system isn't too complex in our nation. You got to the school in the district in which you pay taxes. Should you want to attend a different school, you go and pay taxes in another district. It's not rocket science. What's odd is that the people that live in Southampton are fine with the tax discrepancies when it is in their favor. When Tuckahoe families are sending their kids to high school in SH they are paying 3x as much for the very same product. " Dec 13, 14 6:37 AM

Tuckahoe District Looking To Financial Future

Mistaking "you're" for "your" - or vice versa - is a common writing error most people have made at least once. It is also a grammatical mistake that can be disproportionately irritating and confusing for the reader. Fortunately, once you know how to differentiate the two, you'll hardly ever mix them up ever again!

Understand the proper usage of the word you need. The best way to do that is to sound it out. There is a replacement test that will tell you for certain which word will fit. Read the sentence with "you are" in place of where the "your/you're" is intended. If it makes sense, then "you're" would be right. If not, then "your" would fit. You could also replace "your" with "my" in the sentence. If it fits, then use "your." No tax levy for the lesson. It's on me." Dec 14, 14 7:26 AM

No, what on earth are you talking about? There has never, in the history of NY State, ever been a school that was shuttered and taken over due to finances. There is no procedure for that and you have outdone yourself with this bit of misinformation. Where do YOU come up with this stuff? For a guy so concerned about his taxes going up, your vote guaranteed that they are. Had that merger vote passed, your taxes were headed downward for 3 years straight. That is a fact. SH was going to use money they got from overcharging you and essentially give it back to you but you preferred to vote for a tax increase thinking you doing just the opposite. " Dec 14, 14 7:33 AM

I have never been a teacher but the value you place on an education is clearly on display in this post and the majority of your others. You're correct that I cannot make a fiscal argument for "Southampton paying her Tuckahoe taxes." Can you back that statement up with any cognizant explanation? I didn't think so - it's preposterously inaccurate. You dodge every opportunity to respond to my polite requests to simply back up your declarations. If asking you nicely to simply back up your statements is a bully, then yes, I am a bully. So far the only person in the last two years that I have seen on this website as anyone to pay their taxes is you and someone called hamptonseashell. Both of you were viscerally against the concept of a merger." Dec 15, 14 6:32 AM

Resident Circulates Petition Challenging Proposed Canoe Place Inn Project

You want to know how this is going to turn out? Google Rechlers and Lawsuits. From a PR standpoint, I'm thinking a "Summer Resident'' lecturing locals on how benevolent the largest commercial developer on Long Island is, might not go over well." Dec 15, 14 6:36 AM