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Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

Hey JimmyK, u wouldn't happen to be Jimmy Kiernan of the police department and the republican party, would you. To obvious again. Heard u would be up for a lieutenants promotion should Captain Tenaglia be made Chief. I feel sad for you. How do you look in the mirror every morning. Tell Nuzzi and Gabrowski at your next meeting of the minds to just do their jobs for the Town and not for you ! " Apr 18, 11 4:16 PM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Bottom line is the best person for the job. Just because someone is at one place for many years does not entiltle that person to anything. The fact that no one really has come out from the Southampton Town Police Department to support Tenaglia for the job is truely telling. And not to mention the only people recently to come out with letters to the editor, were Chris Broiche, who was fired from the Southampton Village Police Department after 19 years of service for conduct fire-able. The other, Marrietta Seaman, who shouldn't be endorsing any cop considering her family history with cops be fired for far more serious conduct. Outside of those two, no one has stepped forward for the man. That truely says everything. The silence is absolutley deafening. Its obvious that the man is no leader and the place has no respect for him. Not shocking considering the way he has conducted himself and treated others during his abusive time as an administrater. Let that place turn the page and move on. " Apr 21, 11 4:33 PM

Your right thats why it cant be Tenaglia. He hasn't paid his dues, hopefully he'll pay them now and be exposed for the person he is known as. An abusive, ego maniac that loves himself and treats who all work with him with no respect. He is known to be a bully and one who is not respected at his own Department as well as the Law Enforcement community throughout the County. And from what Im told they don't have a SWAT team. I was told it is like a paint ball club for the elderly. " Apr 21, 11 4:47 PM

Hey Reg Rep, nice try. Deflect the attention from who you are. You see, you hide behind this website like the wizard of Oz. But let me tell you, that you have given yourself a false sense of security if you don't think everyone doesn't know who you are. Cut he cord from the man and try being one yourself. There has to be something more interesting in Southampton Town more than which clam digger is going to get the top spot in our little world. With all the crisis around the world, you people are sad. I just couldn't help winding you up just one more time duesch." Apr 23, 11 7:40 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

JIMMYK - So how did he know these were posted. Just passing through 27 East one night. Come on, give us a break. You Republicans are priceless. Always thinking your above everyone else and for some reason thinking your smarter. And by the way, this is not me typing this, I don't know how this happened." Apr 23, 11 7:49 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

HEY REG REP why are you so interested in everbodies sex life? And about their pets and friendships in our small town. Do yourself a favor worry about your own life as you try to recover and why your at it by a new pack of D cells and try to put a smile on that bitter beer mug of yours. See you at magics cheerleader." Apr 30, 11 5:35 PM

Oshaunessesy have another cocktail you have no idea what talking about. Don't pretend you know the man. How come the law enforcement community did not come out for the man. Not even just one. Not one. And once again check the archives. Not even close to a perfect past. Not close. God bless, good night, and get a hobby. " Apr 30, 11 9:58 PM

Nancy Gabrowski voting no is no surprise. The only real surprise is that she is saying or doing anything at all as just another puppet for the republican party. Playing it tough because she is leaving. If she had to run again she would be saying and doing nothing like she has always done. Good bye and good riddens dusty. " May 2, 11 3:50 PM

Captain Tenaglia had no support there, because he had none from law enforcement. And where was Chief Overton if he truly was pulling for the man. If there was a public forum announced and Captain Tenaglia was to have his supporters there, you would here a pin drop, or worse yet Marietta Seaman's nasty mouth barking out miss-information about the man again. Who wrote that for that mummified women anyway. She seemed awful emotional. Is there more there to that. Anyway, by now she is back on the auto train back to Boca, her and her dusty wallet. Boy time hasn't changed her miserable attitude towards people. Reminds me of the night many years ago at the Three Aces restaurant in Hampton Bays when she shot off at the mouth about a female candidate running for the Town Board. A bit derogatory even for back then. Hopefully she is playing outdoor shuffle board with the rest of the nasty retirees at the home. " May 4, 11 6:59 PM

Hey HighHatsize, maybe you should stick your head in the oven for a while, turn up the gas and give us all a break with your outragous blogs of nonsense. Do you actually have a job, because it seems your on this thing all day. And if you do have a job, then maybe you should get a life. You and REGREP, Marietta, should get together for the early bird in Boca and then maybe a night cap in Doug Pennies room at the home." May 4, 11 7:12 PM

Alright already great family guy, we get it ! Now wipe the tears and go. You a hansome lady." May 5, 11 11:48 AM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

