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Timeline For Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Restoration Remains Elusive Because Of Changes

This is how hampton bays is treated, such a shame. " Mar 29, 17 5:47 PM

Good Ground Park Will Open On June 1; Certain Amenities Will Not Be Finished Until Summer 2018

Hope this park is maintained as well as the East Quogue Park, after all, it is Hampton Bays and you know the care this hamlet gets. " Mar 31, 17 5:16 PM

Southampton Town Trustee Eric Shultz Will Not Seek Reelection

Best of luck Eric, well deserved. Trustees loss. " May 16, 17 10:12 AM

East Quogue Residents Want To Pitch In With Parks District

Parks and recreation Dept is in n need of hiring more help. If the P&R supervisor does not want to hire full time employees than seasonal help should really be hired. This Dept has been lacking in help for a long time. " May 17, 17 2:42 PM

Fred Havemeyer's Petition To Run In Democratic Primary Is Challenged

how many years does an elected official have to serve to be eligible for a pension?" Jul 26, 17 5:49 PM

New Owner's Plan For Old Hampton Bays Diner Property Remains A Mystery

Shouldn't the taxpayers know what is intended to be built and have public hearings in town hall? Why the big secret? " Aug 15, 17 10:20 PM

Thiele Decides Against A Run For Zeldin's Congressional Seat In 2018

Why doesn't the Democratic Party have candidates for the Southampton town clerk and tax receiver. " Oct 8, 17 6:44 PM

Southampton Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Will Participate In Press Debate Thursday

Why are there no Dems running for town clerk and tax receiver. " Oct 10, 17 6:34 PM

Governor Signs Law Permitting Underground Utility Districts In Southampton Town

New sidewalks, new pavement in roads, new poles installed. Now talk about burying lines. All that wasted time and money, a little backwards wouldn't you say? " Nov 1, 17 12:01 PM

Democrats Sweep In Southampton Town Elections

Lawn litter. " Nov 14, 17 9:15 PM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

Sure, more congestion for hampton bays, little by little it will become the second Riverhead. And no matter what they say, taxes will go up and just wait for the lawsuits. " Jan 31, 18 10:21 AM

Put it in Sag Harbor or Southampton village or Quogue or westhampton.
I'm sure those residents don't want it in their back yard but there is plenty of room. " Jan 31, 18 3:18 PM

*******************" Feb 1, 18 12:36 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

A Diner would be wonderful! " Feb 3, 18 6:09 PM

Buffets are really unhealthy. " Feb 3, 18 6:11 PM

Southampton Town Board Supportive Of Aquatic Center Proposal For Hampton Bays

Build it in westhampton, east Quogue, Quogue, Southampton Village, no wait, they don't want this in their hamlet either. The town just keeps dumping on hampton bays and why? Just ask that question and look around and you will know the answer. " Feb 7, 18 8:23 PM

Hampton Bays Corridor Study Inches Forward

Thought Julie would take good care of HB since she lives there but I was wrong. A no vote next time around " Feb 21, 18 12:35 PM

Hampton Bays Ambulance Board Member Steps Down After Investigation

If found guilty they should not even be allowed to volunteer at the HBA. " Mar 20, 18 2:14 PM

New Security Measures Added To Southampton Town Hall This Week

What about security for those offices in Hampton Bays? Aren't those employees important? " Apr 30, 18 3:31 PM

Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

How about giving people who served this country to keep us free a break on the price of a house. We should take care of our vets." May 28, 18 6:40 PM

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