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Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

I attended last week's meeting. There are numbers and figures and taxes involved in this controversial topic. But the thing that I took away most from the meeting last week was ......

Although the idea for this merger/proposal may perhaps have originated from financial analysis, the decision at hand is mostly hinging on two competing points of view: (1) Southampton tax payers and fear/opposition to increased taxes and (2) the well-being of the children who are the primary benefactors of the school tax money collected.

I was delighted to see that the folks who spoke at the meeting (and maybe some like me who didn't say anything) were so focused on #2. I find it surprising to read comments on this thread from folks who think this is only about tax dollars, and that what the children/families think is practically irrelevant. I wish we could ALL rally around what is best for the community. And when we consider the financials, let's try to look at things from this angle: we should try to maximize the return on our school tax "investment" by consolidating the schools and realizing the benefits from an academic/social/athletic/etc. perspective. Children will come out of the schools and will be more successful - this could impact all of us in a positive way. Pay it forward people." Sep 15, 14 10:27 AM

Two Workers At Day Care Center Charged Friday With Child Endangerment

Both of my children were in Kathleen's care at Side by Side for over a year (2009 - 2010 and 2011 - 2013). I trusted her and her colleagues with my kids unconditionally. In addition to being shocked and dis-believing of these allegations, I am also disappointed by the odd reaction/behavior of the owners of Side by Side. Why be quiet? Kathleen IS THE REASON why so many of us local families have brought our infants to Side by Side in the first place.... and were so comforted by her and the other teachers as they moved up from class to class (.... we love many of the other teachers.... in SPITE of the lack of leadership and management by the owners).

I feel that Side By Side owners should speak up in all of this turmoil. Due to competitive prices I would imagine that the Tiny Treasures (infant room), Busy Bee (toddlers), Leap Frog (toddlers) and Mighty Duck (nursery school) classes would have been empty in the last 6-7 years had it not been for these amazing teachers. If these owners don't want their business going sour, I think it's time they support the only thing they have going for them.... their best talent. My message to these owners..... Lawyer's might be telling you to be quiet, but if you don't speak up, there is a chance you may lose your entire business." Sep 3, 15 8:46 PM