Dave Gilmartin is a gentleman and a great guy, that is why it is so disapointing to hear him say there was no call made. There was and the Supervisor isn't lying. Now the good people are lying. Nuzzi and Malone are just bullies who hide behind their positions. If everyone would just do their jobs and stop jockying for future positions the people in this town just may be served honorably." Apr 11, 12 2:06 PM

A little dramatic, don't you think Chief1. Get a hobby !" Apr 11, 12 2:58 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

They said that the first time and he was found guilty. bet it all on guilty again you idiots." Apr 27, 12 11:37 PM

Oh, so it is OK to possess and sell drugs as long as you plea the original charge down. Another republican trying to make something bad, OK. " Apr 27, 12 11:39 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Thanks dad !" May 5, 12 6:23 PM

Nuzzi wasnt aware of the meeting. I heard he stormed out and went to Scotto's for lunch (great food by the way) and was jumpimg around outside like a baby. This guy is a disaster. Cant do your job, then leave. Or stick with typing title search approvals or rubbing elbows with those sand and blacktop guys. Disgrace using your family as an excuse. Time for a change people - across the Board !" May 9, 12 2:20 PM

Kiernan Suspension Is Extended By Two Months

Something sounds political and fishy. Toomey stepping out and not handling it. Here we go again. Do all officers who are suspended get to keep a pay check and benefits. Sounds like a new policy for the chosen few. What happened to Town law that has been beating officers over the head by the old regime for the past 40-years. Always made an innocent man confess to a crime he did not commit. Good riddens Tenaglia, arrogant bully ! Lower ur pants too !" Jun 13, 12 10:05 PM

Manhunt For Hit-And-Run Driver Expands; Cops Say He Got Assistance Fleeing

Why, did u know him. NO ! Hey Pabst Blue Ribbon, all u do is complain and act like an expert on everything. U can't be to sharp, ur always on this site ! " Jul 27, 12 12:01 AM

Sag Harbor Village PBA Files For Arbitration; Mayor Raises Possibility Of Dissolving Village Department

Sounds like Gilbride's using this reach out business to the other Towns for police services as a negotiating tactic. He shouldn't bluff because it could cost the residents of Sag Harbor a lot more for those services and head-aches. It definitely will Sag harbor ! We got a great department out here and as a resident I don't want strangers who live many miles away patrolling our Village with no vested interest. Maybe Sag Harbor should reach out to the adjoining villages and Towns for Mayor services. This guy is got to be kidding. Meet in the middle, don't screw us all in the end Mayor. From what I see, ur cops make less than the other departments and work more during the calendar year. Lets hire the more expensive ones because I took my ball and went home. I don't pay much for police services. In fact it is the lowest part of my tax bill. Why don't u address the fire department, schools or the library tax. Their higher. Looks like ur trying to pick a political topic that u know the public voters like to read about. You Boob ! " Jul 27, 12 12:23 AM

Planting Drugs An Old Accusation For Southampton Cops

I wonder why the Police PBA is coming out for Kiernan and Sickles. Isnt Kiernan in the Superior Officers Union. Once again the almighty PBA backing any cop accused. Looks like the SOA must know something more, as they arent saying anything for Kiernan. Looks like their putting space in between themselves and these cops." Jul 29, 12 10:05 PM

Suspended Lieutenant Appeals For Financial Help

Suspended by the Police Department and the Town Board and the Police Union wants the tax payers to fund his defense. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. The arrogance is incredible. " Sep 6, 12 8:46 PM

I hear these guys are raising money for troubled cops at a public high school. Great example for our children and which School Board member or School Superintendant allowed this to happen. I hear a public group is now preparing to file a tax payers law suit against the district. These guys are ridiculous I hear that they are having an end of summer LOBSTER DINNER AT DOCKERS on Dune Road at months end for $5000.00. If they need money why the hell would they be having that function. Now we are feeding these guys to. What a disgrace to the community and what does this really say about the police superior officers group in Southampton. " Sep 13, 12 11:14 AM

Town Board Lifts Suspension Of Southampton Town Police Lieutenant, Settles Disciplinary Case

If the Chief was lying. Then why make a deal ? I wouldn't plead guilty for something I didn't do. These cops gotta be kidding. Get rid of the corruption and overpaid cops. Motherof4boys, sounds like ur real close to this LT. "Two Deals" -who would know that ? To obvious !!!" Oct 24, 12 9:12 PM

No, with penalty !" Oct 24, 12 9:17 PM

harrisw4, your right the republicans promoted him too. Nuzzi has to go and this crap has to stop. Go back to Brookhaven or should I say Crook-haven. Malone should find a voice of his own. Always following Nuzzi. He is no better. Looks like this new Chief inherited more than he thought. Trying to clean up the last administrations many corrupt wrong doings. Bet he wishes he was back in the Village where the board appreciates it's workers in their village." Oct 25, 12 8:34 PM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

