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Teller Seeks Fifth Term As Westhampton Beach Mayor

What the Village of Westhampton Beach CANNOT afford is, Marie Moore and her husband and his crooked resolutions. I think Wheeler said it best." Jun 20, 14 9:24 AM

Political Newcomer Wants To Bring Fresh Perspective To Westhampton Beach

.....Despite having no political experience, a Westhampton Beach lawyer believes she has what it takes to change the culture of village government and make it more business friendly.........

The FIRST paragraph of this article is exactly why we should NOT vote for Maria Moore- with NO political experience or Governmental experience how does one possibly think they can run a Village. It is much more than making a place business friendly. Which by the way, how is this Village not business friendly when there is new construction commencing all around the Village. The only properties that are VACANT are vacant because of the landlords and the realtors, like realistic." Jun 20, 14 9:46 AM

UPDATE: Moore Ousts Teller As Westhampton Beach Mayor

Lots of luck to this Village. " Jun 21, 14 9:33 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

Chief Dean has been an outstanding asset to this Village- he has cleaned up & has ran a great department. Wishing him all of the luck and happiness! " Jun 23, 14 8:56 PM

Realistic - if you don't or did not know who Ray Dean was prior to seeing his picture posted, it shows how OUT OF TOUCH with the Village YOU actually are. Chief Dean has not only served as the Village Police Chief for 15 years, he was born and raised in this Village, he is seen at every single football game at the High School, he is seen at all of the local establishments eating dinner with his family, he is seen up and down Main Street on a daily basis, and as every person in the Village and outside of the Village is aware of the Dean Family History, he HAS been seen in and around this Village for many many years. If you dont have anything relevant to say, you really should not say anything at all. Your comments are moronic and you should either stop commenting or comment with more facts than uneducated opinions.

Chief Dean - enjoy your retirement. You have earned it well and deserve it. " Jun 24, 14 12:44 PM

Well then Good Riddens to the puppet master herself & her puppets live from Oneck!" Jun 24, 14 6:07 PM

Hollywood- You are absolutley correct on every account. Why would Sgt. Laube become Chief over Lieutenant Gonce? As a taxpayer of the Village I see a very big problem with that. I am not sure a Sgt. especially that Sgt., has the where with all to run this Village anywhere but in to the ground? I can see this Village going in reverse and Mayor Moore, I do believe your campaign was promised for PROGRESS?" Jun 25, 14 10:24 AM

Realistic --- the new Mayor MAY BE a breath of fresh air, no one is stating that she is not. It is GREAT that Teller and Dean are lifelong WHB residents, as are Lt. Gonce and Sgt. Laube - are you insinuating that THEY are also going to do the same? I know I dont want a Police Chief coming in unfamiliar with the area, I want someone who knows the streets, the residents, and the business establishments. You are always full of accusations that have no merit. Teller and Dean have NOT made this Village the laughing stock of the East End, unfortunatley "your" elected Trustees have because they were being puppetd by Oneck. You see Dean FAR MORE than coffee and football games. If you witnessed drugs in the school why did you not call the Police and make a formal police report? And the crime, if its an ongoing investigation why would the police publish it in the paper for all to know about? If there's nothing to report then why would they report exactly that... nothing? You seem to believe you know alot more about Government than you actually do. It's probably best if you stick to selling, or well.... not selling any real estate and let the New Breath of Fresh Air do her job, if she can. Your opinion is yours, its terrible that you are sorry to see a Police Chief leave... I wonder how sorry you would be if it was THAT Police Chief responding to your aid in a time of emergency? " Jun 25, 14 1:43 PM

One would hope not!! Doesn't really make for a very respectful leader. " Jun 26, 14 4:42 PM

Westhampton Beach Chief Marks Final Day In Office, Mayor To Remain For Another Week

Realistic- First, what does Dean have to do with this? With the exception of his ceremony? Secondly, isn't it the BREATH OF FRESH AIR MAYOR MOORE's responsiblity to know her own Local Law? Shouldn't this Village be THANKFUL that Haefeli brought it up? Seems as if he is looking out for HER best interest along with the Village's? Or will Moore continue to use her usual and customary response of "I dont know what I'm going to do..." You are so far lost your comments are beyond uneducated.... You should just quit while you're "ahead" " Jun 30, 14 12:55 PM

