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Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

I like the fact that the land lies along Montauk Highway. If it's development rights are purchased everyone passing by will benefit visually. I'd rather be able to see open space than another manicured subdivision. Open space doesn't create more traffic either." May 31, 11 11:55 PM

Kelly Tapped By County Republicans To Challenge Schneiderman

Why was there not a story about Mr Kelly's surprise bid to get the nomination for a Trustee seat just two weeks before accepting the nomination for legislator? He and a group of local GOP committee people, mostly from the Westhampton area, put a great deal of effort into his trustee bid. They believed they had more than enough enough promised votes to win, however, people were so surprised and turned off by Mr Kelly's arrogant speech that they decided to support for Mr Shultz instead. It looks like Mr.Kelly's main interest is currying favor with the GOP to get any job he can. Very unsavory." Jun 3, 11 10:21 AM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

Before you condemn them to history, think of all the jobs they've created. There are many local families and businesses that benefit from them financially. Those houses may be obnoxious, but they are the engines that drive our local economy and make countless jobs here possible." Jun 3, 11 10:56 AM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Not true. I had my 25 year old system looked at by Norsic and they told me it was in fine shape." Jun 4, 11 2:59 PM

Nuzzi Declines Republican Nomination For Supervisor

Marrietta's respected, but not in charge. She's also retired and not looking for a new job. Current GOP leaders are indeed disasters. They are incapable of long term planning, have no plan B, and are too open to outside influences. They've managed to accumulate enough proxies and votes to control the committee, but they are doing the party and the Town no favors. They should step down." Jun 7, 11 1:53 AM

The masters they serve are not the people of the town or their own party. " Jun 7, 11 11:39 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

"I do not patronize news media that shelter preferred groups from criticism." Highhatsize

We all should be following this high moral ground guideline, but when local news is so limited, there is little choice. Sigh." Jun 9, 11 11:15 AM

New Southampton Village Police Chief Will Seek Closer Ties With Other Police Agencies

The fact remains that Nello's has been letting underage kids in and allowing them to buy drinks for years. It's been a point of pride for certain local kids, especially girls, to dress up to get in there. It's not just summer kids that attempt it.

I know several scandalized adults who have taken alcoholic drinks out of the hands of 15 year olds they knew who'd been let in - not 19 or 20 year olds, but just 15. I don't care who'd doing security, they need to be fired. Kids that young can be easy prey for older patrons looking to sell drugs or hook up." Jun 13, 11 10:42 AM

Mercedes SUV Crashes Into Bridgehampton Carvel

In the running for the annual summer creative driving award with the person who went through the front of Lynch's Garden Center." Jun 13, 11 7:43 PM

Yes" Jun 14, 11 1:50 PM

Mecox Yacht Club Proposal Up For Public Hearing at Town Hall On Tuesday

I don't sail, but I hope this gets approved. It was always a low key, down home yacht club. The perfect sort of place for a kid to earn how to sail.

I hope the club will extend some scholarships to kids from the Bridgehampton School who might not otherwise have the opportunity to sail on their own bay." Jun 15, 11 3:07 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

Nello's absolutely admits and serves underage kids and has done so for years while nothing has been done about it. The police have to be either blind or covering up to say otherwise. It's disgusting. I know someone who took a drink out of a 15 year old's hand after she was served alcohol there a few summers ago and I know of 18 year olds that were just in there recently. This is not a new problem. The young ones in my family agree that "Nello's been notorious for letting everybody in" and that, "It's always packed and talked about by kids from 15-19 from all over the place." Where there is this much smoke there's fire. Believe me - and the Post - Nello's is a four alarmer." Jun 15, 11 9:22 PM

To SRK: This is a real story because Nello's has been flaunting regulations for years without consequences. Neighbor's can't sleep on weekends due to its noise and patrons yelling outside of it, fights roll down the street, dealers duck down nearby driveways to make exchanges, and underage kids get in and are served regularly, in spite of ALL claims to the contrary. It's a mess. Something's clearly amiss." Jun 16, 11 8:47 AM

Two Arrested For Allowing Underage Drinking In Remsenburg

Maybe they were renting the house out to a number of prom groups over the month. June is an unusual month for a rental. " Jun 20, 11 10:08 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

Linda Kabot tried tackling reducing town police costs and we know what happened to her. Interesting that the Post mentions Charlie McArdle in conjunction with Nellos, as he was up to his armpits in what happened to Linda." Jun 21, 11 9:11 AM

Sunday Bus Service To Kick Off July 3

It's about time! Thank you Jay and Ed." Jun 21, 11 9:02 PM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Affirmative action applies to people with disabilities and to women, as well as people of color, and has helped millions to be able to earn a decent living for themselves and their families. It was created to open doors that had traditionally or historically been closed. Sometimes the barriers to better jobs were there simply out of habit or custom and not just because of deliberate discrimination.

