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President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

I don't remember fill as much as the rest of you just the fact that he was very obnoxious." Sep 23, 18 2:54 PM

What I find sad is that they are such uncommon allies, all they have in common is the hatred for our American, red blooded patriotic sons and husbands..... Go ahead and try to get an abortion in Al Nabk or Ashkezar . LOL" Sep 24, 18 10:40 AM

Oh my that would explain the mystery of what happened to her Facebook page doesn't it! I'm afraid it just doesn't pass the smell test. does it...." Sep 25, 18 10:17 AM

You can keep your Koffi Annan and your Hans Blix. We really don't care about the UN. Remember when the media also laughed at him, and the 12 rhinos who ran against him . How about the DNC.... remember when they laughed at him or all of you alt. left wackadoos on this board. But some of us never laughed at President Trump. He's our president ... and he's keeping his promises to the ones that voted for him and we love him!" Sep 25, 18 2:10 PM

This woman is pathetic with her little girl voice , Who does she think she's fooling. This morning has shown her to be a world traveler.... Therefore the I don't fly like stands out pretty prominently. What's a charade. And it is very cringey the way they keep calling her a Survivor over and over and over again. So she was felt up by somebody at a high school party where there was alcohol seems like a pretty common occurrence in the 70s and 80s surely not something that she needed therapy for for the next 36 years. Go the drama, Just my opinion....." Sep 27, 18 12:47 PM

So disrespectful they make millions of $ and will not stand for the flag, I don't care what the reason you're going to give for it is it's disgusting." Oct 1, 18 11:24 AM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

Not any of the woman in my circle anyway" Oct 7, 18 12:23 PM

Well Fred, not the woman in my circle anyway. They saw right through her disingenuous act , sorry" Oct 7, 18 12:27 PM

What a bunch of nonsense so what you're saying is responsible self-aware and driven minorities are not allowed to be conservative. You can try and stop them from becoming productive responsible citizens that we would love to include in our party, but something tells me they're going to do it anyway.

" Oct 12, 18 1:56 PM

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