They are no relative of mine. I am a fairly new, young resident of the Village just as concerned as you. However, what does ANY of the information you provided have to do with THIS article?
1. Chief Dean's "bonus" and FAT contract - were all approved by OUR elected officials.
2. Who did he pay at $10k exit bonus to?
3. The "overpayment" of the Village employees happens in EVERY SINGLE municipality. It happens in almost EVERY municipality, however unlike the Village of WHB they don't make it a political platform.
4. Teller and Haefeli do NOT refuse to approach or listen ot the Master Plan change- they have stated what needs to be done- however, the developer REFUSES to do it... I've learned that by educating myself and watching the Village meetings online (Maybe it's something you are interested in doing?) The developer and his attorney have admitted on NUMEROUS occasions they haven't even filed any sort of application to this date.
5. What is the fiasco with the Police Department? It seems to be functioning well to my knowledge?
6. Teller did not PAY his relative attorney- the relative attorney charged for services rendered just as any person RENDERING SERVICES would do. Could he have charged less - yes, he probably could have. Did he? No. However, Teller is NOT to blame for what someone else charged.
7. What is wrong with Teller hiring Dean's sister to run the beach? She is, to my knowledge a Village resident. So the only thing she has against her is that she's Dean's sister? The beaches are running great, they are always clean, they run well, you are able to speak with any of the Beach Managers at any given time any given day, she's beyond helpful as is her hired help. So, right she's Dean's sister - that makes it unfair of her. And, doesn't the BOARD vote on new personnel? So it was ONLY Teller's doing, no one else is to blame?
8. Who did Dean's sister pay off of the books, and how are you privy to such information?
9. If Dean was hiding in his office, who are you to decide whether he was doing work or not? How many Police Chief's do you actually find out on patrol?

The Mayor was voted out of office after MANY years of dedicated service to this Village, and Dean "quit" as you say after many years of dedicated service to this Village and the Town of Southampton. It is an INSULT to say he "quit" however if that's your opinion you are entitled to it. You sound awfully bitter if I didn't know any better. Have you gone to Village meetings and voiced your opinions? If not, being that you are SO concerned maybe after watching the meetings from the years past that would be a great start for you." Jun 30, 14 3:28 PM

Some East End Schools Weigh Eliminating Valedictorian And Salutatorian Honors

What do kids actually have to work towards these days? They are all treated as equals- so if I achieve a 65 I'm considered the same as my peer who earned a 100? Sounds unfair- kids need competition & reasons to excel- such as the honor & award of valedictorian " Jul 1, 14 1:38 PM

Kanases Make $2 Million Donation To East End Hospice

Very kind of the Kanas family. Hospice is a wonderful organization " Jul 2, 14 9:06 AM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Realistic - you said it best.... And I quote:

"....Beachbme- Holywood- Did i hit a sensitive cord? A relative of your? Were you on the "friends and family" plan of the Mayor also?

Lets see nothing personal with me its just when MY tax dollars are being spent I expect conservatism- responsibility. Afterall both Teller-Dean- Haefeli have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers."

So does Moore not have a fiduciary responsibilty to the taxpayers? Is it YOUR tax dollars going towards her doubling her salary after 1 day in office? Is this conservative? Is it responsible? Did she tell you when she was running for office that she was going to bring her salary back up to $24,000 or was she not transparent about that? " Jul 9, 14 11:37 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

And once again... I quote the ever intelligent Realistic:

Realistic - you said it best.... And I quote:

"....Beachbme- Holywood- Did i hit a sensitive cord? A relative of your? Were you on the "friends and family" plan of the Mayor also?

Ms. Moore said she has already begun compiling a list of potential candidates for the trustees to consider, reaching out to people through her own contacts and speaking to interested parties who have contacted her. She said she has several names on the list already, although she declined to disclose any of them. In the interim, Ms. Moore said Lt. Gonce will continue to head the department until a permanent chief is named, adding that Lt. Gonce is still in the running for the position.

Sounds like the Mayor Moore has an agenda of her own "Friends and family" plan.... Compiling a list of candidates REACHING OUT TO PEOPLE THROUGH HER OWN CONTACTS. " Jul 9, 14 12:09 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

How has this new Mayor shown to the people who elected her - thankfully, I am not 1 of them that she is going to do "Moore" than Mayor Teller? She has been in office for only a few short days, she held over every thing on her calendar at her first meeting and the first order of business she chooses to handle is her salary? It's fine that she wants the salary restored- no one is saying it should not be, but how about she logs some hours gets some "progress" done then worries about her salary when the budget comes up for discussion. She should have inquired about the salary and what it would take to return it to the $25,000 while running or prior to running, instead she took the bait & switch route... Ran, won, and is now worried about the salary. Shock - get over the ice cream cone - you are the only one who cares about it. The Mayor didn't charge anyone $190 an hour the attorney handling the case did. We all know it was an obscene amount of money - you seem to be the only one harping on it though. Of course you support the decision - you support the Mayor. No one is saying they do NOT support the decision- they are simply asking her to show the residents WHY she's entitled to make more when she hasn't put in any time to the Village yet. " Jul 10, 14 8:49 AM

People do get that - it's fine to restore it AFTER she has actually worked, after she has achieved some of her campaign promises then address your salary -show the people you are actually working for them and not yourself- making your first official duty in office about your salary is pretty self-serving." Jul 10, 14 8:52 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

Realistic- those are once again - allegations and nothing was found. She should interview candidates - even the Lieutenant agreed with that - but why should they people she knows through her own contacts - why is she not posting the job for ALL eligible candidates to apply along with the Lieutenant who is doing the job now? You often contradict yourself. I will be waiting on your comments when Moore's pick for Chief from her "group of contacts" is making the same if not a few dollars less than Chief Dean and when he or she run this Village into the ground because they do not know the residents or the merchants - I'm sure you will continue to say it was the Teller-Dean-Haefeli administration. " Jul 11, 14 8:49 AM

Mr. Palmer said there have been no official talks regarding the search for a new police chief, but he said he and the mayor have floated ideas back and forth, adding that he thinks the search will be a collaborative effort involving all the members of the board.

