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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Scary once a month, something MUST be done to stop this madness. These people have no regard for western civilization." Nov 28, 16 9:05 PM

It seems to me hi hat size has forgotten just how giddy and cocky he was when he thought Hillary was going to win" Dec 14, 16 2:47 PM

Oh my how foolish you look. Be careful not to take the picture till you have removed the lens cover. What a precious collection of boastful stupidity" Dec 21, 16 3:28 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Mets fan, obama badly wounded this country. Trump is trying to heal it. As any doctor knows first, stop the bleeding. Your comment about most terrorism being performing by US citizens is absolutely ridiculous. Tell us how you feel about Chicago murder rates and the lack of stop and frisk. Your biased opinion is very nauseating." Jan 29, 17 5:36 PM

Exactly the fact that they cannot stop this madness from happening in their own countries is proof positive that we do not need to import big numbers of refugees from these countries. They need to stay where they came from and fix the problem, proving to the rest of the world that they are civilized productive members of society before they want to import their whole population of men with their Stone Age philosophies here." Jan 29, 17 5:50 PM

Because we feel that the majority of Muslims should be denouncing these actions of terrorism and extremism. they should be standing up in their own countries to stop Isis if they really wanted to fit in with the rest of the world. But it seems they are too scared to do anything about these radical Muslims that have taken over a good portion of the world at this point with their hatred and murder and disrespect of women and intolerance of gays. we don't need to deal with this and our country let them stay in their own country and fight the people that are forcing them to leave" Jan 30, 17 11:58 AM

Court Rejects Most Arguments Raised By Canoe Place Inn PDD Opponents; Neighbors To Appeal Decision

I am curious if Mr Z's will answer a simple question?

Mr.Z what do you consider to be a bigger threat to our well-being radical Islam or capitalism?" Jul 8, 17 8:54 AM

Very disturbing that someone would prefer Sharia law to capitalism what Have We Become" Jul 10, 17 8:01 AM

Venesina Family Sells Iconic Sag Harbor Restaurant Conca D'Oro To Owners Of LT Burger

Yes it seems they must have hired a new liberal snowflake moderator. They have been red inking a lot of the benign comments the last two weeks. Back to the political correct bs I suppose" Jul 15, 17 2:52 PM

Sag Harbor Fire Department To Receive State Grant To Improve Firehouse Kitchen

Well that's just wonderful. So when is the state going to help VERIZON get some cell phone towers in the Hamptons. The current state of cell service in Sagaponack, East Hampton,and the north part of Southampton is disgusting" Jul 15, 17 2:59 PM

Protesters Converge On Stephen Schwarzman's Water Mill Home

These people have too much time on their hands and need to get a job
" Aug 4, 17 4:52 PM

The one with the big white wall in front of his house" Aug 4, 17 4:53 PM

Very good Joe, I could not help to think the same thing. Who knows maybe hi hat size, Junesy, and Mets fan all live behind that big white wall you talking about where George Soros lives maybe it's a commune" Aug 8, 17 3:08 PM

I could not help but notice the same thing Erin" Aug 9, 17 2:21 PM

Call me as a republican like McCain is a Republican" Aug 9, 17 2:22 PM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

As Joe established on the other thred they are all equally discusting the KKK , Antics, the NeoNazis ,BLM and Larazza normal people do not subscribe to what any of them are selling and they should all be ashamed of their racist and violent Behavior none of them get a free pass in my book" Aug 14, 17 8:58 AM

People like you are the problem you are so partisan that you cannot stop to see that it is both sides equally causing these problems. " Aug 14, 17 10:41 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

I guess you missed the display in NY two years ago 1percent that chanted "WHAT DO WE WANT ? .... DEAD COPS ....WHEN DO WE WANT THEM ? .... NOW " Its discusting on both sides and needs to be recognized! I applaud our president for taking responsibility and recognizing that both sides need to stop the hate! Now maybe the media should stop the race baiting and do the same." Aug 16, 17 7:00 PM

Town, Developer Revive Talks About Bridgehampton Gateway; Performing Arts Center Pitched As Part Of Site

