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East Hampton couple returns woman's missing wallet ... and $2,400

That is awful...you should have at that point taken all of that money and donated it to charity...I don't understand people who are like this." Sep 29, 09 11:09 AM

Drive-in movies to screen at Coopers Beach this summer

I agree with you peoplefirst I think that it should be cheaper so that the entire community is able to take part. It is just too much for many large families to afford and if it was less expensive it would enable more families to have a great family night which is so important. " May 27, 10 4:32 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

And this may prove difficult for some people...such as a single mother with a child in a local school who would have to now drive to Walt Whitman Mall. You are a really inconsiderate and negative person." Oct 6, 10 11:57 AM

Wow and you are calling peoplefirst ignorant??? " Oct 8, 10 11:49 AM

Considering I graduated magna cum laude (if you know what that means) from Harvard that is pretty laughable. I think that it is pathetic that you seem only capable of insulting people...you must have a very sad and lonely life. I feel bad for you." Oct 12, 10 3:08 PM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

What 64 year old is out at a club at almost 4am? I mean he is entitled but that is weird. And this is not the only murder that has happened at that place...seems like police should be paying more attention to it no?" Oct 30, 10 4:14 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

It is disgusting isn't it??? With the economic state that our country is is in I find it ridiculous that there has been no reform on this.
" Nov 13, 10 11:47 AM

So you are saying that Liberals do not partake in name calling?" Nov 13, 10 11:54 AM

it wasn't like Obama got into office and THEN found out the economy was a mess. He knew what he was getting himself into, Band-aids have been put in many place for far longer than either of the Bush presidency terms. " Nov 13, 10 11:58 AM

Has it occured to you at this point that people might be ignoring you? You sound like a lunatic and continue calling everyone idiots and clueless what exactly would make you think people would even dignify your horrible attitude with any response? I know who I voted for and why and don't feel compelled to answer some psycho to prove myself. Get a life. " Nov 13, 10 12:23 PM

This from you who throughout the last few hours has gone on a name calling tirade??? " Nov 13, 10 12:29 PM

and nice picture by the way...very classy. As they say people who live in glass houses..." Nov 13, 10 12:32 PM

haaaa love it...he sounds like a complete lunatic right? If you haven't already go back to the beginning and read his comments...sheer lunacy! He talks about other people name calling yet he calls others idiots, dumb, clueless on and on...he is mentally challenged." Nov 13, 10 2:45 PM

I was thinking the same thing!!!" Nov 13, 10 2:48 PM

Joe...go to youtube and watch I'm Voting Democrat it is great." Nov 13, 10 3:06 PM

The tin foil hat that is..." Nov 13, 10 3:43 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Hopefully this shows everyone how important each vote is" Dec 11, 10 10:08 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

I had no real opinion of whether or not Linda was drunk prior to this video. After watching, I have to say that I think she was. For one she was definitely swerving, and in more than one spot. Secondly, she did NOT make a full stop or even close to it. Third, she absolutely failed the sobriety tests and the arresting officers asking her to take a breathalyzer was completely acceptable. She was moving her head when asked to follow his finger with her eyes. She was unsteady on her feet. She continually repeated herself. The list goes on and on. Her refusing the test was the icing on the cake. If she wasn't guilty why refuse??? And on top of all this she was totally obnoxious. She completely disrespected their authority as police officers and her own position as well by behaving so poorly. At the end she kept saying, I want to call my husband so he can come pick me up. What does she think the officers are just going to say sure Linda, we're sorry, go ahead. Who does she think she is?" Feb 2, 11 4:25 PM

agreed" Feb 3, 11 10:21 AM

agreed she did not seem intimidated to me...I give them credit for being so patient when she was being so disrespectful. They were basically telling her listen we have to arrest you if you do not take breathalyzer and she repeatedly kept saying I am going to call my husband to come pick me up. Who ever said that was an option? She did nothing but disregard their authority and they remained calm and patient." Feb 3, 11 10:49 AM

Friday Morning Blaze Destroys Water Mill Home; Homeowners Hope To Rebuild

According to town record the house is 2298 sq. ft." Apr 25, 11 10:09 AM

Six Bartenders Arrested For Serving Alcohol To Minor

As someone who was a bartender in the past, I couldn't agree more. It should be the bouncers responsibility...when you are working behind a packed bar it is impossible to if EVERYONE. " Jul 5, 11 10:41 AM

Town Gears Up For 'Escape 2 New York'

The US Open does generate business locally for a fact. The stay at hotels or rent houses, dine in our restaurants and shop in our stores. The East End of Long Island will always have a reservation and a great deal of tourism, if you hate it THAT much maybe you should consider relocation. " Aug 10, 11 2:43 PM

Pope Names Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church A Basilica

This article is about the church, it is so lame and pathetic that this police conversation comes up in EVERY article. Freedom of Speech fine but it is annoying to the people who care about whatever the topic is at hand. Start a blog or something so if people actually care they can follow your rants instead of forcing people to hear you carry on this completely unrelated ranting wherever you can.
" Dec 23, 11 11:45 AM

Clearly, but keep your comments where there are relevant and not on every single article ever posted on 27East. Have a little consideration for your fellow readers." Dec 23, 11 2:29 PM