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Donald E. Howard dies at 76

I played in the No Doubt World Famous Monday Night Band under Mr. Howards direction for 3 years. He was a great man and a wonderfully talented musician. He will be greatly missed.

1st Flute, 2nd Chair" Sep 25, 09 9:26 AM

Parents are upset over theft of late son's memorial

That's just heartbreaking. You have to be a terrible person to remove a memorial for someone. I really hope these people do the right thing and return the items. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and your parents as well. Deepest sympathies to Dorothy and her family. RIP Joey" Oct 22, 09 1:55 PM

East End haunts are scarce but still there

the southampton movie theater is haunted also...one of the old ticket-rippers murph still hangs around there..but i have a feeling he is not the only one.." Nov 2, 09 1:43 PM

Co-defendant in mortgage fraud scheme pleads guilty

These people are absolutely pathetic. Too much greed....very sad. I hope they all go to jail." Dec 5, 09 8:40 AM

Body washes ashore on Plum Island

I would think to make a statement like "very long fingers" they would have to be abnormally long.... I also think the investigators know the difference between decomposition & very long extremities..I would hope so anyway. Funbeer I imagine the same image" Jan 16, 10 7:36 AM

Crawl space find yields 'Accidental Fortune'

That's so fascinating!!!! Congratulations to the family, good luck with the new babies!!

P.S., Jim, may I ask what you are wearing? :) " Mar 11, 10 1:37 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

This whole story is just sad. Poor baby, not even one year old, with his mother searching for him. They should have attempted at least to drag him back out to sea instead of just saying it was impossible. Nothing is impossible. This is just horrible and really sad. On top of that, an endangered species? It's not right...they decided from the beginning they would not help this poor creature. Obviously it was responding to the Shinnecock's ceremony if I read one of the other articles correctly...Mr Bowman and his crew should be ashamed of themselves. If this happens again I TRULY hope someone else can step in and handle the situation differently..." Apr 10, 10 8:10 AM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

Many many thanks to LT. Theinert and his family. May you rest peacefully. My prayers to the family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. " Jun 11, 10 11:36 AM

Mother of drunk driving victim protests sentence

Shame on you Judge Weber for upholding this absurd plea bargin. This should have been overturned. Some example you are setting for not only parents that drink and drive with their children in the car NOW, but our children who are watching this unfold and saying, Okay, well there is no consequence for taking someone's life so this is okay for me when I grow up too. I believe she was not only drunk, but answering her cell phone as well when she hit Joey. Joey was a sweet kid, I've known his family since I was young. My heart goes out to Anthony and his parents. Ms. Goss apparantly knew someone somewhere...otherwise our justice system is NOT just. Since she does not seem to care about the life of children, including her own, hers should be taken away so she can see what it feels like to lose your child. Joey had his whole life ahead of him and she took that away and she will be let go in what, 4 months probably with "good behavior"? And yes, she can be labeled a killer, that is what she did, she killed someone. She intentionally got behind the wheel after drinking. Have we not seen enough drunk driving TRAGEDIES to know that when you do that, you are a LETHAL weapon and there is a good possibility you can injure/kill someone? You are a terrible woman Ms Goss. Karma will come back to you though..." Jun 17, 10 3:06 PM

Hampton Bays Landscaper Returns After Pitching In Down In Haiti

Awesome :) that must have been quite the experience" Feb 3, 11 8:55 PM

Remembering A Night Of Tragedy

RIP Marc.. you are still missed. <3" Mar 10, 11 11:23 AM

Local Siblings Launch Hamptons-Themed Beverage Company

they are not locals if they only spend the summer out here......they are summer residents!!!!!" Jun 19, 14 12:26 PM

Human Resources Of The Hamptons Volunteers Make The Holidays Memorable For Those In Need

THis is amazing. It is really nice to hear such a beautiful story. I have been looking for something to volunteer some time to, and this sounds wonderful!! Thank you to all of you that put your time and effort into this wonderful idea!!!" Dec 29, 14 1:21 PM

