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'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

Since when is it unconstitutional to vote in accordance with your concerns about the environment??? Are they kidding with this lawsuit?" Apr 17, 18 8:05 AM

Southampton Town, USGA Officials Formulate Traffic Plan For U.S. Open Without 'Cops And Cones'

What about all of the school buses traveling the County Rd 39 corridor every day? Should these kids have to sit on the bus another hour? They are sitting on the bus for two hours each day now!!" May 10, 18 9:57 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

The town talked about having a dedicated bus lane. What happened to that? During past US Open's the traffic was managed with cops and cones, during morning and evening rush hour. It worked like a dream!!" Jun 11, 18 12:09 PM

East End Officials Weigh In On County Proposal To Opt Out Of Marijuana Legalization

The biggest and legal "gateway drug" is alcohol. How many accidents per year are caused by alcohol abuse? How many families are torn apart due to alcohol abuse? Will Suffolk County consider opting out of that?? I don't think so People need to make a sensible choice about any of these substances. It should not be regulated by the government. " Mar 6, 19 1:48 PM