Southampton Town had an affirmative action plan for 20 + years, but hadn't abided by it until several groups in 2000 insisted it be implemented AND insisted that town job openings be posted where anyone could find out about them. All town and county job openings used to be posted in a basement office on a side wall, behind a door in the Parks department, out of sight of any but town employees who knew where to look. Jobs are now prominently posted in the front hall lobby. As a result, anybody and everybody can easily find out about and apply for jobs that had historically gone to insiders.

The town hired Theo Braunskill as its first full time affirmative action officer and she guided applicants through the application process. If they were qualified for an available job, they got hired, if not, they weren't. Within a year, the percentage of people of color and those with disabilities working for the town soared from 4% to 16%, and not just at the janitorial level where they had been mostly been hired in the past. Considering that the town is about 29% people of color when all races are included, that seems fair.

Women - white and of color - were hired for jobs that had always gone to men and through outreach in the schools, kids of color (as well as white kids) were hired to work at beaches and parks, something that had never happened before. Affirmative action is about opening doors and economic fairness. A big part of it is educating employers to be more open minded in hiring, another big part is encouraging qualified people to apply for jobs they might have believed they would never be considered for due to their disabilities, gender or skin color." Jun 22, 11 11:52 AM

Sometimes you have to know what was going on in the inside to understand the real story. I am not familiar with this woman's situation, but I do know there were about a dozen who wouldn't have chosen to stop working but who were pushed out anyway earlier this year. While it was tidily covered up by stories of "early retirement" to a gullible press, the stream of upset people heading to HR to find out why their jobs were ending and what could be done to prevent it, told a very different story." Jun 22, 11 12:14 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

What is the Village going to be doing to stop underage kids from being served regularly in a village establishment? And, about all the noise from Nellos disturbing an otherwise peaceful neighborhood? As these are long standing, unaddressed problems, I am glad the New York Post brought them up. Maybe, finally something will be done." Jun 24, 11 10:27 AM

I do not know who was hired for security at Nellos, but whoever it was has done a very poor job of it over the years. I do know that Chief Wilson has long been aware of underage drinking at Nellos, and also the noise generated by Nellos, and done pittifully little about it as our village police chief. For that, I fault him." Jun 24, 11 10:35 AM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Group To Explore Effects Of Plastic Bag Ban

I'm so tired of seeing plastic bags trashing the roadsides, trees and bushes of our town. I've used reusable bags for over 25 years. They are much stronger than most plastic bags and don't tear, spilling their contents at the worst possible moments. It's not hard to get used to going without plastic and to always have a small bag at hand for shopping anywhere. Europeans do it. We can too." Jun 25, 11 11:19 AM

Hattrick's Upset Victory in Southampton Village Changes Makeup Of Board

A message was sent to the mayor and current village board by this surprising election upset. People have not been happy with the way things have been done and the direction that has been taken for the last so many years. Let's hope the message was received, and understood." Jun 25, 11 11:27 AM

Six Bartenders Arrested For Serving Alcohol To Minor

It's about time Nello's was raided again. Memorial Day weekend it was filled with teens. At one point there was a waiting line because the place was so full. A group of young boys who looked to be about 17, according to my offspring, called out that they wanted to buy a table. The security guy let them jump the line and go right in. Money talks there, and age doesn't matter. We just tragically lost a kid in East Quogue to drunk driving, we don't want to lose any others." Jun 27, 11 11:22 PM

It's not just the annual problem of Nello's serving underage drinkers. Iit's also the loud, relentlessly pounding music it generates until two in the morning making sleep impossible for those living nearby - its nearest neighbor has to leave her house each weekend to get any sleep, plus noises of the shouts and altercations that take place outside of it and along Post Crossing where overflow parking occurs. There are drug deals going on in people's backyards and driveways by patrons who slip into dark places to do their dealings, which is scary, plus garbage is left strewn around the neighborhood by smashed bar patrons afterwards. This place needs serious cleaning up." Jun 29, 11 10:08 AM

Top Residential Water Consumers On South Fork

Geothermal systems are excellent, but large houses should not be allowed to use multiple pairs of open loops because they squander crazy amounts of water. Some have as many as ten wells. (An open loop consists of two wells, one well to pump water up, another to pump it back down into the ground.) The town should require big houses to use closed loops as they use a finite amount of water permanently sealed in a loop of pipe which recirculates the water down into the ground and back to the unit endlessly." Jun 29, 11 11:54 PM

Annual Fourth Of July Parade Held In Southampton Village

It was a great parade. But why is it that no Republican politicians were pictured when they were there, marching right next to the Press' favorites? A message perhaps?" Jul 4, 11 11:10 PM

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