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UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

Can't wait to find out how much money is actually donated to the amagansett Presbyterian church...... If any" May 30, 14 7:49 PM

East Hampton Trustee Was Defending Fellow Bayman, Attorney Says

The arsonist Got was was coming to him. " Jul 22, 14 10:16 PM

Beach Nourishment Begins In Westhampton Beach

And montauk still waits....." Nov 3, 14 4:09 PM

Dolphin Drive Sign Dispute Spurs Possible Litigation, Army Corps Schedule At Issue

I really hope the EH town board does not cave to this stupid threat of litigation! It is a perfect example of Not In My Back Yard. Not one of the napeague residents points makes sense when weighed against the public right to park and go to the beach. It seems to me all they want is a PRIVATE BEACH........Sorry NO thankyou!" Dec 9, 14 11:37 PM

Springs School Board Eyes $20 Million Expansion

well instead of the online bloggers debating the issue at least the school board is asking a outside firm to come up with numbers to base a decision on. NOt saying I don't like a nameless face's opinion........." Dec 9, 14 11:42 PM

Army Corps Montauk Stabilization Project Completion May Be Delayed

Three points here...
1. Hopefully lee zeldin get appointed to the transportation and infrastructure committee and continues to make the montauk stabilization project a priority, as Tim bishop has done
2. While a time line before memo June is great for business, lets put the protection of lives and the entire downtown montauk ahead of that. So a little inconvience to secure this project shouldn't be frowned upon
3. There is over $700 million dollars ready of the fimp project!!! Is this ever going to get done before my grand kids have grand kids???
" Dec 16, 14 8:36 PM

SoulCycle To Lease Montauk Movie Theater, Aims To Open For Summer

Isn't soul cycle a formula store?" Jan 8, 15 10:03 PM

Springs Community Conflicted Over New Truck Legislation

Would be a better article if the press didn't use photos from mr buda. " Jan 14, 15 12:50 PM

In North Sea, An Endless War For The Shore

Where should I start.....deep breathe.....never mind " Jan 20, 15 12:12 AM

Nathaniel Rogers Renovation On Track To Cost $9 Million, Take 13 Years

Sometimes it pays to go with a more experienced and referenced bid initially, than the cheapest. Apple construction should pay for their incompetence. " Feb 21, 15 9:04 AM

Bridgehampton Residents Hope To Rename Future Gateway Development

One word.....FLOWRATE! The proposed PDD will only further pollute the pond and ground water because they will cram more retail space and uses on this parcel that it is zoned for and more importantly, can handle." Mar 15, 15 11:34 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

dear cupsoque

please keep your ill appropriate comments to your newsday thread. you take info from here and pass it along there to press your agenda, like you actually have facts. instead you are spreading rumors.
you are afforded your own opinion but it is my opinion that you should only celebrate a persons life instead of piecemealing online post to come to your own conclusions." Mar 16, 15 10:24 PM

East Hampton Town ZBA Denies Louse Point Revetment Proposal

the erosion of the beach in front of their houses has been contributed to by the stone revetments next door to them. that's FACT. it used to be nice beach to walk on but now its slim at high tide and you can be pressed up next to the rocks. just to the south is all bulkheads and NO beach at all. I'm glad the zba stood up and protected the beach.
also, dredging is beneficial not just for navigation, but also for water flush and marine species.
" Apr 15, 15 9:52 PM

Bridgehampton Gateway Could Be Approved By End Of This Year

Agreed. Fitness centers have a very high water usage also compared to retail use and that's not what you want in an environmentally sensitive area near the pond. " Apr 21, 15 11:24 PM

Uber Arraignments Adjourned To July; Attorney Says Criminal Records Is Biggest Fear For Drivers

Follow the rules. Uber can make a minor change to their business model to adjust to eat laws and codes. All they need to do is rent an office. It's not hard to make it happen. Uber just doesn't want to.
With that said I do feel that uber does provide a needed service to east hampton. " Jun 14, 15 2:30 PM

Two East Hampton Teens Injured When Motorcycle Strikes Deer

This is a another reason why the deer management program needs to go in effect. How many more of these tragedies to we need to hear about before action is taken. " Jun 26, 15 11:03 AM

Napeague Resident Sues Over Parking At Oceanfront Preserve

This and arbitrary and capricious lawsuit. And a waist of town money and time to defend. And what is he even suing for. Everything is in draft form. Nothing has even been decided or determined. He is a typical lawyer trying to scare off a board into making a non bias decision by threating legal action. " Aug 18, 15 5:22 PM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

If this continues on Kellis pond in Bridgehampton will end up being the same way after a new zoning is for the development of the Konner property. How can the town not think that more sanitary flow won't cause the same problem there.
Great Equinox gym times 30,000 sft and showers and toilets.
Yeah that won't hurt the pond in the future.....
" Aug 26, 15 9:47 PM

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