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Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

No one knows if they were illegals, or even Latinos. All we know is that the victims were young, had pitbulls - lots of people have those - and that a car from North Carolina was in the driveway. Many local families have relatives from North Carolina who come to visit, so that's not unusual in itself. I see NC plates in supermarket lots frequently. Home invasions are unusual, and this house was probably targeted as the story said. Why, is the question we would all like answered." Jan 18, 11 10:49 AM

Oh please, same old broken record. If Obama was white you wouldn't play it." Jan 19, 11 12:05 AM

Vessel Abandoned Off Montauk, Crew Rescued

Agreed! But, ... what happened to the boat? Did it go under or was it towed in?" Jan 19, 11 1:15 PM

School Districts Worried About State Property Tax Cap

Sounds good to me. The schools and the teacher's union will have to get serious about cost controls. " Jan 21, 11 8:06 PM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

The county should have kept its dredge." Jan 26, 11 10:13 AM

Jury Selection In Kabot DWI Trial Slated To Start On Thursday

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. Who did what, or didn't. The article doesn't mention the late night phone call to Anna, yet that's key. " Jan 27, 11 10:17 PM

Southampton Trustees Watch Town LWRP Idea With Wary Eye

Well they should watch with a wary eye. LWRPs haven't worked well elsewhere. We don't need the state meddling any more than it does now. Why is our supervisor so darn interested in putting it in charge, rather than our own elected local people? Could it be the trustees are standing in the way of what some of her larger donors want? Southampton's only a stepping stone to her running for higher office. She needs those donors." Jan 31, 11 11:35 AM

The trustees have their own more stringent permitting process. They live here and know the pressures the area is under far better than the DEC. They haven't allowed any new bulkheads in about twenty five years and have become stricter with dock permits than the DEC. The huge increase in waterfront building over the past decade has shifted the trustees focus from shellfish to trying to keep every bay and pond from bristling with docks like Coco Beach, retaining beach access and keeping the water quality high.

The Feds regulate migrating waterfowl and issue hunting stamps annually. The trustees have never had anything to do with that. They do manage the federally mandated Piping Plover program.

Southampton has only had five trustees for as long as I can remember, though some other towns have more. " Jan 31, 11 11:31 PM

Thanks, I will. I like history." Feb 1, 11 12:22 PM

Schneiderman Says Levy Is Shorting East End Millions For Cops

Thanks Jay! Keep after them! We do deserve our fair share." Feb 7, 11 9:15 AM

Trustees Say Poison Is Off The Table For Mill Pond

If they use dynamite, I hope they'll tell us because half the town would be down there with tailgate parties to watch the show!

I think rotenone or something like it was used to clear carp or some other alien fishy species out of a small pond in Bridgehampton up by Scuttlehole Road ten or more years ago. I heard the pond was restocked and is doing well." Feb 7, 11 9:26 AM

New Lane For County Road 39 Could Come This Fall

The lack of shoulders along there is scary. Trying to turn off into Shinnecock Hardware or any of those stores can be heart stopping. Slowing down to turn is not always possible with someone running up behind you not honoring your turning signal. I've had to dart off at unsafe speeds or give up trying to get off along there. Getting back onto the highway is hair-raising too because there's no shoulder to poke the car's nose into and then accelerate from. It's "floor it" from off the highway or don't go. " Feb 7, 11 9:38 AM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Interesting that you call her Queen Anna. Some folks in town hall have been referring to her as her royal highness or the princess due to her imperious attitude when people don't agree with her. " Feb 7, 11 11:07 AM

Nothing to do with her name, everything to do with her attitude. All graciousness when the press or public is around, quite different when they're not." Feb 7, 11 10:56 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

An inexcusable mistake by the Town Attorney and his staff. Where was his secretary on this? Any attorney worth his salt would be paying very close attention to a suit handled by Frederick Brewington, who is quite high profile. The guy is very sharp and extremely detail oriented. I served on a jury in a case he handled - this town is in serious trouble." Feb 8, 11 7:57 PM

Bone Marrow Drive Brings Community Together For Two Ailing Fathers

It would be nice if a firehouse east of the canal also ran a collection. I'll try to get over there, but I'm not sure if I can. Is it just DNA or does blood type play into finding a match? " Feb 8, 11 8:04 PM

Schneiderman Unable To Secure Votes To Override Levy Veto Of Sunday Bus Measure

The county is running a phone survey to see who uses the bus out here. I got a call last night from someone who identified himself as representing Suffolk County in a transportation survey, but just as we started talking the guy hung up on me. Not a fair survey I'd say." Feb 10, 11 12:14 PM

The Damaging Effects Of Snow

Mailboxes have taken a huge hit this year. I've seen them knocked sideways, torn to pieces with the boxes sitting in the road and just plain dented. Ours is no exception. In spite of warning posts on either side marked with landscaping tape flags, the plow managed to crush it. I've often wondered if banging into them is a way of the plowman's alleviating his boredom." Feb 10, 11 12:34 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

I hear Mr. Sordi has cleaned out his desk and left Town Hall." Feb 11, 11 11:06 AM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

I buy the paper Wednesday night to get the local news right away. By mail it wouldn't arrive until Friday. Is there a way to opt out of having the newspaper mailed, if I signed up for an online subscription? I don't like the idea of having two copies of the Press when I only want one. What a waste of trees. " Feb 27, 11 12:04 PM

Freedom Rider Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

Extraordinary story, extraordinary man. I've heard him speak and the stories he tells are hair raising and deeply thought provoking. He's very graciously spoken to classes in our schools over the years and the kids were riveted by what he had to tell them in his soft spoken way. " Feb 27, 11 12:17 PM

New Effort To Repeal Fishing Licenses

Oh please. This is just grandstanding. The Dongan Patent ensures free fishing - just read the d-thing. The state was just looking for a quick way to make money to pay for the DEC, but it wasn't legal and couldn't be applied here. The Trustees of all the eastern towns got together last year took care of it. This is a dead issue." Feb 28, 11 12:20 AM

Luxury Recycling Charitable Organization Comes To The East End

We've had charities recycling out here for years. ReStore, which is run by Habitat for Humanity and based in Ronkonkoma, has trucks out here every two weeks. I gave them appliances when I redid a kitchen last fall. It runs a Home Depot sized resale warehouse where it sells both new and used items at fabulous prices. www.Builditgreennyc.org, which is based in Brooklyn, also comes out. It has an amazing, selection of vintage bathroom fixtures, antique doors, salvaged kitchens, lumber, etc I love prowling through it." Feb 28, 11 12:28 AM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

Papers given to the schools are not used by students. For years I've seen stacks of the ones the Press donates gathering dust in the main office where staff can pick them up for free. Out of curiosity, I've asked my kids a couple of times if they ever saw them or were given them and each time their answer was no." Mar 1, 11 11:27 AM

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