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Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

don't always agree with it but Scalera has her own mind and haven';t seen her make a decision yet that isn't informed. We should be so lucky.
And to those "outraged" at the thought of having security at public meetings - do you not read newspapers or watch the news? This seems like much-to-do about nothing." Jul 23, 14 1:24 PM

Wow -talk about dysfunctional?! Is there really a universe where your response to this measure makes any sense?! Scalera is not an echo, nor hardly a maiden, but a rational voice that in this instance agrees because it makes sense. Fleming- who knows- but whether you want to acknowledge it or not we live in a day and age where this is the very least in appropriate security that should be afforded the public and board. You are offended perhaps because it affected you directly? What is truly sad is that this completely appropriate measure on behalf of the people and the Board is being politicized and used in a most inappropriate and perverse way to advance your agenda. Implore a vote whichever way you wish. IMO "The People" are much smarter than you think or give them credit for. Thankfully!" Jul 25, 14 9:34 PM

Southampton Town Weighs Incentive To Raise Taxes

I agree! Is there anyone else actually looking out for us, taking their job seriously and based in reality?! Incentive?
"wrap your head around?" 30 million dollar surplus!!! What a joke these other Board members are. Where is Glinka on this? " Oct 12, 14 8:56 AM

And THANKFULLY this is her day job!" Oct 12, 14 9:02 AM

Southampton Town Budget Passes Along Party Lines As Board Battles

Good Luck!If this blunder of a budget marks the first decision the dysfunctional "majority" have been able to pull together- you're going to need it! From the looks of it- the Southampton Republicans you're looking at now are informed, well spoken, environmentally conscious and can play well in the sandbox- that's a powerful mix- yep- Republicans may have it easier than even I thought.2015 is going to be interesting….." Nov 21, 14 3:00 PM

Southampton Town Board Ditches 'Hiring Freeze' Legislation

This budget is the poster child for a LACK OF FISCAL CONSTRAINT - and this new majority is bringing us backwards- we're headed right back to the same mess from which we came- Scalera and Glinka you're on the right side of this one-keep fighting the fight. The people want their representatives like you- watching tax payer money as if it were their own!
" Nov 25, 14 11:29 PM

Southampton And East Hampton Towns Adopt Plastic Bag Bans

Thank you Councilwoman Scalera and Councilman Glinka. You showed you are in-touch with the people, the businesses AND the environment. Could be the worst fumble these three stooges have made. Heard the Supervisor cite China as a government model we should be following? WHere are we headed?!! stock up on your water bottles folks and hopefully non of you earn your living on anything related to something that can be disposed of as litter - the course by these three is set and "we the people" are apparently just along for the ride. Yup- November can't get here fast enough!" Dec 19, 14 8:57 AM

Off point, neither said differently and seem to be the only ones who are regular. Agree with Toma Noku- nice try 'watch dog' but if you had put this to the people, i would bet you would have had a different outcome- but thats ok - either way Scalera and Glinka futures look bright- the others…..hardly. and to Turkey Now they have to own it!" Dec 19, 14 7:05 PM

Dodger- even for you this is low! "cooked" books?!. As I have said , while I don't always agree with her, she does not strike me as being dishonest and smart enough not to provide misinformation, easily verifiable. I would would bet all the information she gave was supported by documents which you can foil as I would hope yours are. You may qualify her as many things- stupid? not one of them! Dishonest not one either! Your post so vitriol- seems you have a horse in this race. You have any doubt about the truth I'm sure we would all,including Scalera welcome you to the facts. Your commentary on other issues has lost credibility. You are clearly a partisan water bearer. So the next time you are visiting a farmers market in Paris- take note of whether they are using plastic bags like the farmers market in the southampton village. " Dec 21, 14 7:18 PM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

I actually find Scalera in particular to be very consistent. Consistent with being informed, consistent with knowledge base and consistent in voting for what she believes in agree with it or not. Ms. Fleming who proves to be all over the map, is hardly worth praise.

