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Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

Hand in the cookie jar my tush! Judge Burke was never accused of any type of taking or misusing funds of the court! He was crucified by another political opponents camp for such meaningless things as charging a higher fine then allowed on speeding tickets reduced to parking!! ….how many of those defendants objected to paying a higher fine to the court when they were most likely doing so knowingly waiving the fine limit on the record, in order to receive dispositions from speeding to ZERO POINTS PARKING TICKETS ! This saved the defendants tons more in insurance hikes! How many of you wouldn't agree to pay a higher fine in order to get no record on your license or points!? That this was improper was a mundane technicality and it was piggy backed along with other charges in a furor by exactly what he is being accused of - political cronies who oppose him ..
Judge Burke is a humane and caring person who would always go out of his way for our community. We are all not perfect but with stories coming out of other courts personnel literally stealing money and court funds and using it for personal things it shows that this case is starkly different and is what I see as a clear witch hunt devised by political opponents. The result speaks for itself Should Judge Burke have been found to have committed anything of true impropriety on a level which warranted his removal--then the Commission would not have voted to RETAIN HIM AS A JUDGE. IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF . LONG LIVE JUDGE BURKE!!!!!!!!!" May 29, 14 12:26 PM

Lastly to Quote the Commission Decision itself " It appears that Judge Burkes actions were motivated by a sincere desire to help the defendant in the hardship situation and further they said that they saw NO IMPROPER MOTIVE in charging the higher fines, higher fines that were in fact recommended at times by the DA…
Read the last paragraph of the decision people its speaks for itself." May 29, 14 12:44 PM