Carol, stop playing games with these people and develop your property the way you see fit they've wasted 10 years of your life with their BS" Aug 30, 17 4:23 PM

Paddle Diva Clashes With East Hampton Town Officials Again Over Operation Of Springs Paddleboard Business

Omg get a life and stop being so empty business" Sep 1, 17 12:25 PM

Air National Guard Members Assisting With Rescue Operations In Texas

Exactly you made her point for her State Department approval and who is in charge of the state department. Now let's look into the Clinton Foundation ties and it is no wonder she would have had approved anything that Valerie Jared wanted her to" Sep 3, 17 1:55 PM

Omg you must have been living under a rock for the last 9 years Barack Obama was the king of photo ops. Not much on press conferences but the king of photo-ops he was" Sep 3, 17 1:59 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Shuts Off Two Wells After Contamination Is Found

It seems like a legitimate question. Has this stuff been in all the soft drinks, coffee and everything the people of HB have consumed from non-filtered restaurant sources for the last god-knows-how-long. It's a good thing the Hampton Bays fire department is so rich becuase this could be a class action suit!" Sep 6, 17 3:06 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Oh I see, because the left is never guilty of cleverly creating false impressions? " Like the Affordable Care Act" that was never meant to be affordable or never meant to last . it was just designed to get everybody on a government ran system. It was a bait as a bait and switch yeah, with the real goal to get to an evil single-payer redistribution of wealth system ." Sep 21, 17 1:06 PM

Whoever said Mitt Romney was a conservative lol. He is a Rino, just like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan. The ACA was never anything more than a bait-and-switch and I stand by that. It was designed to implode then sneak in a single paying government-controlled redistribution system! You know it and you could not wait for it ! but now you'll never get it will you "honey" People have finally realized it was a scam nothing more than a hidden tax." Sep 21, 17 5:53 PM

Interest Grows In Former Friendly's Building In Hampton Bays

IHOP where are you ? The Friendly's location would be just perfect for an IHOP. I think the failed Moe's Southwest Grill which was always filthy and head entitled employees with bad attitudes right from day one what do very well if it turned into a Five Guys Burgers. The diner that's a much bigger issue for smarter people than me" Oct 6, 17 8:34 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

You guys , lol stop letting Mets bait you into a discussion that you have already won. It's so obvious Mets / Fore is just trying to put a stick in a hornet's nest. We have a second amendment and a court decision to back it up . So don't play his game of trying to normalize more regulations. Lol" Oct 16, 17 1:05 PM

Well, I also think Joe has a common sense approach (above) to who should be eligible to purchase a gun. But I'm not sure about that, it's for smarter people than me to decide. I would be willing to look at this bump stock device and possibly ban it. but for the most part am for the Second Amendment as it stands. I think during the Obama administration we got a look at how scary an unchecked government could abuse it's control .To witness first hand how the power was abused, Lois Lerner and the use of the I RS to target groups the administration did not like. Then the corruption of the FBI ..... scary things if left unchecked." Oct 16, 17 1:38 PM

UPDATE: Public Hearing On 'The Hills' Postponed To November 13

Nice going you guys just shot down an opportunity to have a world-class facility helping out the areas economy, fools you are but it's very expected from xenophobic fisherman that live around here" Oct 17, 17 11:02 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Oh bull . I was at work and could not reply before but I am outraged that the press would remove Erins comment. You asked what kind of woman is she how about what kind of women were they. I can't speak for everyone else here but I personally would not sell myself as some sort of a cheap "blank" to get a part in a movie. How can all of you defend such disgusting behavior on both sides." Oct 17, 17 6:35 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Seems to me all the ditch bum is doing is asking for equal scrutiny. Could it not be as simple as all these government agencies are corrupted and have something to gain by maintaining the status quo and hiding any real investigation into what went on for the last 8 years" Oct 20, 17 1:13 PM

Of course I have, and if you applied the ditch bums question to Occam's razor you wood have to assume the lack of media coverage is due to the ditch simple realization they are hiding something. In any event should they not be covering this and let the people decide based on the discussion. a discussion they are not willing to have ?" Oct 20, 17 1:27 PM

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