" Jan 28, 15 7:06 PM

They are not all unemployable In fact, we are lucky if we can keep the one(s) who could in all likelihood do far better elsewhere. And agree with justsayin (this one time) if you think they are so "unemployable" Chief 1 -why don't you run…AGAIN?!" Jan 28, 15 7:10 PM

Political Positioning Begins For 2015 Southampton Town Election

Earthgirl, "The only one who truly works for the community"? Where have you been? and what exactly has she done? Between her private practice and inability to work with anyone in Town hall I can understand her wanting to leave. Didn't she try and do that once already in a failed Senate race? As for "Christine", didn't she run the first time with that line? What was the conspiracy then? That's rhetorical as Im sure you can come up with some nonsense. How about just accepting the fact that cream rises to the top and Scalera earned and will earn whatever line she gets. Watch the videos, if there is anyone who works on that Board it's her. If she weren't to run, big loss! Flemming should take a page out of her book." Feb 12, 15 6:51 PM

now that would be interesting!" Feb 12, 15 6:52 PM

Funny, some would say she's not quite conservative enough. She actually turned out to be quite even handed, I for one appreciate that. As for Rep/Indy voting patterns, didn't Scalera do something for Water Protection right out of the gate? She also spearheaded a community garden, a recycling educational campaign and fairly certain she voted in fair of all the bond authorizations you spoke of. Fiscally conservative, I would agree but definitely not old guard republican. Apprecaite your distinction but don't think you can paint that Repub with a broad brush. " Feb 13, 15 7:04 AM

Some Board members have actually accomplished quite a lot. They are in public service, hats off to them! Moonpie, if that comment is any representation of what generally flows from your mouth, I would suggest you are unfamiliar with what people look like when they are listening to you." Feb 13, 15 7:07 AM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Nobody here in Southampton and this pathetic move makes that clear. Don't know who is dumber- Schneiderman for thinking people are stupid or Herr for being made so obvious a fool." May 18, 15 1:51 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Agreed. Let's just name the elephant in the room- Scalera. No offense meant. Scalera would be the best shot at Supervisor. She is respected by all sides. She certainly has the experience and demeanor and would be quite effective. Also, as far as I can see she doesn't seem to be motivated by the same old same old self interest. I guess we will see soon enough. " May 26, 15 10:04 AM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Nature, i usually think you make some good points but think you are way off on Scalera. Can't comment on the commute but if you ask anyone in town hall or out, she works harder then any other member of that board and has a firm grasp on the issues. The reasons you name as to why she wouldn't seek to run for sup reinforce that she is in this for the reasons we want all our representatives in office, because she really cares! She can seek to run for higher office (which i would personally welcome) or not but the thought of Schniederman running for anything in Southampton Town is a slap in the face to every resident and a mockery of the Dems. Should be fun…. " May 27, 15 8:47 AM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Crabby you are. Scalera has been more effective than any other board member and ask her why she chose not seek re-election up island i'm sure she'd be glad to tell you. Not my story to tell but I when I asked the answer was simple. I can understand being intimidated but attempting to smear good people is not productive and personally I find it refreshing that she doesn't just blather as do most. I as do many find her to be articulate and on point. She and Anna have disagreed plenty she's just dignified about it, another refreshing point. Agree or Disagree with what any number of decisions this board has made they have respected each other I can only hope any new Board will do the same and i am confident Ms. Scalera will continue to set the bar high. " May 29, 15 3:38 PM

Hampton Bays Village Exploration Pushes Ahead With Incorporation Plans

If by new blood you mean Supervisor and councilperson that can support Scalera you're right! You may not agree with every decision but she is broadly respected and recognized as the only current member who is knowledgeable, engaged and hard working. Can't lose her- If you mean a recycled- carpet bagging, do nothing with two newbies in tow - then you're clearly not speaking in the best interests of HB or the Town for that matter. " Jul 16, 15 8:05 AM

