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Southampton Town Official Says Mecox Plan Could Be Presented To Trustees In September

What is happening to this town, are deals being made?
Trustees and HBWD" Aug 13, 18 10:01 PM

Restaurants Face Pet Owners Who Say They Need Emotional Support

Have you ever put yourself down on the sidewalk or floor in a store with many people walking all around you? This stresses the animal out and sometimes gets stepped on. I love animals but please unless they are a service dog, do not put them through this stressful situation." Aug 16, 18 12:34 PM

Governor Cuomo Signs Law Allowing Transfer Of Shinnecock Commercial Docks To Southampton Town

The town and the Trustees can't afford to maintain what the have now. Signage not placed in the waters on time, don't blame it on lack of employees, hire some. The roads, ramps, beaches are in bad need of repair. " Aug 23, 18 3:26 PM

Southampton Town Expects Official Proposal From SCWA To Manage Hampton Bays Water System

Just remember, if the HBWD is taken over by the SCWA you will see an increase in your water bills, and they will continue to increase and there will be no turning back to HBWD. HBWD is not the only water district having problems but at least when a homeowner is having an issue, the HBWD responds immediately, not going to happen with the SCWD. " Aug 31, 18 2:29 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Considers New Code On Exterior Lighting

Kyle Collins works for the village and the town? " Sep 10, 18 10:28 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Proposes $102 Million Budget For 2019; Spending Up But Tax Rate Down

Good ground park walkway from main st is very dark, no lights, also the walkway blocks are starting to separate due to the cement along the sides breaking away. This park isn't even years old, what a job. " Sep 30, 18 2:25 PM

Good ground park walkway from main st is very dark, no lights, also the walkway blocks are starting to separate due to the cement along the sides breaking away. This park isn't even years old, what a job. " Sep 30, 18 2:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Expects To Receive Official Proposal From SCWA Next Week

Not only will the rates go up, but you can forget about an immediate reply to any problems you have with the service or the equipment. " Oct 1, 18 10:55 AM

Southampton Town Seeks Permits To Process More Yard Waste In Hampton Bays

Remember all of this in Nov., time to vote this board out." Oct 3, 18 2:37 PM

New Riverside Traffic Circle Is Rid Of Traffic Jams, Official Ribbon Cutting On Friday

Was there today, traffic backed up on 24 and other roads off the circle and people were not sure when and if to enter the circle." Oct 24, 18 6:44 PM

Concerns Swell Over Future Of Hampton Bays Water District Employees With SCWA Takeover

If a homeowner does not pay their HBWD bill, the water REMAINS ON and the total of the bill goes on their tax bill. If a homeowner does not pay their SCWA bill, their water is TURNED OFF, THEY MUST PAY THE BILL TO HAVE THE WATER TURNED BACK ON AND THEIR IS A CHARGE FOR THAT. Just so you know! " Oct 31, 18 1:02 PM

Southampton Town To Hear Community Concerns About Water Authority Management Of Hampton Bays Water District

And a hefty price we will pay. The town should get the available grants and fix what needs fixing. SCWA spends millions each years and guess who pays for that, the residents.
The town should try and keep all in house, start applying for the grants. " Nov 29, 18 10:25 AM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

Let's be realistic, all the proposed money that SCWA would have to spend for upgrades will be paid by the residents of Hampton Bays. Schneider man and SCWA stated the rates will be set by the town, I am sure after they touch base with SCWA to add in all costs. The rates will go up, don't fool yourself. " Nov 29, 18 1:24 PM

Yes the real concern is about the water, the comment about the cost was made as many involved continue to say the cost will not go up. Just trying to clear up incorrect information." Dec 2, 18 12:25 PM

Agree" Dec 3, 18 9:38 AM

Barry Alex Riddick Of Southampton Dies December 3

RIP ����" Dec 11, 18 8:52 AM

HBWD To Present Opposing Argument To SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water Next Week

I think we should stick to the topic of HBWD. " Dec 13, 18 9:41 AM

Again, let's stick to the topic of our water in Hampton Bays. " Dec 13, 18 9:43 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

Also, through the years has the HBWD been denied requests for financial assistance (budget) to correct the problems? " Dec 20, 18 10:02 AM

I don't know the WD workers personally but I think if a mgr/superintendent is needed Mr. Mc Cuen would run the district well as he knows a lot about the running of the WD. As for the administration part, he will lean with the help of the admin. Assistant. Just sayin." Dec 22, 18 12:11 PM

Correction: he will learn " Dec 22, 18 12:13 PM

Stop And Shop To Buy King Kullen Stores On Long Island

Another empty store in Hampton Bays, that mall will look deserted and the remaining stores will suffer from lack of shoppers. What a shame, and all those employees who have given many years to one day have a retirement with a pension. " Jan 7, 19 10:21 AM

Public Vote To Determine Fate Of Hampton Bays Water District Would Be Final Say

We also have not received a survey in the mail. What is going on? " Jan 9, 19 5:54 PM

Southampton Officials Wait To Hold Water District Vote Until Numbers Are Crunched

Is the town going to keep crunching the numbers until the numbers are what the board wants? " Jan 30, 19 11:49 AM

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