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Todd Goodwin Dies April 19

He was a customer of mine - a good man. He will be missed by many. " Apr 27, 17 2:02 AM

Lawsuit Over 'The Springs' Signs In Court Tuesday

Wasting taxpayers money. " May 4, 17 7:48 AM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

While I strongly disagree with this soon-to-be ex-canidate's attitude and use of racial epithets, I can't help to point out that its so easy to judge from afar - not living in that neighborhood. Let's not pretend all is peachy keen on that street; one only needs to look at the police records to know what goes on there. " May 29, 17 8:52 AM

She identifies as being black. Big difference. Do a little reading. " May 29, 17 9:00 AM

Uh...she's running for office. Did you forget that part? People have a right to criticize and vet any person running for, or in office. " May 29, 17 9:10 AM

Irrelevant slur against people who practice the art. " May 29, 17 9:11 AM

Thousands Of Trees Will Come Down To Curb Pine Beetles Infestation In East Hampton

You can’t have a controlled burn in residential neighborhoods. " Nov 2, 17 8:06 PM

LIRR Delays Expected This Weekend Due To Signal Work

It’s called Positive Train Control. The federal government has mandated its Installation. " Nov 9, 17 6:42 PM

East Hampton Village May Silence Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

“Paper or plastic?” ==> “gas leaf blowing or electric?”" Nov 9, 17 6:58 PM

Former Sag Harbor Firefighter Sues Village And Ex-Chief, Claiming Sexual Assault By Department Member

As one of his former employers, I could not agree more. " Nov 15, 17 11:39 PM

The story is total BS. I know Ray and have for years. He would never have done something so stupid. I happen to know that this is a sour grapes issue. " Nov 15, 17 11:41 PM

I sure as hell don’t believe him. " Nov 15, 17 11:43 PM

East Hampton Duck Hunter Found Dead Near Sammy's Beach On Monday

Vinnie will be surely missed by many. One of the nicest people I’ve ever known. " Jan 10, 18 11:05 PM

Memorial Service Set For Eleanor Frances Molleson Of Southampton

I had the privilege of having worked for the Mollesons. Both John & Eleanor were some of the nicest, warmest people I have ever known. Their love for one another was always evident. Eleanor was a very creative person as well. She will be missed as John has been. " Mar 13, 18 9:21 AM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

It’s king of difficult to carry ladders, shovels, pipe, conduit, mowers, cement mixers, etc. on a bicycle. Know your audience. " Apr 5, 18 8:26 AM

The Clubhouse, A 10-Lane Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis, To Revive East Hampton Varsity Bowling Program

With the Funk string pinsetters being replaced all over Europe with AMF or Brunswick pinsetter machines due to the rise of competive bowling and the need for sanctioned play and proper pin action. Here, the USBC will never sanction string pinsetters. With all of the surplus used and reconditioned pinsetters available from closing centers, it’s a shame that these weren’t chosen. As for “engineers” needed to maintain AMF 82-70-based or Brunswick GS-X or A2 pinsetters, there are local people with technicial skills to do so. I am one of them. " Apr 12, 18 10:14 PM

New Owners Named To Head Ben Krupinski’s Construction Firm

The “news” here doesn’t affect you so I guess it no news for you. But to the many subcontractors and their families who depended on Bens pipeline of steady work, its a BIG DEAL. " Jul 12, 18 7:10 AM

East Hampton Town, Village Agree On Northwest Fire Station

I don’t get it. Thta property is roughly a mile up the same road as the cedar street firehouse. Beyond facilitating more equipment storage square footage, how does this really help the NW Woods region?" Jul 12, 18 7:14 AM

United States Files Civil Action Against Shinnecock Indian Nation Resident For Illegal Dumping

He my be doing this on sovereign land but the environmental impact will reach far beyond its boarders as it contaminates our waterways. The reservation is not an impervious bubble. " Jul 12, 18 7:18 AM

East Hampton Town, Village Agree On Northwest Fire Station

They are not talking about fire hydrants; they are talking about satellite firetruck barns. I don’t see any mention of Suffolk County water Authority extending water mains into the north west woods area so I don’t see how your comment is pertinent.

It sounds to me like the fire department just needs more facility space. This is fine but to pretend that it’s going to benefit a group of people by being a mile closer than the existing fire house is ridiculous.

" Jul 15, 18 5:45 PM

Town Of Southampton Ramps Up Sign Removal In Water Mill And Bridgehampton

Get rid of all those infantile amoeba #7 signs nailed to utility poles too. " Jul 26, 18 8:36 AM

Sag Harbor ZBA Hesitantly Closes Public Hearing On West Water Street Condo Plan

I believe They are talking about a condonthat is supposed to go where the building that houses among other things, the 7-Eleven is. " Sep 20, 18 11:39 AM

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