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Draws Criticism

The DEC is exactly who has been "protecting" our bays up to now. They've been doing a great job ay? What's the expression, be careful you may just get what you wish for. This plan is Expected to Pass? IMO State, Feds oversight of Town could one of the worst partnerships ever. Scalera, once again, i give you praise for your insight and knowledge. Keep up the fight. I hope other Board members wake up and join you." Jul 24, 15 5:35 PM

I believe that is exactly one of the issues Ms.Scalera pointed out. A question or complicated issue for which there has been no answer. One town board tape shows the trustees asking for time for their attorney to read and interpret the plan. Time will tell, but the questions you, Ms. Scalera and others have asked, without any answers begs the question as to why any member of this board would be in support of this plan without being informed. " Jul 28, 15 9:26 PM

Proposed Southampton Water Protection Plan Would Link Local, State and Federal Goals

Councilwoman Scalera has quite astutely pointed out the Stare's interest in seeing this plan passed. Watch the hearings. PBR you are correct caveat emptor. Reading it is daunting and perhaps purposely so. Many good points within but water protection is seemingly only a part of the plan which seeks to regulate many aspects of the "land", provides for many unfunded mandates that tax payers of Southampton will now have to pay. . Good to see more are reading what it seems as though is going to pass. While there is an apparent push to close quickly, there is what is perhaps the last meeting on this on September 8th. " Aug 20, 15 8:26 AM

Independence Party Primary Set For September

Turkey your way off on this one. Independent describes Ms. Scalera quite aptly indeed. Ms. Scalera was the only one who wisely fought against the plastic bag ban opting instead for education and awareness. Her words ring true as we watch thicker bags and more paper being used daily. Ms. Scalera is and has been the only one wise enough to warn against this latest land use plan that sounds good but in reality threatens much. Fact Check. Your Misguided Ms. Fleming voted for those same "misguided" projects as did your newest DEM Ms. Throne-Holst. Just ask our Independence Party Chair above referencing her performance on the Board over past four years. Ms. Scalera has proven herself to be independent and deserves our continued support. I am, as are many other Independence Party members proudly supporting her. Ms. Scalera you have earned my vote as well as my respect. " Sep 1, 15 10:22 PM

Folks, the only difference is when Ms. Fleming stood alone Turkey thought it brave. When Ms. Scalera stands alone it's pig-headed? Ms. Scalera by the way is not the only one concerned about that plan, she has just been brave enough to be vocal. Fact Check. She was not the only board member who voted no on the ban. Do-nothing Town Board Member? Laughable. Ask around and you will find that she happens to be one of the hardest working members that Board has seen in a long time. Let's get more to the point. The truth is the things you tout as selling points of your fellow democrat contenders for this line are things Ms. Scalera has already done and done well! Whats clear Turkey is that you are a Democrat Party soldier, which I don't fault you for. What I do fault you for and why you have no credibility is that I have openly stated that I don't always agree with Ms. Scalera. I am able to do so because I am confident voicing this doesn't take away from her obvious strengths. What I do fault you for is being so blindly loyal to the Democrats and your cause to hoist up the democrats on the ticket that your desperation is boundless. Ms. Scalera you should take Turkeys comments as testament of your strength and the threat you pose. Best of luck. " Sep 2, 15 12:31 PM

Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Sound Off In Debate

Crusader viewed your other posts you weren't voting for Scalera, Hagan or anyone on the Republican line anyway so sure they are not losing sleep. Voting "yes" to hear something is a far cry from approving. Ms. Fleming showed nothing more than usual in choosing to take the easy and expedient road so minimum effort needed. Understanding that property rights are at issue Ms. Flemings "no" flatly rejects the possibility of public discourse. That is a disservice regardless of which side of the issue you end up on. Scalera doesn't look for the easy way out of discussions but listens and asks the tough questions. The "yes" vote in this case shows that she as others want to hear the exchange of ideas before rushing to judgment. Very short sighted on Flemings part. Again, Scalera shows insight, openness to public discourse and understanding of the issues. " Oct 6, 15 8:39 AM

