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East Hampton Town Proposes New Commercial Truck Law, Public Hearing Set For July 17

You wonder why locals can't make it eh and forced to join the trade parade. Thanks town board, I will have to soon leave as the rest of my local friends and family have been priced out of town. And now! We can't even work! The American dream
" Jul 3, 14 3:51 PM

This coming from the man from hamptonbays? Im willing to bet the locals and second home owners alike would like you to mind your own towns business. Ah these are the same trucks coming to fix or build or landscape the same houses on those "dangerous" road. You are right ,safety. All goods and services should be brought in by horse and wagon. " Jul 3, 14 4:32 PM

Studio Space Is Lacking For East Hampton Artists

What I don't get is these first artists in the 50s came out here to get away from people to be creative, be by themselfs and asimulate into the local community. Now its the place to be sence and they cry because they can't figure what happened to there artist community....why don't they ask a real local what happened there fishing and farming community and why they families can't afford to live here....boohoo" Aug 10, 14 5:21 AM

Groups Petition And Protest Against New Exclusive Membership Club At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Haha. You don't that that citizans rights won't be compromised, then why is white sands hotel sueing the east Hampton trustees over beach owner ship. Once this starts will be hard to end
" Aug 31, 14 7:25 AM

Four Neighbors Seek Rock Revetment In Springs

Well....east Hampton did have beaches" Sep 6, 14 1:51 PM

East Hampton Town May Consider Purchasing The Former East Deck Motel Property

Who hires local contractors, money and greed.....money and greed" Sep 12, 14 7:51 PM

East Hampton is being shaped by people that forgot about the locals and there farming and fishing community.....money and greed
" Sep 12, 14 8:16 PM

East End BWIs Reach All-Time High This Year

The mooring field has been in place for 20 yrs in tmh, just no one enforced it......l is 2 decades new?
" Sep 15, 14 12:23 PM

East Hampton Town Hopes To Have Plastic Bag Ban In Effect Next Year

I dont like plastic bags but Laughable because take look at the material wasted on one of the many knock down houses or one party event, hypocrites , its ok to waste resources if you have the money
" Oct 8, 14 12:42 PM

Trustees To Move Scallop Shell Recycling Space Following Residents' Complaints

N.I.M.B.Y...........Not in my backyard. " Dec 3, 14 5:32 AM

Cantwell Doesn't Want Another HomeGoods Debacle In East Hampton

Has any one been to eh village? Is there a mom and pop store left?" Dec 5, 14 2:59 AM

East Hampton Town Extends Control Tower Contract, Considers Extending Alcohol Ban At Indian Wells

There was no problem last year in the summer and that was before the ban was enacted" Mar 18, 15 8:36 PM

Charges Dismissed Against Hampton Bays Fisherman

People do realize that in nys the rec quota is bigger then the comm quota. For example in nys out of a 100 percent stripe bass quota 89 percent goes to rec and charter fisherman and 11 percent goes to comm. Look it up! " Apr 22, 15 5:18 AM