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Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

Wow, slightly rediculous. Number one, the article incorrectly states the issue as "Anti-Immigrant",instead of "Anti-Illegal-Immigrant." Most legal immigrants do not even have respect for the ones who came here illegally. There is a big difference. Perhaps the group who made that botched report should have done some more research; including police reports of everyone who's had their car hit by an illegal who then sped away because thery had no license or insurance, with no regard to whether or not the one they hit was injured or not. Or reports of the ones who drive to all of the food pantres, use a different fake ID for each, hoards the food that's supposed ot be for the needy and sells it out of their kitchen. Or of the many people who've been laid off because their boss wants to save money by hiring undocumented laborers who can just get paid under the table. Or actual interviews from real officials rather than a claim of "We SWEAR we contacted them! Really!" Or hospitals in danger of folding up because many of their patients are illegal and therefore are exempt of reprucussions from not paying their bill.

But alas, the average joe finds it's socially taboo to ever mention these incidents, for fear of being labelled a racist or bigot. Sad times." Sep 16, 09 9:52 AM

Another slanted innacuracy:

"Mr. Dombrowski was at first charged with a felony assault for a hate crime, but the case was later dismissed because prosecutors concluded that the assault did not cause serious enough injuries to warrant a felony prosecution."

In other words: Mr. Ochoas injuries did not match up with what he claimed had happened, but instead more closely matched Dombrowskis claim, that Ochoa was trying to hurl a large rock and Mark disarmed him. Much like me going to the police claiming someone chopped my arm off, but my arm was still attached just fine." Sep 16, 09 10:07 AM

The researchers said they observed evidence of unequal enforcement and racial profiling in the courts and police blotters, as Latinos account for only 14 percent of the county population, but on a typical day in court, composed nearly 50 percent of the defendants, and in the local newspapers, 50 percent of the drivers fined for moving violations had Latino surnames.

But then:

“Just from day to day contact with folks, this is exactly what people are feeling,” said Dan Hartnett, a social worker in the East Hampton School District, who spends a lot of time among the Latino community in the schools and among religious groups. The school district is approximately 40 percent Latino.

So, though they claim the entire county is only 14 percent latino, the average student body of a school within that county is 40...? Perhaps the blotters aren't biased, and the 50 percent of the violations were latino because there is nearly 50 percent in the population. That seems to make more sense, doesn't it?
" Sep 16, 09 10:23 AM

Allow me to reiterate for the few who agree with this nonsensical, innacurate piece of bad reporting. Anti-illegal-immigration does NOT equate to anti-immigrant. Apples and oranges. Immigrants came here to have a new life, and they did so with enough respect for this country that they did not take "the easy way" and figuratively spit on the ones who did things the legal, respectful way. Immigrants who come here do not in any way want to take advantage of the people who have been here the way Illegals do. They are completely different. Anyone who does not have the capability to understand that is in dire need of a better education, and we can only pray they will overcome their socially disabling ignorance soon." Sep 16, 09 8:58 PM

"Each time I use white guys on my jobs things are stolen. Ladders, extension cords, tools of every which description, light bulbs and even toilet paper.

The Latin crew I use are a) highly respectful, b) enormously multi-talented (this is a concept lost on the white man), c) and trustworthy. I find the Latins kind, considerate and full of empathy.

These basic considerations make the Latins quite pleasant to work with. These social traits are devoid in most of the white community that are wiling to perform the jobs the Latins willingly do. Mr. Flag-waver wants $40 an hour to rake leaves. I know this because I asked him."

Wow, I'm sure believe that is the most racist post I have seen written here so far. If you were trying to make some sort of coherant point I would say you did a pretty lousy job at it. Thank goodness I have a sense of humor because it was so bad it made me giggle." Sep 16, 09 9:02 PM

And don't worry, I did indeed report Mr. Ryder for his racist rant. Such blatent comments should not be allowed in a civilized discussion on a public newspapers website. We shall see if this relatively new paper can be respectful enough to remove the filth that was written above." Sep 16, 09 9:08 PM

Sadly, most of my writings are from personal experience. After a few frightening incidents walking past the train station in EH, I was no longer permitted to walk to town from the high school when I was a student. A couple of years later when the police tried to make some kind of helpful enforcement of the area, they were labelled as racists. I've personally seen the car accidents (my little brother was involved with one that totalled his car and the girl who sped off did nothing more than pay a small fine when she was caught), the food pantry fiascos which is why I no longer volunteer my time like I used to. I lost a job I held for years when my boss decided she needed people who would except tax and health benefit free cash.

This isn't ignorance, lies, or disinformation. It's personal experience and pain I have felt on a very personal level. I've held and supported my family and friends when the negative impact of illegal immigration touched their lives and cried with them because more than once I have walked down the same road as they.