Two Retirements At Montauk Medical Center Leave Residents Without Health Care

Mark R. Kot M.D. attended Georgetown University, and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude honors, and a B.S. degree in Biology. After graduating from University of Virginia School of Medicine, Mark had his post doctorate training at Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, followed by 13 years of Emergency Medicine on Eastern Long Island. He is board certified in Urgent Care Medicine and started his private practice, Southampton Urgent Medical Care, P.C. in 2003

I believe that says Dr. Kot is board certified Urgent Care Medicine...
Dr. Kot is a wonderful doctor...not sure why u r so angry..." Jan 22, 15 2:37 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

Not his drugs? Okay--look into his past a little bit. Find out why he became a born again...." Dec 8, 16 1:07 PM

I am not passing judgement, I stated from his PAST that it is completely believable that they were, in fact, HIS drugs. I am not attacking anyone- simply stating facts. Perhaps I have a little more history with the family than you do and have been "slandered" and "knocked down" by the same man when instead maybe some "lifting up" would have been nice. It is not slander when you state facts. My apologies, my opinion is different from yours- one of the freedoms of this country. Instead of driving around with illegal drugs, maybe a phone call should have been made. A person who has a history of drug abuse and recovery is well aware of the hardest part of addiction- admitting there is a problem. Multiple programs out here that are able to help him, all he had to do was ask. " Dec 9, 16 10:38 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

This march was not to protest this sad excuse for a person, it was to fight against hatred and discrimination. Not everyone that marched in the Women's Protest were Hillary supporters. At this point, it's not about that anymore. It is about not letting hatred take over this country. Maybe you have nothing to fear, possibly a white man that's all set in life right? You have no women in your life that you would like to be see treated as an equal (a daughter, or niece maybe?), no immigrant friends, or friends from other religions, nationalities, disabilities, colors, sexual preferences or walks of life? I feel sorry for you that you live in such a closed off little world. This was not a march on this stupid person- IT WAS A MARCH ON PEOPLE'S RIGHTS!!! I guess if your rights aren't being trampled on, it's okay right? The hatred that SPEWS from this poor excuse for a human's mouth is absurd. You have become the minority now, the little group safe from Mr. Trump. Do you realize how many people have come together, how many people he has made feel unwanted, uncared for, scared, and ignored?? Sit on your throne and continue to watch everybody else fight for their rights, while you talk sh*t from behind a little computer screen, trying to convince yourself you have a leg to stand on with your "grow up" comments. I know many people involved with this march, that were not paid to march, nor part of a group that had some hidden agenda so you can keep your uninformed half-thoughts on your side. " Jan 24, 17 11:18 AM

Matthew Lester Remembered For Love Of Community, Dedication To Environment

My most sincere condolences to this young man's family and friends. This young man sounds like a beautiful person and it is so tragic that his life was cut so short. May your days be brightened knowing you guys raised a wonderful human being, and by seeing the completion of some of the projects he started. Rest in peace Matthew" Jan 25, 17 9:50 AM

Cancelled Flight Dashes Disney Dream For Hampton Bays Marching Band

I wonder if this has something to do with grounding the flights from Orlando to NY since the president flew in with the president of China last night...grounding people I know expecting to come home last night. Sympathies to the HB Marching Band- Disney was always an amazing experience with Mrs. Halsey!!!! " Apr 7, 17 11:57 AM

Right....not at all...
And they aren't brought into almost every single comment on this website even when the article has nothing to do with politics either right? You comment to all of those? I don't believe the entire issue was with staffing- go ahead and trust the media, who tells you what they want you to know, and nothing more....." Apr 10, 17 10:42 AM

Longtime Southampton Animal Shelter Dogs Get Special Training, Become More Adoptable

Good luck Bundles!! Hoping you find your furever home!!!!" Aug 11, 17 10:33 AM

East End Signature Candles Are A Hit, Offering Different Scents For Different Villages And Hamlets

Congratulations to Ms.Torres!!! I have one of her candles, brought to me by her wonderfully sweet father and love it!! Best of luck to you!!" Nov 7, 17 10:46 AM