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Despite Projections, Bishop Remains Vulnerable In Race Against Zeldin

Too bad Bishop can't fill a bus..." Oct 30, 14 11:39 AM

Preliminary Tuckahoe, Southampton School Merger Vote To Take Place Tuesday

I would LOVE to hear her sales pitch for a home in the Tuckahoe school district! " Nov 15, 14 8:36 AM

New State School Aid Mandates To Impact Local Districts

If you actually understood the true ridiculousness of this accountability system you would know that if only the highest scoring students were left taking the tests the teacher's scores would suffer. Teachers are rated based on a growth score. Therefore if all of their students consistently score in the top tier they won't show growth from year to year and the teacher's scores will be negatively impacted. Nice try though...." Apr 10, 15 10:43 AM

Here is the test disclaimer directly from the NYSED website. When you read this keep in mind that the 3rd grade passages they are referring to actually at a 5th to 7th grade reading level. “Many of the questions on the 2015 Grade 3 Common Core English Language Arts Test are more advanced and complex than those found on prior assessments that measured prior grade-level standards. Answer choices will not jump out; rather, students will need to make hard choices between “fully correct” and “plausible but incorrect” answers …In many cases, if the student has not read and comprehended the entire passage, the answer choices may not make sense. For constructed response items, students will need to make inferences that can be defended with evidence gathered from rigorous literary and informational passages. Some passages will express an author’s point of view with which not all readers will agree.” Sounds totally fair to me!" Apr 14, 15 11:46 AM

Alec Baldwin, Local Environmentalists Petition For Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

Come on! You mean to tell me that the invitation they put out on social media for anyone to "come have a free lunch with Alec Baldwin" only drew in 100 people? His popularity must be slipping....
" Jul 21, 16 7:26 AM

Check your "facts"
sag2harbor - East Quogue currently has ONE full time and ONE part-time administrator. Bare bones.
CleanWater - The TAXPAYERS of EQ are receiving $1,200,000 in tax relief in the form of PILOTs which is for land already preserved in EQ. The Hills has ZERO impact on that tax relief." Jul 21, 16 6:48 PM

PILOT funds would likely go up slightly, but wouldn't come close to what the decrease in taxes would be if that land is developed in the exact way the Town's own study said it should be. Also, PILOT funds are not guaranteed." Jul 27, 16 7:27 AM