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Hobby Lobby Ruling Called A Setback By Tim Bishop And Victory By Lee Zeldin

Mr Z keeps referring to a, "civil environment" - an expression meaningless. Hobby Lobby, a privately owned and operated business, very reasonably provides no fewer than 14 different, covered choices of birth control. They do not, however, believe in any abortive measures and that is their right. Even if their beliefs were not religiously derived, they should still be entitled to those beliefs and refuse to allow those measures to be covered via their health insurance. Nobody is denying employees the right to those services,they simply would not be covered by insurance.
What's more, abortion services should never be covered, or paid for, by tax payers' monies. Something the Supremes have agreed with, and something which is being violated every day of the week.
As for Tim Bishop's "slippery slopes," ObamaCare creates more of those than anything else we could possibly imagine. Example, he claims Lee Zeldin's stance on ObamaCare, that it should be repealed and replaced, means Zeldin is against breast cancer screening/care for women. In fact, under the ACA, while it sounds great women will not have out of pocket expenses for a mammograms, what he fails to advise is this, under ObamaCare, women will not be allowed to start having mammograms until age 50 and then only every two years. Currently, every respected health care organization from the American Cancer Society to the Mayo Clinic, is appalled by this change because they strongly recommend women should begin having ANNUAL mammos at age 40. Under ObamaCare, women over the age of 74 will no longer be allowed to have mammograms and they are telling women self breast exams are a waste of time. Doctors who do not conform with the new ACA protocols risk having to pay penalties and/or imprisonment. One of the many reasons a huge number of doctors will be taking their shingles down.
BTW, men's health is not exempt from these deadly changes. The PSA blood test, which as saved MILLIONS of men from dying of Prostate cancer, that too is being done away with." Oct 15, 14 3:16 PM

Hobby Lobby has every right to hot allow abortive measures to be covered under the insurance they offer to employees. That is their choice. They do, however, very generously cover 14 different forms of birth control and NOBODY is stopping employees from pursuing abortive care from any number of free clinic, including Planned Parenthood.
As for the member who keeps referring to a, "civil society" what exactly does that mean? Our 1st Amendment rights grants of freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. Two very different meanings.
As for ObamaCare, it truly IS a train wreck....so bad, members of congress made sure to exempt themselves, their families and staff members. In fact, the only people who will be receiving excellent and timely medical care are the political elites, the wealthy and celebrities.
Bishop accuses Zeldin of being against women's health because he (rightfully) believes ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced. When Bishop proclaims women will no longer have a copay for mammograms, what he neglects to add, mammograms WILL be sharply DECREASED. The American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, and every other respected HC agency recommends women begin ANNUAL mammos at age 40. ObamaCare limits that to every TWO years beginning at age 50. And they will no longer be able to have a mammo past age 74.
Of course, that will not apply to Mrs. Bishop, Nancy Pelosi or Mrs. Obama. I assure you they will be allowed annual mammos. The Obama administration has banned the use of Avastin for breast cancer because it's, "too expensive." This drug, proven very effective with several other forms of cancer, was showing great hope in early trials. The trials were stopped, Avastin use for breast cancer ended along with the last, best hope for every woman with advanced or aggressive breast cancer. BUT I ASSURE YOU, if (God forbid) Mrs. Bishop, Ms Pelosi or Mrs Obama needed that drug THEY WILL CERTAINLY GET IT.
ObamaCare is rift with severe cut backs like the limiting of mammograms. And men are not excluded....the PSA blood test which has saved the lives of millions of men with Prostate Cancer, that screening will no longer be done. Whats more, doctors who are HORRIFIED by the new protocols, if they violate them, continue to recommend measures they KNOW will benefit their patients, save their lives, those physicians will be subject to fines and/or prison time. Why so many doctors are claiming they WILL take down their shingles rather than practice under ObamaCare. Do you blame them? They took an oath to, "do no harm." The ACA is FILLED with great harm to all Americans. Except, of course, members of congress, "friends" of the Left who have been granted exemptions, or people wealthy enough to buy the care they need." Oct 15, 14 3:38 PM