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Top Five Fantasy Bathrooms

Wretched excess. " Jun 18, 15 12:20 PM

Lorraine Dusky Tackles Underbelly Of Adoption In Newest Memoir

It is weird that you keep saying that because what you connect to does not contradict anything in HOLE IN MY HEART, which you have not read, or the story in The Press, which is accurate.

Saying something is contradictory does not may it so.

" Jun 20, 15 1:43 PM

I can read her name and the way to find her writing (and how to get to it) in one of your comments above. Can't you?

I have no control over this comment section. Anything deleted is being done by The Southampton Press. They do not allow live links, but as you say, her piece is easily accessible from the lead that you provide.

What facts related to her (and that is a very small part of the whole story) omitted from book? She no longer wishes to have any contact after a year and a half or so of a good relationship. She walked away. She said she was in a "good place" and no longer wanted to stay in touch. She visited her for a week. We tried to give her a good time by spending a few days in the city where she was treated to restaurants, the theater, museums, the jazz spot she wanted to go to.

Also please note this under the comment form:

"Please note that html-formatted comments are not allowed. All formatting will be removed upon submission."

I am sorry you are so misinformed about what is in the book. " Jun 23, 15 12:40 PM

Not Yet Great, But Definitely A Beekeeper

Since I have been following the Colony Collapse Disorder with the worldwide bee population for years, I salute your attempt to keep the hive going. Your fortitude in dealing with the problem is inspiring. Please keep us updated!

We have a flower garden in Sag Harbor and one of our delights is to watch the bees "worK" the flowers. The St. Johns Wort buses are a particular hive of activity when the flowers are in bloom. " May 30, 16 3:22 PM

State Considers Opening Birth Records For Adoptees

Actually, adoptions do not go down with records open. Kansas has never sealed its adoption records and in fact have a better record--fewer abortions than surrounding states.

This is about giving adopted people the same right as the rest of us not adopted have: the right to know who we are at birth.

It does not open any records to natural mothers.
" Mar 1, 19 12:38 PM

Doggy Day Care Can Stay At East Hampton Home

So glad to hear this outcome! Don;t have a dog at the moment, but when we did, we depended on in-home care when we went out of town. Good job!

" Mar 7, 19 6:03 PM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

That headline is ... about an upcoming event. Not the day of. Need more if you are going to complain about a headline that is a fact and not biased." Aug 9, 19 11:57 AM