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Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

He was coming home from a bar" Mar 14, 15 3:18 PM

I was engaged in a conversation with this young man early in the morning after the band played that I went to see specifically. He was very upset about his girlfriend. I left after this and I am sad to see that he did not take one of the 3 cabs waiting outside, and that no one stopped him from driving himself. He was a very nice guy to talk to and I felt badly about his circumstances. This is really so sad ." Mar 14, 15 3:26 PM

people need to know the truth,. God Bless him and his family" Mar 15, 15 10:35 PM

they live in complete ignorance.
No one is defaming anyone when telling the truth.
I see Truth comments have been removed.
" Mar 16, 15 7:04 PM