How have their been no official talks - but he and the Mayor not including the other 3 members floated ideas? But the Mayor states prior to that Ms. Moore said she has already begun compiling a list of potential candidates for the trustees to consider, reaching out to people through her own contacts and speaking to interested parties who have contacted her. She said she has several names on the list already, although she declined to disclose any of them.

So is there a full blown list? Are there only ideas floated between Charlie and the new Mayor? It seems as if this Mayor and Charlie are not being fully truthful with anyone - including themselves. They should for once do the right thing everyone knows that Lieutenant Gonce is a fine person - an honest person- a hardworking person and well respected in this community - is anyone aware of a good reason for him not to take on the position? Is that not usually the way it works - you ascend the ranks from police officer to the next position all the way up until if and when you can become the Chief? I agree with Hollywood it is setting very poor morale for the other officers on the force- it gives them no reason to work hard and no hope for promotions within their department. I certainly do not want to see a person come in from another jurisdiction who is not familar with the residents the area the merchants the restaurants the events and make changes for the worse to all of them. Why fix what is not broken, Moore? " Jul 11, 14 8:56 AM

This Village needs to move beyond the scandal of you. It's 1 thing to have an opinion but you are just ignorant. As I said in the past- realistic quit while you are ahead. Isn't there any real estate for you to sell? Or you can't because of Teller & Dean? This Village is a great place to visit live and grow up in with 1 exception- people like you." Jul 13, 14 1:43 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

The WHBPD are not taking any jobs or any work from the constables- it's not a hard concept to follow- they are being asked to provide aide in ways constables cannot. The constables have jurisdiction over their Village and no where beyond it, the County asking for aide from the Village is simply for the health safety and welfare of beach goers in their parks. " Jul 13, 14 1:47 PM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

What is embarassing about Hollywood's statement? He answered the question you asked. "So who is Lt. Gonce? Have no idea." It doesn't have anything to do with him being qualified, Hollywood did not state that it did. It goes back to your original statement regarding a Police Chief from the outside coming in and being unfamiliar with the residents and the businesses. However, you also claim to be at the meetings which Lieutenant Gonce attends on occasion, I know, it is probably a coincidence that you were unable to attend the meetings he attended, and Ray Dean was at every meeting so if you really do go to the meetings and pay attention you would know exactly who he is not. No one else is there in a Police Uniform marked "Chief" on the front. Guess you really don't pay as good of attention as you claim, which we all already knew based on your meritless accusations of the "Teller-Dean-Haefeli" administration. In the end, your commentary will serve entertaining when the new chief, whomever they choose, is making a few dollars less than Ray to START!" Jul 14, 14 12:00 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

If my rendition of the constables jurisdiction is wrong, please enlighten me as to exactly where a Constable has jurisdiction over? You must be unaware that the Village of Westhampton Beach Police actually patrol UP TO the border of the Westhampton Dunes as they have an agreement with the Town of Southampton. So, at times yes they may be a few miles away, however they could also be just a short distance away. What is the loss here for the Dunes, I dont believe having a mutual agreement with the County generates or takes any revenue from you? The County is simply seeking to lessen their risk by using certified police men and women and not constables, people who are able to perform duties to the public in which Peace Officers cannot. " Jul 15, 14 10:15 AM

Of course your crime rate is the lowest in Suffolk County - you are a small seasonal community. It is not because your Peace Officers are protecting the White House - it's simply because once Cupsogue closes so does the traffic beyond John Scott's.... get with it. And for the Mayor your comments are unprofessional and simply arrogant. " Jul 15, 14 1:50 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Gives Green Light To Tuckahoe Condo Complex

Affordable housing is needed badly on the East End in any town and in any number of units. This will be a welcoming project for the younger generation attempting to stay "Local" - great work Southampton. " Jul 17, 14 6:44 AM

East Hampton Town Planning Board Approves Of Formula Store Law

This is a sure way to keep the chain stores away, which sometimes bring the business to the smaller local stores. " Jul 17, 14 6:47 AM

Pilot Lands On Sunrise Highway For Second Time In As Many Weeks

I'd say calling him an amateur is a compliment at this rate. " Jul 18, 14 8:28 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

This can't still be going on, and the Mayor can't possibly state that Most calls even the most serious can be handled without an ambulance?! That is the most unbelievable statement you have made to date- and quite ignorant too. We all know the importance and necessity for ambulances, and yes when they are responding to a serious call they do travel at a higher rate of speed, they also use those really bright lights & those extra loud horns- SIRENS- to alert people, it's hard to believe, I know. They also travel SAFELY at their higher rate of speed. " Jul 18, 14 8:38 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor's Plan To Double Salary Hits Speed Bump

Good- now she can focus on other issues in the Village and not her salary." Jul 24, 14 11:44 AM

Westhampton Beach Village To Modify Penalties For Code Violators

Is Ms. Richman not a repeat offender? If only she could just follow the code and keep her junk in the store and not on the sidewalks. " Jul 24, 14 11:46 AM

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