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Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Sam - don't count your chickens before they're hatched?
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? (at 12:25am)
A: "To look for signs of economic recovery after a thunderstorm-filled summer."
The chicken would be lucky to get across the road to make more chickens to hatch.
" Sep 16, 09 10:48 AM

Southampton GOP chairman to step down

Marcus had indicated when he was last elected as Chair that this would be
his last term. Don't misconstrue that Linda take any credit for pushing him out.
She may believe that she's that powerful but she's just a lame duck now." Sep 16, 09 10:55 AM

Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

good question - if you ever get the answer, let the public know. IndependenCE does not mean IndependeNT. The party's name choice was a clever marketing ploy. A vast majority of IndependenCE party members truly believe that they are "not affiliated with any party" which is incorrect. If those people would only re-register as the BLANK - NO PARTY AFFILIATION that they originally intended, the party as a whole would cease to matter at all. They've grown to become nothing more than election-spoilers." Jan 19, 10 6:38 PM

It's been long said that "Democrats don't beat Republicans...Republicans beat Republicans." Whatever the reasons why an overwhelming number of the GOP Committee members chose Bill Hughes as the designee, HE IS THE OFFICIAL CANDIDATE. Why do the R's keep silently (or not) working against their own designated candidate? The person may not have been your first choice, but obviously his credentials and promises to do a good job resonated with the majority. But go ahead, continue to trash your own Party's designee, and then complain aftward when you end up losing the majority later on. C'mon, give the guy a chance to give his positions and run an honest election, and let the people decide." Jan 19, 10 6:45 PM

I didn't say "after March 9th" - I said "later on." Nancy Graboski's position will be up for grabs next. If the R's win this seat, they'll have a 4-seat majority. If not, they'll have a 3-seat majority, but they'll have to fight like hell to keep any majority come next election. And by the way - very funny for you to assume I'm a Republican. My wife thought that was hysterical when she read it. She's always said that being "Blank" was always a good choice for me." Jan 19, 10 10:09 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

I just wish that people would just allow these two candidates to have a real campaign based on the issues and their abilities and backgrounds. To have Republicans work against their own candidate is counterproductive and only serves to make them look bad as a party. Something they should have learned from past elections, all the way back to the Halsey-Havemeyer race in the late '90s." Jan 20, 10 2:27 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

I attended this debate and witnessed the "unidentified woman" ask the question of Ms. Fleming regarding her position on hiring halls. What was so difficult about simply answering "yes" or "no" about an issue that has been in the news for so many years? Obviously Mr. Hughes has no problem stating his position without dancing around under a veiled 5-minute-long answer. After all, this is her SECOND try for office - she should have had a position on this issue since her first failed attempt. Endorsements...shemdorsements... just tell us what you really stand for. Mr. Hughes showed leadership and the ability to make decisions. YOU did not." Feb 19, 10 6:01 PM

How did Kabot get into this discussion?" Feb 23, 10 7:49 AM

Sorry Bob - was there a response to the Hiring Hall comment there? I was glazing over trying to weed through your verbose attempt at an answer." Feb 23, 10 7:50 AM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Thank You, Tim Bishop, for running Southampton College broke in the first place..." Apr 6, 10 10:46 PM

Beached humpback whale draws a crowd in East Hampton

Where's George the Marine Biologist when you need him? and by the way... is that a Titleist?" Apr 6, 10 10:51 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

it's true and you know it. Bishop was a terrible manager there. and Thiele is the last person I'd ask about anything." Apr 7, 10 6:04 AM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

FYI, Water Mill is two words." Oct 5, 10 10:01 PM

FYI, Water Mill and East Hampton are both two words. Jeez, how can people live here and still not know that?" Oct 5, 10 10:04 PM

Perhaps Saks would have performed better if the lines were painted on Hampton Road and properly direct people to Main Street. I mean c'mon, how long does it take to re-stripe a road after it's re-paved?" Oct 5, 10 10:07 PM

as a matter of fact Yes. Yes it does matter. Those of us who grew up here and live here would very much like to have the names of our areas spelled correctly." Oct 6, 10 11:06 AM

yes it is a big deal, to the people whose areas are misspelled." Oct 6, 10 11:07 AM

Most people? Just the transplants and carpetbaggers who haven't been here long enough to see it correctly spelled in news stories and on the fronts of the post offices. Such a shame that anyone would say that correct spelling shouldn't matter. Just another nail in the coffin of the English language." Oct 6, 10 8:34 PM

Marina Owner, Contractors Fined In Lake Montauk Dredging

Grimes dug through my electric service when my house was being built, and dug through the one across the street from me twice. The man needs to get a new line of work - preferably in another state." Dec 15, 10 6:35 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Typical Linda - giving orders the whole time, even after she was handcuffed! Why can't that woman ever learn to keep her mouth shut? She's her own worst enemy. " Feb 4, 11 8:18 AM

Bridgehampton Firehouse Expansion Likely Shelved

"guys," Mr. Muse? "guys?" Get real - what kind of respect does that show to the women of your Department (current or prospective ones) who show just as much dedication to their male counterparts? Sounds a little sexist to me. " Apr 11, 11 7:24 PM

Sagaponack School Officials Might Ask For Election To Be Nullified

Typical ideology... keep voting until it goes your way... hopefully the residents will see through this..." Apr 13, 11 10:50 PM

sounds fishy to me, with an obvious attempt to influence the outcome using the absentee ballot process. they never had absentee ballots in their school board elections before this one." Apr 14, 11 6:03 AM

Southampton Post Office's "Green" Landscaping Draws Complaints

The building is very unattractive, and the landscaping is atrocious. The parking is a total nightmare. For a village like Southampton, the building should have looked more traditional and had more character. Overall I'm as disappointed now as when it first opened. A total "thumbs down."" Jun 14, 11 6:12 PM