Yes, this is a difficult subject because emotions will run high for many, but they should and do for very good reasons. When people choose to commit a multitude of crimes that negatively effects you and your friends and family personally, you should have the right to feel passionate and pray that something can someday be done, especially before my young children reach the age where they might one day become victims themselves.

And apparently, as can be seen here, if praying is the only thing we, as a family, neighborhood, town, county, can do, well... then so be it." Sep 17, 09 3:25 PM

Dead fish litter beach in Montauk, commercial fishermen blamed

The NMFS are to blame for the dead bycatch, not the fishermen." Oct 1, 09 7:49 AM

East Hampton hears an earful on airport

Don't move next to a duck farm if you don't like ducks." Oct 1, 09 7:59 AM

Southampton Village replaces Crown Victorias with Chargers

I'll take one of those. I wouldn't be surprised if they got the idea from The Duke Boys. It's humorously ironic." Oct 1, 09 8:04 AM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

That's a start. Now what about the hunters and baymen? They all fall under that patent.. moreso than the anglers do.

Also.. what are the chances our beaches will be completely inundated with anglers from all over the island who want to come out and fish for free? Many of the sporties from upisland come out here to fish as it is... this will probably cause even more crowding." Oct 2, 09 3:48 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

Wow, talk about a neighborhood of snobs. "There's no *whisper*.. POOR people in The Hamptons! We don't want any of thooooose people living near us!"

The average, blue collar hard working family can't afford to buy a house out here, no way. Even an average 2 bedroom rental is 2,500 a month. Just because you can't afford to shell out 650 thousand and more on a home doesn't mean you some poor dirt trash who will deplete the value of any neighborhood you move into. East Quogue Civic Association needs to get off their high horses and get a grip." Oct 2, 09 4:04 PM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

You misunderstood my post. By "What about the hunters and baymen" - I meant why do they have to pay up the wazoo to hunt/fish when the patent is supposed to protect them as well. I'm an advocated for hunting and commercial fishermen; my husband is a retired bayman and I am 8th generation. As for the sporties.. I would not be surprised at all if many more are willing to come out here, and officials are going to have a very hard time enforcing this by driving all over to check and see who is a resident and who isn't. If they do at all. " Oct 2, 09 8:40 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

Ding, dong, MCGINTEE'S GONE!" Oct 5, 09 12:49 PM

Looking back at his other comments.. gee.. I just CAN'T figure out who Boe McGith.. I mean, Joe Smith must be." Oct 6, 09 9:28 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

It's wonderful that they can be recognized the way other tribes are.. but I really hpoe they don't abuse it. Native Americans who are willing to be a part of such an atrocity are a prime example of the biggest hypocrites in existance. The East End just isn't designed to handle something like that, and If they have the same respect for this land that their ancestors did, they will not even consider building something as horridly cheesy as a casino. I pray they accept this official distinction and handle it respectfully and responsibly." Dec 15, 09 8:36 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

If it's a private road, generally the residents who use it have to hire a plow themselves. The town doesn't maintain it. Look up local landscaping companies and the like and talk to your neighbors about splitting the cost. Good Luck!" Dec 21, 09 12:56 PM

East Hampton Town to hold deer summit after wildlife group protests

I'm on the same road and those shots are coming from waterways in Northwest Woods/3 Mile harbor and the farms on Long Lane. When you hear them on our quiet mornings they come across loud and clear even though they're a good couple of miles away. :-)" Jan 7, 10 7:25 AM

Beached humpback whale draws a crowd in East Hampton

A 25 foot whale can do a lot of damage to anyone who tries to help it. Also, most of the time a calf finds itself beached because it's either sick or injured, and rehabilitation of a humpback is pretty much impossible. It is really sad, and if there were a way to euthanize it I'm sure they would of gone that route.
When I was there I scanned the horizon for the cow but didn't spot her, the people who were there since the calf was found didn't see her either when I asked. Depressing, but Nature isn't always nice, we'll just have to see what happens." Apr 6, 10 6:07 PM

That is true as well, but even if the calf is sick or injured the cow will stay a distance away to grieve. Calves are known to stay very close to their mother, so something had to of been wrong for it to be willing to venture so far from her to begin with. And between the tide and the sandbars after the last storm, it actually makes a possible rescue even harder. Any boat that tries to go near the animal will have a very high risk of ending up in a pitch pole, since the land under the surf has become so unpredictable after our last storm. One unexpected shallow area and many human lives could end up at risk, but if conditions were better I'm sure something more would of been done. I do wish there was a way to euthanize it though." Apr 6, 10 6:38 PM

Whale beached in East Hampton survives first attempt at euthanization

I understand the frustration, in my opinion though it's much more difficult to save the whale than many think. You would need a relatively large, powerful vessel to haul thousands of pounds out of sand, and boats like that simply cannot navigate in such shallow ocean surf, which is the current problem after the last storm. A boat coming from say, Montauk, would run the high risk of running aground trying to reach it, and the only people with the knowledge to launch a boat from the beach are our dwindling baymen, and those are light, relatively weak dories.