Southampton Town Will Keep Water Protection Plan Local, Drop Proposal In Its Present Form

Well fought and won. Ms. Scalera has been out in front of this on her own from the start. Hagan smart enough to get it. Now let's see some Trustees involved to come up with a plan that makes sense. I think it unfortunate that the Dem slate supported this plan ceding Town Board authority right out of the gate. From what I've seen I get the feeling they don't even understand the issue. Bender has shown independence. Good for him. " Oct 14, 15 2:48 PM

Candidates Spar In League Of Women Voters Debate Thursday Night

Thou doth protest too much. Ms. Scalera truly has proven herself. She clearly knows what her job is and has done it well. You Turkey have sided with every Dem that has been up for election despite their inadequacies. All pleasant enough as you say but when it comes to looking for those with the experience, knowledge and ability to lead Ms. Scalera is head and shoulders above the rest. Mr. Hagan has a good background and demonstrated a grasp of the issues. Ms. Lofstad seemed impassioned but incapable and Mr. Bouvier better fit to run as he did last cycle for Trustee. I need not say where my votes go nor need you. However, I would urge those who have not watched or attended these debates tune in. The choices will be clear to you as well. " Oct 23, 15 5:37 PM

Didn't think it possible. You are funnier than you are crabby. Ms. Scalera's star continues to rise and shine and you can't stand it. Keep it up Ms. Scalera. Your skills and ability shine. " Oct 24, 15 6:22 PM

Democratics Looking To Create Affordable Housing In Southampton

Not speaking for Hamptons 34 but I'll yell you what my problem is as well as that of the many to whom I have spoken. Negative pieces are used when you have nothing to run on and in most instances as here, are a distortion of the truth meant to mislead the public. Your (Dems) piece on Ms. Scalera is no exception to that. You should be ashamed as others are for you. Ms. Scalera has said that she would entertain any discussion on PDD's but that moratoriums are meaningless because of the legislative function required for a PDD. It is well known that Ms. Scalera, has lauded Water Protection measurably. In fact, she was the only one for the Water Protection Plan being a "Southampton" Plan and was smart enough to understand what Ms. Flemming was trying to do in trampling on local jurisdiction. It was also Ms. Scalera working across party lines with with Councilmen Bender, Glinka and Ms. Throne-holst who ultimately authored land use ethics reform. I understand that Ms. Scalera is universally well liked and accomplished and therefor a threat but negative pieces such as the one you put out have no place anywhere bus especially not in our community. It's exactly what we try and teach our kids not to do. So you ask what the problem is with attempting to smear a hard working woman raising her family in our community who has given of herself to public service and happens to be effective the way Ms. Scalera has with deceitful and misleading characterizations? If you have to ask then you have forgotten what it means to be a decent human being. YOU are way off base and your committee is a disgrace to this Independent voter. This negative piece belies the fear and desperation you, Ms. Scalera have caused their committee and candidates. Your endorsements speak volumes. There are still those involved in politics who may not always agree but who respect those in our community who serve. I also want to acknowledge that you ran a clean, honest and positive campaign based on an accomplished record and I wish you all the best. " Nov 1, 15 10:13 PM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

Turkey you gobble out of both sides of your beak. On one hand you applaud Mr. Bender for supporting a moratorium siting as you say to approval of some "real dogs" that were approved, but Mr. Bender along with with a unanimous Town Board, including your Ms. Fleming approved those projects. One of those "dogs" was an affordable housing project. Mr. Bender states above that affordable housing projects should be excluded from the moratorium. So I would hold my applause and "hurrays" until these three get their collective acts together. " Nov 18, 15 6:58 PM

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