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Suffolk County Water Authority Says Hampton Bays Water District's Iron And Manganese Levels Exceeded Limits Last Summer

Has the cell tower equipment attached to the water tower ever been tested to see what effects, if any, they have on the water quality? " Mar 7, 19 12:10 AM

Battle For Southampton Town Trustee Tax Line Exposes Deep Rift Between Board Members

Mr Horrorwitz wants to be trustee pres and then town super." Mar 22, 19 4:07 PM

School Districts Will Provide English and Spanish Ballots For May 21 Budget And Board Vote

What about having the ballot in Italian, Greek etc. " Apr 3, 19 10:26 AM

Southampton Democratic And Independence Party Members Scramble To Submit Petitions To Force Primaries In June

Fred Havemeyer and Eric Shultz for Trustee or even Town Board." Apr 3, 19 11:56 AM

Construction Is Underway On First Piece Of Westhampton Beach's Main Street Reconstruction Project

Maybe one day Hampton Bays will be treated like all the other hamlets. What a shame that HB is always the last. " Apr 17, 19 12:00 PM

Eastport-South Manor School Superintendent Placed On Paid Administrative Leave

Actually, 40 hrs plus some weeks. Requirements are not just in the classrooms teaching, not to mention the teachers and staff having to purchase supplies with their own money. Believe me, I think the admins are over paid in some cases but I also believe suspensions should be WITHOUT pay." Apr 20, 19 12:21 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

They are not needed and would be an eyesore. Time to move out of the Town of Southampton." Apr 26, 19 4:59 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Pushes Forward WIth Plan To Construct Two 61-Foot 'Monuments' In Hampton Bays, Despite Town Orders To Stop The Work

nothing like sitting in your house and having the windows shake and hearing the rumbling. " May 4, 19 9:59 AM

nothing like sitting in your house and having the windows shake and hearing the rumbling. " May 4, 19 9:59 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Discusses Options To Address High Iron And Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

HBWD budget will be increased, like it should have been every year, the flushing of the water more often as suggested will put the HBWD on the right course for safe water.. HBWD is not the only water authority that has been having problems. With the right tools and funding the problems will be solved.

As for the comment about who does not show up for meetings, know the reasons before you comment. " May 10, 19 10:57 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Takes Early Look At Proposal For CVS In Hampton Bays Movie Theater Space

Besides CVS being expensive, they would possibly cause other businesses to close because they sell more than just medications. Little by little and store by store Hampton Bays is turning into Rt 58. " May 29, 19 1:41 PM

Primary Set For Democratic Southampton Town Trustee Candidates

If anyone is concerned about the trustees, do the smart thing and vote for Mr. Shultz and Mr. Havemeyer. Plain and simple. " Jun 12, 19 12:38 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Prevent The Dumping Of Household Garbage At Beach Trash Cans

Remember to all of this in November, vote Rep. " Jul 11, 19 11:12 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Customers Could Soon See Significant Increase In Water Rates To Maintain Local Control

The town spends a lot of money on things and lands that are not necessary or an emergency that they must spend. I get the feeling that Jay and the board wants to do away with the Water Dist. The cost to customers are going to go if the town keeps the HBWD but far less now and in the long run if it run by the SCWA. THE DOUBLE TALK FROM EVERYONE IS AMAZING. put up the money and fix the wells and install new wells if necessary. Done" Jul 11, 19 12:06 PM

Absentee Ballots Put Eric Shultz Back On Democratic Party Ticket For Trustee Run In November

Write in Fred Havemeyer in November." Jul 13, 19 10:16 AM

Voters, cross party lines as it is not about the party but about the person and their platform. Vote for a new town board and a new tax receiver and some new trustees. " Jul 14, 19 1:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Weighs Options To Address HBWD Infrastructure Upgrades

Give the water dist the funds and equipment they need to fix the problem and keep this in house. If need be, hire a new mgr. to overlook the day to day operation. I would rather pay more to the Hampton Bays Water Dist. Than SCWA." Jul 16, 19 4:26 PM

Southampton Village Residents Fed Up With Nightclub Noise

If you keep closing clubs you will have many empty places and less money coming into these establishments. Things are Not the same as 30 years ago, get over it or move to Montana to a 5 acre ranch if you want total quiet. " Jul 17, 19 12:41 PM

Couldn’t be more wrong. I guess if you or you friends ever have a celebration it is in silence. " Jul 17, 19 5:39 PM

Couldn’t be more wrong. I guess if you or you friends ever have a celebration it is in silence. " Jul 17, 19 5:39 PM

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