Now, hypothetically, an offshore boat can stay offshore, and say, a dory can tie a line a harness/line and deliver it, but the only way it could be done safely is with in incredibly long line since the large boat needs to stay a certain distance from the beach, and the longer the line, the less control they would have and the likeliness of the whale just ended up even more injured is higher than the possibility of saving it. No one wants to see the whale suffer more than it currently has, and no one wants to see anyone get injured or killed either. I don't know if it's still alive, but if it is I hope they have gotten approval from the feds to help it go in peace." Apr 8, 10 2:06 PM

Indeed, plus a necropsy after it passes will be extremely helpful, so we can determine if it was beached by sheer natural causes or by something else, that way we can help avoid another event like this in the future." Apr 8, 10 4:16 PM

They certainly would, because whether it's sick/injured or healthy (and it being healthy is slim for it to beach itself in the first place), you're still stuck in the same position when it comes to rescue. You can't tow it out by boat due to the area it's in, and you can't get a group of people to push it by hand, because if you get hit by the tail of a 2 ton panicked young whale you might as well of gotten hit by a car. If it was a smaller animal things would be much different, but how do you help it without torturing the whale or risking injury/death to yourself and others? The situation sucks, no doubt about that." Apr 8, 10 5:27 PM

Fishermen plan civil disobedience

For men like these, men who's forfathers have built this very town and made it what it is, who continue to keep a culture older than our Nation alive and well, to be persecuted instead of honored, villianized instead of loved, is unfathomable in the eyes and hearts of many who live here; causing us to think "who is the real villian?" Is it really these brave families? In this day and age, man has more knowledge of the moon and neighboring planets than it does of the ocean and what's beneath, yet fishing families, for hundreds of years know more of the life that dwells in these waters than the most seasoned biologists. Imagine that! Men, many who never shown interest in College, know more about the fish than a scientist who spent thousands of dollars and years of their life on an "official" education on the very same subject, and whose walls are littered with framed proof of many hours in classrooms and lecture halls! How embarrassing it must be to them, and no wonder they feel the need to push down the fredom and rights of the baymen, in order to make their own life investment feel more valid and worth the time they gave it.
If only these scientists and so called "Conservation" Officers were able to put their own pride aside, and let the baymen teach them for a change, perhaps these rediculous restrictions would never of happened, and we would all still be free to follow our blood born heritage.

God bless our remarkable baymen." Apr 29, 10 4:39 PM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

Are you talking about Mr. Webbs land on Oakview Hwy, abutting middle hwy? He tried to get an affordable housing complex in that area, and everyone knows just how badly that is needed, yet the neighbors shot it down. "Oh, we can't have poor bubbies around here! It will ruin the view of nothing with their boats and lawnmowers and such!" Don't blame him. Imagine owning so much property, and, God forbid, you want to use it to help hard working local people who, no matter what, can't afford a decent home, even if they have been here for, quite literally, hundreds of years. He wanted to do something charitable for people who have lived here their entire lives and more, yet greedy so-called "residents" nearby, Who barely have been here 100 or even 50 years, shut it down. Now, that's a real shame, when a nice view comes before the good people who gave it to you. My grandpa used to say "Don't move next to a duck farm if you don't like ducks". Same here. Don't like the people who built the town? Don't move here.

As a disclosure: My sincere apologies if you weren't speaking about the area that was brought up in my mind. We're all about preservation: If I had the power, I would tear down every aweful ugly shoebox looking house and McMansion and bring things back to what they were supposed to be. Our home was at it's prime 50 years ago, and now, thanks to money, it is dying. God Bless it and what it was supposed to be, a hard-working family community, not a bunch of money mongerers." Oct 15, 10 11:45 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Well, I guess we lose either way, which is why I didn't bother to vote at all. We have an incumbant, who pretended to support the people who built his district, yet he couldn't follow through when push came to shove.. Versus a challenger who never cared about us in the first place.

If we must take the best of the worst, so be it, I suppose. Just look at this materialistic catastrophe we see today. Things used to be simple; live, love, and care. Work, play, and help your neighbor, Now it's money, things, and more money instead. Screw your neighbor, money and things come first.

Look at you, and the crazy things you're worried about. What was ever wrong with the modest, loving, giving ways that the real locals still stick to? Get over yourselves. Politics can't fix your problems alone, you can. Suck it up." Dec 9, 10 12:34 AM

In Sagaponack, Farm Fields Become Part And Parcel Of 'Compound' Developments

Yowzers, those buildings pictured are hideous. Did the architect get the idea by staring at his wife's stack of old shoe boxes in the closet?" Sep 20, 14 7:34 AM