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Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

Vindicated? Maybe. Re-elected? NOT. Denial is not a river in Egypt." Sep 29, 09 7:25 AM

Southampton councilwoman accuses supervisor of trying to 'control' her

I am going to have to agree. Nancy must go!!!" Jan 21, 10 4:01 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Actaully Bill, I do not believe that would have gotten him elected either." Mar 11, 10 5:17 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

In theory your point is spot on. In reality it is not feasible. The cost of this project using local contractors would likely rise to $50 million. IMHO" Mar 24, 10 7:42 AM

Flood waters finally receding: Saga of unstable water table in East Quogue

While the pump will help I will say this in hopes it helps others. My brother has a home in Sagaponack. His home has a french drain system that drains into 3 pits with sump pumps. For the last 3 years it has done all that you could ask for. When the rains of March 30 came and the ground waters rose even 3 pumps were no match and the basement flooded despite the pumps. A subsequent engineering report showed a rate of infiltration of near 300 gallons per minute. The 3 pumps were only capable to pump about 180 gpm." May 18, 10 7:35 AM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

May you rest in peace my friend, you will surely be missed." Jul 3, 10 8:05 AM

Friday Morning Blaze Destroys Water Mill Home; Homeowners Hope To Rebuild

If you consider 1,800 sq feet large!" Apr 22, 11 5:36 PM

Boat Fire Extinguished In Noyac

I t was a Mastercraft ski boat. It was at a private dock in front of a pine neck home and looked to be completely destroyed." May 22, 11 6:50 PM

Car Catches Fire on Main Street In Southampton Village

In 1963 Chevy made a Corvair Monza and that is what it would seem to be." Jul 17, 11 9:13 AM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

Go ahead Chief Wilson, let them have their way, and take that nice retirement, that you were able to "pump up " in your 11 months of frustrated service, then go to the press with all the info, and discipline that should of taken place and the reasons why, that alone would be a Newsday front page article, the town pd would be right back where they started the morale would be down, people running amuck. second largest pd in Suffolk and unfortunately the powers to be will not let you run it as a professional department, but would rather run it into the ground, while you are at the helm. Maybe Nuzzi and Malone are cop buffs, and deep down think they could run the pd, even though they haven't got a
clue, they should learn how to be an effective elected official first. The ignorance shines right thru." Apr 9, 12 8:47 AM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

No thanks Remsen, the portion of taxes for police on my home in Southampton Town is $400, the portion of my taxes paid for police at a home I own in the Suffolk Police district $1,000. Watch what you wish for." May 10, 12 6:10 AM

Chief Wilson Marks A Tumultuous 12 Months

Keep fighting the good fight Chief Wlson. The people of this town deserve the very best from its Police Force and I applaud your efforts!" May 17, 12 9:51 PM

More Than 100 Arrests Being Reviewed By D.A. After Two Are Released

Seems to me that perhaps we should keep the Police Chief and "oust " the town board!" May 30, 12 2:07 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Did you even read the article? It clearly states that Chief Wilson attempted to promote at least one of these young ladies." Feb 20, 13 3:46 PM

Southampton Village Police Add A Third-Generation Officer To Their Roster

As the father of a young man with aspirations of being a police officer that currently sits high on the list of eleigible canditates in Suffolk County I will say this. After a call to civil service on the merits of this individual being hired ahead of my child I was advised this:
Charles Knoebel was #2 on the local home list for Southampton Village, the person listed #1 is already employed there . Thereby he is/was #1 in line to be hired." Oct 25, 13 9:16 AM

Oakley Wins Individual League Golf Title; East Hampton Is Top Team

since when does 35 on the front +36 on the back = 77?" Nov 4, 14 8:32 PM

Warren Booth Will Keep Job With Hampton Bays Water District, Over Town Supervisor's Objection

How about "conduct unbecoming"? many union workers have lost their job over it." May 15, 16 7:30 AM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

You would be hard pressed to find a better guy and restaurant owner on the east end. This is sad news for sure...
" Mar 14, 18 5:50 PM

Jay Schneiderman Faces Off Against John Kennedy For Suffolk County Comptroller Seat

Never voting for anyone attached to Cuomo!!
" Oct 31, 18 6:12 AM

'March Madness' Celebrated At Southampton High School

Great article!!
" Mar 18, 19 5:55 PM