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Health care reform bill gets mixed reviews on East End

It is time for this country to turn back to its founding principals. Individual control and liberty. Enough with the big government, wealth redistribution and hand outs. These are not the characteristics that made this a great nation. Socialism is a dead end road. " Apr 8, 10 11:42 AM

U.S. Census workers are still plugging away on the East End

Oh, guess what? "The census doesn't ask for citizenship status". (surprise, surprise) Heaven forbid our government do anything to stop illegal immigration. What a joke." Apr 16, 10 5:57 PM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

Great point (xtiego). The problem is that the neo-socialists like Obama dont understand the founding principals. People are to be guaranteed life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. There is no guarantee on happiness. " Apr 21, 10 8:02 PM

Montauk School may cut after-school and summer programs, busing, to close budget gap

Montauk like Springs is being screwed over by the East Hampton School District, and its outrageous tuition fees. It is time for Montauk and Springs to build their own joint high school, and say goodbye to the snobs on Long Lane." Apr 23, 10 8:33 PM

East Hampton Village looks to liven up empty storefronts

I would certainly like to see the empty stores gone. It would be nice if East Hampton looked more like Sag Harbor. The village has no feel to it. It is half empty in the off-season and looks too much like an east coast Rodeo Drive in the summer. I avoid the village that time of year, so I don't puke from watching all the trendoids." Apr 29, 10 9:19 AM

Green commuter hopes to inspire other South Fork residents

I commend him on standing up for his beliefs, but that is not a safe motor vehicle, especially with the seasonal traffic beginning to build up. " May 3, 10 6:10 PM

A double-digit tax increase for Montauk

All area districts are facing these problems. Schools like Springs are even harder pressed due to a poor tax base and loads of illegal housing. Montauk at least has a strong tax base, a lower number of illegal residences, and all its seasonal estates and commercial property for tax revenue. The bottom line is the EH school district is the main culprit with its ludicrous HS tuition charges. I think the feeder schools should join together and build their own HS." May 3, 10 6:25 PM

A model home for green living

Wow what a nice 4700 ft. GREEN? home. Lets all go out and drive our Prius around to celebrate, and then go and have some overpriced coffee at Starbucks. After that we can buy some ugly hiking shoes just to wear around town, and then we can go read the NY Times and go to an Obama shrine for our daily non sectarian worship. Of course when the day is done, we can park our hybrid cars and take out our Range Rovers so that we can go eat overpriced veggie meals at a particular restaurant on Newtwon Lane. Then when we get home, we can eat soy pudding and watch the Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore." May 4, 10 10:00 AM

A double-digit tax increase for Montauk

Montauket. Fiscal responsibility is important to all schools. I do however really believe that the feeder schools should defect from EHHS." May 5, 10 9:24 AM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

FYI Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants and also the Arizona law only allows police to ask for papers after they have confronted someone who has committed an infraction against the law. The federal government has ignored this issue for far too long." May 5, 10 12:36 PM

I just don't see the argument. You CANNOT enter this country illegally. What don't you people understand? " May 5, 10 2:11 PM

I don't see how any rational person can support the illegals. I will concede that many greedy Americans who hire them are equally guilty, however this really needs to stop. Take a look at our area. Illegals are a huge burden on our local schools. many of the cuts that our schools are making are do to the fact that they have to educate people who shouldn't even be here. Every time an illegal registers at your child's school, that means less resources for your child, plain and simple. Illegals are also a huge burden on our hospitals. Go check out the maternity wing at Southampton hospital. If you honestly think that this is not a major problem, then you are so lost from reality you should relocate to Fantasy Land." May 6, 10 9:20 AM

People should also know that the only reason illegals can go to our schools is due to the 14th ammendment which requires schools to educate all those domiciled in their disctrict. The original purpose of this law was to make sure that emancipated slaves were not denied an education. Birthright citizenship was also created for the children of slaves. How nice that the illegals benefit from these laws which were created to help out African Americans after suffering in this nation for hundreds of years. What a joke..." May 6, 10 9:25 AM

Being against illegals is not racist! That is a rediculous statement. " May 6, 10 9:40 AM

For those of you that support illegal immigration, do you even think that nations should have borders are are you still lost in that John Lenon song "Imagine"?" May 6, 10 9:44 AM

Illegal is illegal. The country of origin does not matter. " May 6, 10 12:56 PM

mets fan are you serious with that comment? Some of you on the side of the illegals just say the most rediculous things. Again, I dont understand how being against illegal immigration is racist? I dont care where the people come from, as long as they come here legally. No one is saying that people of any race cant come here legally. " May 7, 10 2:23 PM

It has to be done" May 8, 10 9:05 AM

The Republicans are equally responsible here. Bush was a pushover on this issue. What needs to be done, is to have all the freebies taken away. We can start by amending the 14th amendment. End birthright citizenship and deny free education to illegals. Illegals should also be denied hospital services. In other words they should not be given anything that is subsidized by tax payer dollars. If the carrots are taken away, then they wont come. I also feel that there should be harsh penalties on businesses that hire them, I always ask a contractor if all their workers are legit before I hire them for a job. In terms of deportation, it is difficult, but it is the law. It is not fair for these people to skip ahead of others who obey the rules and come here legally." May 9, 10 1:05 PM

Once again these people are illegal aliens not immigrants. Why do people refer to them as immigrants? Immigrants are people that come here legally. The way my grandparents and so many others did in the early 20th century." May 9, 10 1:07 PM

Why do you assume that anyone against illegals is a republican? " May 11, 10 2:02 PM

East Hampton school taxes down 1.1 percent

How nice. This is total verification that the feeder districts are getting screwed over. This is the icing on the cake. What a joke. " May 12, 10 6:21 PM

Taxes up 10.6 percent in Montauk; Hausman runs unopposed

Montauket, it seams to me that you think teachers are rich. Teachers are NOT rich. Yes they are payed respectable professional salaries for their work, but most people in the profession do it because they love working with kids. It costs alot of money to live in this area. Community jobs such as teachers and police need to be filled. The salaries paid to teachers in this region are proportional to others in areas of similar affluence. I am not saying that the teachers should not recoginize the economic situation of the day, but they do perfom an important professional job, and should be paid as professionals." May 18, 10 10:43 AM

Dunkin' Donuts planned for County Road 39

very up the islandish" May 27, 10 10:40 AM

Coopers Beach named best in United States; Main Beach ranked fifth

nice beach, but by far and away the prettiest beaches are in Montauk. Ditch Plains, and the beaches off the old highway blow away all the rest of the beaches in terms of natural scenery" May 28, 10 1:04 PM

Mariners fall short of trip to state final four

Congratulations on a great season! It is also nice to see that some kids on the East End still play baseball. " Jun 9, 10 11:23 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Can we get this guy to work in East Hampton town?" Jun 9, 10 11:24 AM

Lady Gaga might be mulling a move to the East End

wow another celeb to be seen in our utterly useless village" Jun 17, 10 11:20 AM

7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

If you dont want the 7-11, then you can start by protesting Plaza Sports, owned by Mr. Ferrara. " Jul 18, 10 11:16 PM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

blah blah blah Party Politics. both parties are full of crap, just look at how the feds. ignore the border issue. time to join up with the libertarians" Aug 1, 10 7:26 PM

I think all politicians should take a vacation on the Mexican border." Aug 2, 10 5:52 PM

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