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Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Will Be Banned In Summer In East Hampton Village Next Year

So only the wealthy summer residents deserve to be protected from this horrific nuisance? Or is that they are the biggest crybabies. Either way, the message sucks" Aug 8, 19 8:13 PM

The Race Is On For The First New Cell Tower In Springs

But you most like use a cellphone, right? If you’re so concerned about EM radiation, look at your phone and the inadequate cellular infrastructure out here.

Google some physics - specifically, radiation inverse square law. You’ll find that distance has a much more profound effect on exposure. Since the exposure intensity is non-linear function of distance, distance is your friend. Since a typical cell phone will ramp up its power in an attempt to reach a far-flung distant tower - as much as 100 milliwatts - and the phone being right next to your head, you will receive much MUCH more exposure than a 100 watt cell tower 2 miles away or even 500 feet. That being said, the battery managment function of a cellphone will always try to use the least amount of power to get the job done by ramping down RF power when it can connect to a closer tower. Since the inverse square law and the relative distances and power outputs of your cell phone and a cell tower show us that the real dose is from your phone against your head, it can be shown that the more cell towers there are, the lower the your specific exposure dose will be due to the aforementioned ramp-down of your cellphone’s power output. In other words, you’ve got it backwards with your cellphone tower phobia. " Aug 31, 19 9:36 AM

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