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New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

First summer in town, feel like I am back home in NYC, a politician in office one hour and wants a raise!

Perhaps her campaign slogan should have been courtesy of Rod Tidwell:

"SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" Jul 10, 14 9:40 AM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

More involved in the community, hey great idea, maybe on the local school board, call over to East Ramapo and see how that worked out......" Aug 9, 14 9:35 AM

Bigger Union And More Police Requested For Southampton Budget

The last thing any municipality needs is more union workers on the books......" Oct 30, 14 10:22 AM

But, an examination of the CBA will show that union workers get better funded health care and pensions. Salaries matter little because the Town has to fund them as people work. Pensions and health care are delayed liabilities that cause much financial problems, if you dont believe me, ask Detroit. " Oct 30, 14 4:34 PM

Municipal workers can be whatever they want, union or non-union, so long as they have to contribute to their own retirement and health care. Again, municipalities cannot afford long term, astronomical debt associated with pensions and healthcare. " Nov 7, 14 9:27 AM

Southampton Town Board Lends Support To Revisit Bridgehampton Gateway PDD

How does paving over 13 acres of vacant land to build an upisland mall "build on the agricultural heritage of the hamlet"? " Nov 13, 14 11:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Discusses Eruv In Closed-Door Meeting

Dear Editor:

The Establishment Clause is in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, not the Second. See second to last paragraph of your article.

Thank you and have a nice day. " Jan 16, 15 4:41 PM

Zeldin Amendment Would Allow New York To Opt Out Of Common Core

Yes, by all means roll back Common Core, because why would we want to set the bar high for our children's education? Let's go back to failing to educate our children in math and science, who needs math and science? Did Zeldin cash his donation check from the teacher's union yet??????" Mar 3, 15 5:11 PM

As a matter of fact I have two in school and I see their homework every night. Common core is designed to better teach our kids math, science and critical thinking. Sorry I can't find fault with that...." Mar 3, 15 11:16 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

Perhaps those opposed to the stand were antilemites......

" Aug 28, 15 1:29 PM