Cant blame the man been fighting up hill since he got that job. They should just fold that department what a shame and a disgrace. The Town Board should be embarrassed and move on themselves. Sounds like politics myself. What did Board members and the Supervisor get for this move. How much did he take going out the door. They are all corrupt. Bring the County P.D. or the Sheriffs out and end the soap-opera. " Nov 6, 12 11:50 AM

Tenaglia did quit when it got tuff. He faked an injury and left when he didn't get what he wanted (Chief-Hood) I heard. Not a leader at all. Robert Pearce will do the Job and do it well ! And his pants aren't as high I hear." Nov 6, 12 8:27 PM

Don't speak to loud quite yet semaj. The only one who got caught was the one who plead guilty. Still rumblings about something coming semaj you may be sorry !" Nov 6, 12 8:31 PM

Why so angry JM225316 ? Like if Chief Wilson was around during the storm he was going to wade through the winds to rescue you. I am sure the Police Department is well equipped to handle almost anything when one person should be absent that day. I am sure if you missed work one day I am sure the JOB gets done. And remember don't blow its just an expression." Nov 7, 12 10:53 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Wilson Retires

Look in the mirror JM22&^$%&" Nov 9, 12 5:46 PM

Without penalty ? I think not highatsize. I say get rid of this entire sinking ship and make sure the bullies of the PBA and the corrupt Superior Officer are at the bottom of the ship when it goes down !!!!!" Nov 9, 12 5:53 PM

What deal did ANNA make with the Republicans. She seems to have figured out the system of politics quite quickly. Bring back Kabot and happy hour in Westhampton. They are all just passing ships !! Bring in the Sheriffs or the Staties !!" Nov 9, 12 5:57 PM

Malone is just doing his job and speaks his mind, unlike the rest. Good job Jim !!!!" Nov 9, 12 5:59 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

Pearce should of had it all along !!" Nov 9, 12 6:01 PM

Pearce Takes Over Southampton PD After Wilson Departure


Why would u know the facts. Sounds like u have fallen victim to what certain people want u to hear. If you know the facts, then tell us all what they are and who you are. Otherwise continue with your clean-up campaign or just move on. Sounds like u are a little to close to this one to be objective. He was dirty as is most cops !" Nov 15, 12 8:48 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police

SHEER ABUSE of authority will now return and the banks will open again for the Superiors. Lieutenants faking addresses to take advantage of school districts without paying the tax. EAST QUOGUE SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD are YOU LISTENING. Thousands in illegal buyouts. Stealing of sick-time and outrageous accruals created by the uppers. Is the Town Board that blind or r they closing their eyes again. Smooth transition. Don't think so Chiefy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whose watching are tax dollars being stolen by these ego filled bosses. Shut the whole department down and bring in ARROW SECURITY. " Nov 29, 12 6:58 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

The old regime takes over and the womanizing returns. Female Police Officers have been subjected to a hostile work place there for years. Male supervisors sleeping with female jail guards and under age Traffic Controls officers on duty. Check the record Supervisors: Foster, Boden, Pearce, Overton, Sommers. Some disciplines and most pushed under the rug. An outside agency should and must investigate that department again like was done several years ago resulting in the Chief having to attend Sexual Harassment workshops in NYC. Check the books the facts speak for themselves. They should close that department immediately and let the state take over. Corruption back at the wheel. Gonna be a storied filled year I have a feeling. I guess things aren't over after all." Feb 21, 13 3:51 PM

What we are all forgetting is that Chief Pearce was the outgoing President of the SOA police union and when he got to be Chief he appointed Sergeant Zarro as new President of the SOA police union and is now trying to promote him to Lieutenant over more qualified applicants. Dirty corrupt moves continued by the uppers. If zarro was a true President of the union he would fight for those above him on the list and the more qualified, the same people he is supposed to protect. What a disgrace as a leader. What a joke. The S.O.A. S-ame O-ld S-elfish crap. How can he fight for his members when he is taking an under the table promotion only because he'll jump when the Chief tells him to. Union is a joke. the job is a joke." Feb 27, 13 12:26 AM

Very intuitive Highhat - One only knows, but it feels like something is in the air. The D.A.'s Office Investigators have been seen back at Town Hall recently and I have found out that they had surquestered many Police Uinion Officials from our little town to Hauppague offices just last week. ???????????????????" Feb 28, 13 9:41 AM

Kabot Asks Supporters If She Should Run For Southampton Supervisor

18 shots of vodka that was her accomplishment." Mar 6, 13 8:53 PM

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