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Gregor Says He Will Remove 'Sister Jackie's Way' Sign From Water Mill Street

why don't we have a sign on the bridge sagg turnpike commemorating the pregnant woman who drove into a tree? Or a sign on scuttlehole commemorating the two guys who drove into a tree? Only nuns deserve signs?" Aug 6, 14 4:27 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

deja vu all over again. Same condo that was in the news in september http://www.27east.com/photo-gallery/article.cfm/78474#94724" Feb 11, 15 4:19 PM

East Hampton Town To Spend $1 Million On Airport Legal Fight In 2015 Alone

I complained once last year using an online link. Noise bothered me again this year, but I didn't call because I don't know the number to call...and assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that east hampton is trying to fix the situation. I live in bridgehampton north...and didn't even notice that I lived in the flight path of the airport until blade came around last summer. " Sep 16, 15 10:04 AM